Watch n Earn : Make Money Fast 5.6
Watch to earn helps users to make money bywatching rewarded videos. Once you get sufficient coins convertthem into dollars and take them on your paypal account. ( Paytmoption available for Indian user only )IMPORTANT : We are working on more payment options, soon we willadd payment options like payza.check our privacy policy for more details : more details visit : :1) What is Watch n Earn ?Ans : Watch n Earn is android application which help you to earnreal money by just watching in app rewarded video.2) How to Earn Coins ?Ans : once you get registered with us you will get 6 rewarded videochannels, just watch the complete video and after completion youwill get virtual coins.3) How to get Payment on Paypal or Paytm ?Ans : Once you have sufficient coins on your account, go to Paymenttab and click on convert coins to dollar button. (All calculationis done as per current dollar rate) it will convert your totalcoins into USD dollars and credit total USD dollars to youraccount.4) How to see your earned current dollar and coins ?Ans : Below action bar at right side you are able to see total USDdollars and at Left side you get total coins earned by you.5) How to make payment request ?Ans : Once you have sufficient dollars in your account go toPayment tab and click on Request Payment , it will ask you Paypalemail id ( for indian user it will ask Paytm mobile number )Enter your details and click on submit.6) How to check status of payment request ?Ans : Go to Payment tab and click on Payment status button. In thatview you will get your current request status along with yourprivioues payment history.7) How invite work ?Ans : just share your referral code with your friends and when theyget register with us by providing your referral code that time youand your friend get 100 coins, totally free.8) Login says Mac id change ?Ans : if your device get broken or you change your device pleasecontact us via email.9) How to contact us if you facing any technical issue related toour app. ?Ans : just go to support tab , enter you subject and message andclick on submit button,. We will get back to you within a 24hrs.
Quick Blood Bank 1.0
We aims to provide easy and quick way togetblood at emergency.1) What is quick blood bank ?Ans : Quick blood bank is app where seeker put there requestforbloods. from all over world donors will able to see yourrequestand if they interested to donate blood as per there bloodgroupthey will contact you via mobile number.2) How to place blood seek request ?Ans : first register with us then login after login you will haveondashboard. then go to seeker tab, select blood group you wantedthenenter your location. and finally click on request button. yourseekrequest get placed.3) How to check status for blood seek request ?Ans : Go to Seeker tab and click on Request status button ,underthat you are able to see all your blood seek requests. clickon yourequest it navigate you to other page, over there you areable tosee all list of interested donors.4) How to contact donor or seeker ?Ans : on request tab or on seeker request page you will seeusericon on each request just click on that now you are able toseedetail information of that user. including mobile number. justtapon call button to call him.( Note : for calling app uses your operator network. chargesappliedas per your operator calling plans )5) How to donate blood ?Ans : on dashboard , you see donor tab along with allbloodrequests. just click on accept button to acceptbloodrequest.( Note : please do not accept request for just fun. do notfalsifyyour commitment.. your blood may save someones life )For more details please check our privacy policy :