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Fast Document Scanner: PDF Scanner Doc Scanner Pro 1.5
Fast Document Scanner: PDF Scanner & Doc Scanner Pro is thesuper best scanner app that will turn your cellphone or a tabletinto a PDF scanner. Convert images to PDF with a simple tap.Download this now for FREE! Fast Document Scanner: PDF Scanner& Doc Scanner Pro helps you to scan, store, sync, andcollaborate on various contents across smartphones, tablets, andcomputers, etc. Salient Features: *Optimize Scan Quality Smart& accurate auto-cropping and auto enhancing ensure the textsand graphics in scanned documents are clear and sharp with premiumcolors and resolutions. *Quickly Digitize Document “World is goingdigital” Just use your smartphone camera to scan and digitize allkinds of paper documents: receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboarddiscussions, business cards, certificates, etc. *Advanced DocumentEditing Make annotations on documents with a full set of editingtools. Apply anything on your documents in a few touches. Alsoadding customized watermarks is made available to mark your owndocuments. *Extract Texts from Images OCR (optical characterrecognition) feature recognizes texts in document images andextracts them from images for later searching, editing, or sharing.(Premium only) *Share PDF/JPEG Files Easily share documents in PDFor JPEG format with friends & colleagues via various ways: poston social media, send attachment or document download link throughemail. *Secure Important Documents If you want to protectconfidential content, you can set a passcode for viewing importantdocuments; moreover, while sending a document download link, youcan set a password to protect others from seeing it. *Quick SearchWhen you have plenty of documents, you can use Tags to categorizeand easily find them. In addition, OCR for Search helps you findtexts inside images and notes. Just enter one keyword, you canquickly find the document you want. (Registrants only) *BatchScanning Don’t worry if you want to make a booklet or long documentfiles. The file is saved with auto arranged proper numbers.(Especially for students and offices) Premium Subscription Service:1. OCR (Convert Image to TXT, Image to WORD & Image to EXCEL)2. Batch download PDF files in the web app 3. Share secureddocument downlink with others 4. Add an extra 40 to the maximumnumber of collaborators 5. Add 10G cloud space 6. ID Mode Scan 7.Remove ads 8. Collage of two separate documents 9. E-signature 10.Book Mode Scan Fast Document Scanner: PDF Scanner & Doc ScannerPro users scan and manage * Bill, Invoice, Contracts, Tax Roll,Business Card… * Whiteboard, Memo, Scripts, Letter… * Blackboard,Note, PPT, Books, Article… * Credential, Certificates, IdentityDocuments… 3rd Party Cloud Storage Services/Drives also SupportedThe free version is an ad-supported version and scanned documentsare generated are without a watermark. We’d love to hear yourfeedback: [email protected]
GPS Navigation & Maps - Directions, Route Finder 1.3
GPS Navigation & Maps - Directions, Route Finder openspopularGPS, Navigation & Maps for you. Maps and NavigationsearchRoutes, Direction Guide, Traffic and Transit. Install uniqueGPSapp to find route with navigation, earth map and Live &gpsdriver location. Get real-time traffic and directions, findplaceswith GPS, smart maps, Navigate & Explore, Traffic &AreaExploring Android Application. GPS Navigation & Maps,usewhat3words free map locator to plan your trips with RoutePlannerand navigator offered by Satellite World Maps. GPSnavigation appgps gives point to point pin location navigator onlivemapslocationwith its roadmap directions. Live GPS Route Finderdriving showshortest GPS route, live earth map, Live Street View& Mapswith GPS Driving Directions. GPS Navigon & Maps -Directions,Route Finder driving shows worldwide navigation withoff-line maps,GPS driving directions and travel guides. Save timeon every drivewith Offline Navigation and Direction guide withdriver locationnavigator. Satellite World Maps tells you abouttraffic, crashes& what3words with Live Navigation. It’s theworld’s mostdownloaded GPS navigation system app. GPS Map app isfree placefinder, perfect route planner & Maps DrivingDirections 2020.Maps and navigation app gprs has satellite roadmapsfor drivingdirections. Navigate & Explore Driving Directions,Traffic, andLocal Places on Live Maps. Go from here to anywhere viacarnavigation here wego. Use GPS Map for Driving Direction andGPSDriving Directions. Offline GPS Maps and Directions offers youtoaccess a huge range of maps me round the globe! DownloadOfflineMap, find Driving Directions, GPS Navigation in any region.GPSNavigation and Driving Directions route preview helps youtonavigate all your nearby location map navigator with maplocator.Free GPS apps helps in mapas & navigation withdirection guidemap on Live GPS Maps, driving app. VoiceGpsnavigation and GPSDriving Route Planner Free with driverlocation навигатор. GPSvoice Navigation, GPS Map Route TrafficSatellite livemapslocationNavigation is the live route map app2020. Live Traffic Alerts& Offline Maps and Directions ban dowith wazr Route Finder bySatellite World apps. GPS Live Street Mapand Travel Navigation isfree magellan GPS Navigation system app inGoogle Play. Live GPSRoot Finder is an App with Maps, Navigation,Share Address &Street View Map Transit and Truck Navigationfind my house. Easycal Map Driving Direction & Perfect RoutePlanner with streetview map & navigation. GPS Navigation System& Maps, LiveNavigation, Driving Direction with Route Finder& GPS satellitemap Transit. Explore whole world with 3D liveStreet ViewerPanorama & Live GPS Maps Navigation route finderdriving in gpsoffline. GPS Navigation offline apps gps provideswies GPS CarNavigation, directions, map guide & perfect routemap finder2020. With GPS Driving Directions, gpsnavigation &Explorefeatures of Navigation along with earth mapquest. Free GPSMaps appwith real-time map navigation, traffic, transit &direction andgps driver location. Top Features: Driving RoutesAddress finderSatellite navigation Route Planner Distancecalculator Offline MapsTraffic Alerts Street view Share locationShare your address MoreApps Coming Soon AR and Voice Navigationwill be available shortlyfor our valued users. Stay tuned and keepusing GPS Navigation& Maps - Directions, Route Finder bySatellite World Maps.
Live Camera - Street View 2.5
Live Camera: Earth cam, Live Street View, Webcam HD Explore theworld with the world's live webcam app. Live Earth Cam - LiveCities Beaches, mountains, rivers, and wildlife on yourfingerprints. Travel around the world with live cam applicationwithout leaving your room. World Cameras is the world's best camapp for all android users. The EarthCam online application givesyou all the updates related to street view, city webcam and citytour, environment and sea view. The Live World camera app will letyou see everything in the world with a public Internet webcam. Thelive Camera viewer application is simple and easy to use. LiveEarth Cam - Live Web, City & Nature Webcams is a great app tosee live videos from thousands of live webcams around the world orin the vicinity. With this random online camera app, you can seethe whole world while sitting in your room. You can visit differentcities, space views, beaches, and nature reserves as well. Enjoythe beautiful view of city webcams and natural beauty in real timearound the world with the EarthCam app. Live Earth cam will showyou live cameras near you, just turn on your phone location, enteryour location name and enjoy a beautiful view of your nearbylocation and all over the world. You can also add a live streamingvideo to your favorite list. World Cameras is a great app for thosewho like to travel, you can look somewhere with live world cameraswhere you want to visit. Explore the beauty of the world andamazing places with this live camera app. Earth Cam live viewingfrom space gives you access to the whole world. You can see thecountry you want and save your favorite video & cam to yourfavorite list or tab. Watch live video streaming of the livecountry and enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes and check outthe foreign weather. Also, visit live beach cameras or city webcameras with CCTV cam. Live Earth Cam - Live Web, City & NatureWebcams app has the following categories: 🏖 Beaches: You can see adifferent view of live beach cameras before visiting any beach areawith the live beach cams app. 🗼 Space: Enjoy the beautiful view ofthe world camera from space with live webcam streaming around theworld and get an amazing experience. 🦁 Zoo: Now with online earthcam you will see the behavior of terrestrial animals on your phone.The Earth cam app allows you to watch amazing earth animals whilesitting on your bed. 🏝 Nature: The live cam app provides access toview the beauty of nature all over the world. 🏦 Hotels: You canview different views of five-star hotels with online earth cambefore visiting or booking. 🏙 Cities: Take a tour of the world'smost famous cities and their cultures before visiting there throughthe live camera. Transportation: With the live camera app in theworld, you can watch car traffic in different cities so it willhelp you decide which way to go. 🏭 suburbs: View beautiful citiesand their atmosphere and events with the application of onlinecameras around the world and keep enjoying. 🗺 Forums: Getinformation on the world's most beautiful places and view all thehistorical and beautiful places online with live Earthcam viewsfrom space. Webcams Online is cool app to see people everywhere 👀on whole Earth 🌎 on public web cameras 📹🎥. Take virtual travelaround the world by visiting any familiar or any new place on Livecamera: Earth cam, live street view, Webcam HD 🌍. Online webcamscan show you anything happening anywhere: view people 🚶 buildings 🏙roads traffic, places, animals, cars 🚗 current weather 🌡⛅❄ localtime, nature views 🏞 all cities, countries. Best live IP cameraviewer to watch life on streaming video worldwide.
GPS Navigation & Maps - Directions, Route Finder 1.0
GPS Navigation & Maps - Directions, Route Finder GPSroutefinder mobile location allows maps navigation and routeplanner.GPS navigation direction find route map guide pro. GPSnavigationmap location route and offline maps GPS. Road GPSdrivingdirections GPS navigation maps location with Livesatellitenavigation driving directions GPS maps 2020. Free GPSnavigationspeedometer compass. Car GPS navigation driving routeplanner withroute finder map. Maps navigation traffic GPS locationroutedriving directions and GPS maps. GPS navigation live mapsatelliteview. Translator live street view GPS maps travel guidenavigationapps. GPS navigation map route finder app live streetearth mapsview navigation find route free. Navigation street areafinder livemaps earth view free Maps GPS driving directions litewith Offlinemap navigation. Mobile GPS live traffic routenavigation Maps.Location GPS route finder with Current locationroadmap. GPS mapnavigation. GPS map route traffic. Navigation pathLive StreetView. Highway GPS navigator with nearby places onmap.Speaker forcar GPSnavigation are available on mobile navigationapp.Navigation location map finder driving directions & GPSroutefinder. Live earth view maps having GPS finder globalsatelliteapps 2020. GPS navigation live maps route map direction.Roadnavigation GPS maps driving directions route. Truck navigationGPSdriving directions and travel guide. Street view live earthmapsGPS route finder navigation. Navigation direction finderfreeoffline maps with GPS navigation maps directions locationfinder.GPSnavigation driving directions route locater maps. Mapsofflinemaps navigation GPS locator. GPSnavigation that talks GPSmaps& navigation app. map navigation traffic finder app. mapsrouteGPS finder location earth view apps. GPS navigation mapfreenavigation 2020. GPS driving directions navigation GPS maps.GPSmap navigation tracker location compass handy. GPS navigationmapdirection find route planner guider apps. Maps GPS offlinemapsFreeGPS. Maps GPS navigation voice GPS driving directions.GPSnavigation and map direction gives GPS driving GPS directionsGPSnavigations GPS maps. GPS maps navigation route finder mapnearbyplaces. Maps navigation offline route driving navigation.GPSstatus tools map navigation street view. Speedometer navigationGPSfree Maps global maps GPS. Street view GPS tools live earthmapsnavigation. GPS route finder maps navigation directions freeapp.offline maps navigate driving GPS location maps navigationplacesroute finder. GPS navigator address mobile locator mapnearbystreet view. GPS map location finder area locator app 2020.TruckGPS truck navigation route finder Top Features DrivingRoutesAddress finder Satellite navigation Route PlannerDistancecalculator Offline Maps Traffic Alerts Street view SharelocationShare your address More Apps Coming Soon AR and VoiceNavigationwill be available shortly for our valued users. Staytuned and keepusing GPS Navigation & Maps - Directions, RouteFinder bySatellite World Maps.
Street View - Live Camera 3.8
Live Earth cam - Satellite view app helps you to explore onlineearth live view by the night-vision feature. Find the most excitingplaces, landmarks, destinations via webcams HD live streaming. Livestreet Cams view of beach street webcams is available in the globelive camera app. Street cam travel Navigation is easy now by Livewebcam online app Live Earth Street view. The best way for livecamera view to see the Live earth map and live weather forecast onmobile. Get weather broadcasting, web broadcasting, webcam HD onbeach camera views, and street view. Live public webcam or liveworld map provide live cam street View, street cam city HD livewebcam in The Live streaming. Earth Cam Live, Public Webcam andCamview is the live webcam and beach cam of many countries with HDLive view. Live cam and street webcams are CCTV live worldstreaming to feed on-time information about the globe city views.Live cams beach cameras of different countries updated ascontinuously by the live Streaming. Street Webcam is the best appto see the world with HD live public webcam. With a live camera,viewers take virtual travel navigation around the globe by visitingany famous or new place with online live cams. Live webcam app willbroadcast World camera live and Live camera viewer streams onlineon your own smartphone very efficiently. Wherever you are on Earthonline live camera around the world will help you check what’sgoing on in your favorite area. A live weather radar is anexcellent feature to quickly get the status with live weather appin the USA live webcam as well as Live weather widget on your homescreen all the time. Live web cameras will also go further indisplaying details as per your need to view Live web cam uk for UKresidents or friends and family houses using Live stream and Cameraapp. Live Earth Map satellite view application is a must for thetraveling enthusiast tourists who will depend on satellite maps forGPS navigation. You can easily explore the worldview with instantstreet view map, find living earth related earth map with roadhints, 3d world map search and satellite map. Live Earth map 2020is easy to see the world tool which is available for download fromGoogle Play Store. You can also save favorite locations and pullout live earth view as 3d Satellite map within the GPS app offline.If you have any problems installing or using the application,please contact the team developed applications via mail e-mail:[email protected] We will contact you and solve theproblem as soon as possible. If you like our app, please appreciateus 5-star review on google play store. Thank you.