STAR India Pvt. Ltd. Apps

Star Sports Pro Kabaddi in 3D 1.2
Immerse yourself into a virtual world andexperience Kabaddi like never before. Understand the variousaspects of the game up close. Learn the skills and talents ofKabaddi heroes who defy gravity and physics to win each and everypoint of the game.The App contains the following videos:I. Rules of the CourtII. Raider SkillsIII. Defender Skills**App best experience in the Star Sports Pro KabaddiCardboard
VithU: V Gumrah Initiative 1.2
VithU, is an emergency App that, at the clickof the power button of your smartphone 2 times consecutively beginssending out alert messages every 2 minutes to your contacts thatyou feed into the app as the designated receivers or guardians.The message says "I am in danger. I need help. Please follow mylocation."The receiver will receive a link to your location every 2minutes giving them your updated location. Also, you will getupdates on the Crime Scene in India and a “Tips Feed” optionexclusively giving you safety tips in an emergency situation.Don’t miss your favorite Crime Show “Gumrah” with the “ShowAlert” option in the Menu Bar which will be your reminder &alert you whenever Gumrah is on Air.Last but not the least, if you have been a victim or witnessed aCrime you can share the incident with Channel V by posting it inthe “Submit Your Story” option in the Menu Bar.
Star Sports Pro Kabaddi AR App 1.0
Experience a whole new, immersive world ofStar Sports Pro Kabaddi. This unique app lets you connect with yourfavourite teams and heroes.Launch the app and point your phone's camera at your favouriteStar Sports Pro Kabaddi team's logo and watch the magic unfold!
Star Artwork 1.3.0
Manage creatives and artwork approval process
Star Legal 360 1.7
Legal 360 is an integrated ecosystem developed byPracticeleague,giving one complete visibility and analytics overcontracts andlitigation matters. The following app comprises of twomodules: 1.Contract Lifecycle Management: This module manages theyour legalteam with a status of all contracts on a ContractDashboard as wellas details and history of each contract. The appprovides anoverview of the approved requests and pending requestsover eachcontract allowing you to get real-time updates on yourentirecontractual process. Key features include Contract Requestsummary,Dashboard, Request Update, Executed contract summary,Expiredcontract summary, Analytical dashboard report. 2.LitigationManagement: This module will help manage all mattersincludingNotices, Litigations, counsels, tracking litigation spend,therebyincreasing litigation efficiencies and managing costs. Keyfeaturesinclude: Case summary, Legal request summary, RequestUpdate, Caseupdate, Time Tracking, Intuitive Dashboards, CourtStatus Updates,Deadline/Reminders/Alert Management.
Pro Kabaddi Official App
The official vivo Pro Kabaddi app
Content Live 1.4
The Unified CLEAR® module is envisaged to bring followingadvantageswithin the organization: • Seamless integration with BPMand MediaTool: To orchestrate business processes, define customworkflows forvarious content types and content providers. •Storage Management:Enables to manage data storage throughHierarchical StorageManagement with structural framework. • WorkOrder Management: Todefine, assign, track, execute and measurework progress throughreports, work definition data and forms. •Frame Accurate Player:Ensure accurate edit decisions are made onthe proxy and makingcontent accessible throughout digitaloperations, creative andcompliance teams. • Enhanced MetadataSearch: Provides optimizedcapabilities of metadata search withoutduplicating the level ofmetadata to each individual assets. •Collaborative Tools • HighlySecured file transfer, access tocontents, Encrypted asset share andhighly protected and trackable,copyrighted contents distributionusing forensic watermarking.
DAssist 2.0
The simple interface of the DAssist App provides userswithassistance, information and updates in a convenient,contactlessand secure manner. Some of the key features: - SeatBooking –allows users to book their choice of desk prior coming tothepremises. - Meeting Room – allows users to book meeting roomswiththe room’s live status - Smart Access – allows users to usethecontactless access entry to the premises - Visitor Management–allows users to pre-check in their guests prior to actual visitandprovide a contactless entry into the building - Service Request–one touch contact for App Support, Housekeeping, Maintenance oranyother service requests. - Hotline - Provides quick accesstocontact details for any emergency or inquiry.