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Pastel Wallpapers 1.0
Make your android phone cute just like you.Awesome collection of Pastel wallpapers ready for you.*No need to download images from internet*Innocent - Descent Collection*50+ beautiful wallpapers*Easy to use*Set wallpaper on your android phone*Share it with friends
HAJJ ki Aasaniyan (URDU) 1.0
HAJJ ki Aasaniyan is a great and easy tounderstand book written by Mufti Mehmood Ashraf Usmani (Darul uloomKarachi). Very knowledgeable book, must read it .-> Easy to navigate-> Easy to read using zoom-> Have Ads, but no annoying Ads
Sooye Haram (URDU) 1.0
Sooye Haram - A great book by most Popularakabir Shiekh Peer ZulfiqarVery knowledgeable book for all Haajis , must read it .May Allah accept your HAJJ and UMRAH.-> Easy to navigate-> Easy to read using zoom-> Have Ads, but no annoying Ads
One Line Quotes 2.0
Fantastic one-liners Quotes...Enjoy it .. Share it on facebook...Share it on Email....Quotes will update frequently...!Thanks,
Flower Wallpapers 1.0
Amazing collection of Flower wallpapers,*No need to download images from internet*Innocent - Descent Collection*200 beautiful wallpapers*Easy to use*Share anywhere
Space Wallpapers 1.0
Free Amazing collection of Spacewallpapers.Personalize your mobile with the Space wallpapersFeatures are :*One Time Download, No need to download images from internet*100+ beautiful Space wallpapers*Ease to useSo install this perfect "Space Wallpapers app" and set on yourphone or tablet.
Rehan Allahwala Quotes 1.0
Rehan Allahwala (born June 21, 1973) isaPakistani business magnate, investor, computer programmer,inventorand philanthropist. Allahwala is the Founder and Presidentof RehanSchool, the Pakistan’s largest Free Mobile-Internet basedProgram,which is very useful for illiterate people.Connect him on facebook
Glitter Life Quotes Wallpapers
Glitter Glamour Life quotes Wallpapers
Masail-e-Ramazan (URDU) 1.0
The great book on Masail-e-RamazanulMubarikwritten by Maulana Mufti Ahmad Mumtaz Dbh(khalifa-e-Majaz Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Akhtar R.a)Topics covered in book=Sadqa-e-Fitr=Roza=Taraveeh=Zakat=Eid=Aitekaf-> Easy to navigate-> Easy to read using zoom-> No annoying Ads
Abstract Wallpapers 3 1.0
After Abstract wallpapers vol 1 and vol 2,weare releasing vol 3 of Abstract wallpapers,Abstract wallpapers Vol 3 have lot of eyes catchingwallpapers,easy to use, don't need to download imagesUp to 80 Simple and sweet HD wallpapers for your smartphonesLets enjoy this great collection of Wallpapers 2016 :)
Nexus 5 Wallpaper 1.0
Great wallpapers for your smart phone.No need to connect to internet.Enjoy it
Action Quotes Wallpapers 1.1
Don't wait for it to happen. Make ithappen.Make your own future. Make your own hope★★★The Great Action Quotes Collection app★★★☛ Share it on Whats-app, Facebook, imo or any where☛ Set as lock Screen☛ Set as Wallpapers☛ Light weight wallpapers☛ Light Weight App, Save your storage☛ All wallpapers offline, No need of internet. Internetonlyrequired for advertisement.More wallpapers will be added soon.
Spring Wallpapers 1.0
Free Spring wallpapers and Springbackgroundsfor your Smart Phone or Tablet.These spring wallpapers will help bring some sunshine intoyourphone/tablet even if it'snot quite springtime yet.*No need to download images from internet*60+ beautiful wallpapers*Easy to use*Set as lock screen*Set as background*Share it with friends*Save it on SD card
Quotes, Status & Sayings
Huge collection of quotes and sayings
Asaan Namaz (URDU)
Asaan Namaz, The Namaz Guide
Bahishti Zewar(Urdu)
Bahishti Zewar(Urdu)
Deep Life Quotes
The best and deep life quotes and sayings
Glitter Wallpapers 2020
Get the most beautiful fashion wallpapers with Glitter Wallpapersapp
Roohani Nuskhai (URDU)
Roohani Nuskhai (URDU)
Life Quotes Wallpapers 1.6
The Best life quotes wallpapers collection for inspirationandmotivation. Are you searching high quality life quoteswallpapers ?So you are on the right place. Application contain LifeQuoteswallpapers which are specially designed for your mobile lockscreenand background. Features are : ->Set as lock Screen->Set asWallpapers ->Light weight wallpapers ->Allwallpapers offline->Share it on Whats-app, Facebook, Instagramor any where youwant More Life Quotes wallpapers will be addedsoon. Enjoy theselife quotes wallpapers and please rate us.
Nature Wallpapers 1
Best collection of Beautiful Nature Wallpapers