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Sankeerthanangal Psalms Audio 2.0.1
Many hours of divine music In Malayalam, thenative Language of Kerala State, India.150 Chapters of Sankeerthangal (Pslams) in Musical Audioformat.Needs Internet Connection to hear the music.
Audio Bible Malayalam 2.0.1
Secretary, KCBS
Download Bible Audio to your Android Deviceand hear it offline.You can download the complete Bible Audios using this app toyour mobile device. Complete Audio bible sums to about 8GB insize)It will be downloaded to your device chapter by chapter as youhear each Chapter.Due to the huge volume of the audio files, many have complainedthat the download of Audio files are not working easily as what wehave expected. Your will need to hear the entire bible at leastonce to download them in full.If you have purchased this app and you find it difficult todownload the Audio files to your device using this app, you maycontact the Secretary, Kerala Catholic Bible Society, POC,Palarivattom, Ernakulam, Kerala, India at [email protected] your Purchase Order Number. He will provide you links todownload the Audio files using your Computer or Mobile device.The downloaded Audio files are in .mp3 format and can be usedwith mobile or desktops.We express our sincere apologies, if this app is creating oralready have created any inconveniences to you.
Logos Bible Quiz 1.0.1
Kerala Catholic Bible Society conducts BibleQuiz competitions every year. Last year, in 2013, more than5,00,000 people participated in the competition. Perhaps this eventmight be the largest quiz competition conducted on this Globe.We are making the questions and answers of these Bible QuizCompetitions available to the public, for those who areinterested.Questions are provided in English and Malayalam. This app willbe useful for those who seek and in-depth knowledge in Bible.Though The Bible Quiz is conducted Kerala Catholic BibleSociety, it is conducted on a Global basis. Those interested canjoin the Internet-based Online Logos Bible Quiz.Completions are conducted in English, Malayalam and Tamil.Winners Get a Free Holy Land Pilgrimage sponsored by KeralaCatholic Bible Society, in addition to Cash Awards.For more details on the Logos Bible Quiz, please logo to our website.
Bible Stories - English Comics 2.1.1
Bible Stories in English For Kids
Bible Stories Comics Malayalam 2.1.1
Android App for Bible Stories showcasedascomics in Malayalam By Fr. Dr. Michael KarimattomWe are showcasing 53 Bible Stories as a series ofcomicbooks.Written by Fr. Dr. Michael Karimattom and published byKeralaCatholic Bible Society, POC
POC Audio Bible (Malayalam) 2.0.5
The POC version of the Holy Bible is now available in Audioform.This version of the POC Malayalam Audio Bible permits you tohearthe bible while online, free. Both old and new testamentsareavailable. Off-line version permits you to download and hearthebible off line, without being necessary to be connectedtointernet. Not All Books are available now. Unavailable bookswillbe made available as and when they are recorded. You can useyourphone or device to hear the bible while using it for otherpurposesexcept phone calling. Contact us: Kerala Catholic BibleSocietyPOC, PB No: 2251, Palarivattom, Kochi PIN: 682 025Ph:0484..2805897, 2805722, 2805815 FAX: 0484..2805897email:[email protected]