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Do not disturb cat! Clicker
Don't disturb cat! Funny prankster kitty clicker like red buttons,time killer
Alexandra: Jump to Save Anime Girl
Save the girl Alexandra! Jump to help anime lady not fall.Rescueher from slash maniac! Get the girl come back to the realityofmango and tofu! Tap the screen to climb stack and dodgeobstacles!Collect emojis, choose new skins and superpowers. Don'tdrop orfall down and help her escape in this endless run. Tap tosavejumping girl! Do you like watch anime mango about school girlandeat tofu sushi? Help her. =Game Features of Alexandra: Jump toSaveAnime Girl= ◆ Save life with one finger Tap to jump on thescreenand help the jumping cheerful lady and dodge obstacles.Rescue herfrom maniac! ◆ Get new skins and super powers Trendy newclothesfor your girl or cool secret features? Collect as manyemojis aspossible by making perfect jumps and add to yourcollection!Jumping girl shouldn't fall down. ◆ Gripping storylineThe lady isthe heroine of the horror story "Alexandra - ScaryStories Chat ".Save the girl from falling into her slash nightmare.She just atetofu sushi, read anime mango and fell asleep ... Getthe girl comeback to the reality in this endless run! ◆ Be thefirst! Jump,don't drop, dodge obstacles and win! Take first placein theranking of players. Help Alexandra find salvation. ◆ OfflinegameAddictive gameplay with attractive and colorful visualsavailableoffline for free! Relax and enjoy - unlock new skins anddressAlexandra in new clothes. If you're tired, watch new animemangoand eat tofu sushi. But don't forget that the lady needs yourhelp- jump and dodge obstacles. Save the girl from falling!Rescuejumping lady from slash maniac. Get the girl come back tothereality! And if you want to know what really happened tothisschool girl, read her story in the application "Alexandra -ScaryStories Chat"–"Professor Umlaut" by Kevin MacLeod ( Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0License
Alexandra - Scary Stories Chat
Read scary stories about romantic girl offline. Horror chattinggame after dark
Alexandra Scary Stories Chat 3
Do scary stories, horror games, mystical creepypasta texting storyabout Halloween not scare you? Horrible thriller with creepyspecial effects will cause real fears, addicted and gripped you.Read "Alexandra 3" - scary chat stories without Internet offline inEnglish. Creepypasta chatting game! A mystical creepy text storywill be worse than the horror book after dark. Do you want to scareyour friends on Halloween? Tell them about this scary textingstories chat and watch the fear and horror in their eyes! Do youwant to feel gripped and addicted of reading app? Tired of storyabout momo, llorona, annabelle, vampires, ghosts and other scarygames for kids? Read "Alexandra - Scary Chat Stories 3" - a horrorgame with an unpredictable plot and unique spooky special effectswhich will addicted you! Do you like texting stories about love andromance? In honor of the upcoming Halloween, we have prepared asurprise. Read and you will understand everything. Creepypasta canaddicted and gripped you :-) Scary stories in the super popularchatting games format are taking to the next level. Thanks to eeriespecial effects, the player can not only read, but also see, hearand feel the mystical horror of this frightening story. A horrorbook for the night in English without Internet offline on yourphone with an unpredictable plot in the genre of a psychologicalthriller. Translated into 15 languages! The author of the story isthe winner of international literary awards, writer Sasha Selyakov Enjoy reading :-) Starring dancestar from Russia Alisa Dotsenko! ATTENTION! Photos taken during thegame are only visible to you. They are removed automatically. Thestory is fiction. Any coincidences with reality are accidental.
Alexandra Scary Stories Chat 2
Read scary stories about romantic girl offline. Horror chattinggame after dark
Alexandra Scary Stories Chat 4 1.0.9
Scary chat stories in the genre of horror quest. Read, make choicesand change the story! Creepy mystical thriller with thrillinghorrible special effects offline. Alexandra Chat Horror Stories 4is a continuation of the scary story of the chat format with uniquefeatures: 😱 Creepy sounds and real photos Feel like a character ofcreepypasta 🔥 Choice of response and actions Interactive thrillingquest depends on your decisions 📖 Dive into history Psychologicalthriller with an unpredictable ending 😉 Read offline Our scarygames will save your internet traffic 👻 New special effects Feelthe effect of "breaking the fourth wall" Horror text stories in asuper popular format of scary chat are reaching a new level ofcreepy games. Thanks to eerie special effects, the player can notonly read, but also see, hear and feel the mystical horror of thisfrightening story with an unpredictable plot in the genre of apsychological thriller Not all scary games include a choice, and inthe "Alexandra Chat Horror Stories 4" application, everythingdepends on you. A terrifying thriller with creepy special effectswill cause real horror and hidden fears. Thrilling creepypasta foryou! A mystical scary story will be worse than the worst horrorbook for the night. Did you tire of novels about Momo, skeletons,vampires and werewolves? Read scary chat stories without internetfrom a famous Russian writer. Sasha Selyakov - winner ofinternational literary awards. Enjoy reading :-) ATTENTION! Photosand sounds taken during the game can only be seen and heard by you.They are removed automatically. The story is fiction. Anycoincidences with reality are accidental.