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Word Champs 9.0.3
SIA Fufla
Word Champs is an exciting and addictive, realtime, multiplayer word game with strategy in mind.Gameplay: each user is given the same 20 random letters whereeach letter has some value assigned. In 40 seconds you need to comeup with one word, which gives you as many points as possible. Youcan use no more than two letters from each colored block. It is upto you what strategy you choose to win the game. The one with thehighest word score wins. Word Champs is a great game to practicespelling skills and build your vocabulary.Word Champs Facebook Page: of this application requires a Facebook account.
Jump Expert 1.5
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Jump from blocks to blocks by tappingyourscreen. Earn coins and unlock new characters!Be the master in Jump Expert. Show us your best moves and let'sseehow far you can go.
ABC play with me - Alphabet 1.8
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Fun way to learn ABC and numbers withanimations. ABC Play With Me is an interactive alphabet and numberlearning educational game for preschool kids, toddlers and babies.This game contains more than 300 Interactive animations,instructive mini games with educational puzzles, real nature soundsand voices of professional actors. Kids can play throughinteractive scenes as they learn the letters of the alphabet. ABCalphabet game will teach phonics and prepare your kid for school.You can even use Montessori phonics principles to teach ABC foryour preschooler with this game. Game helps to improve memory,attention and concentration in a fun way.The ABC play with me app features alphabet letters A to F forfree, parents can purchase the entire alphabet and additionalcontent through in-app purchasing. Game is designed in a way thatyou can still browse all the alphabet scenes not having premiumaccess. App teaches the ABCs by having interactive scenes that arecovered with objects all starting with a specific letter. Theletter A will have apple, airplanes, acorn etc. The letter D willbe chock full of dragons, drums, dog etc. Overall each letter inthe alphabet includes cute images that are tappable and will saythe word of each image. In other words it’s cute, interesting andinteractive way to learn ABC.List of Free mini games included:1. A game for learning numbers from 1-10. Each number isdisplayed with appropriate amount of interactive objects. Preschoolkid will learn to count by clicking on specific animation.2. Balloon popping, letter learning game. Each balloon have aletter and when it is popped the letter is pronounced.3. Animal feeding, letter learning game. Kids will need to feed thecorrect cookie or candy. Each animal will have a bib with a letterfrom alphabet which must be matched with the exact cookie.4. "Speak with robot" scene where kids can say anything to robotwho will repeat that with a funny voice.5. Sound generator from list of animals.6. Animal shape matching train game.7. Letter learning practicing game.If you have any questions or suggestions, please, feel free tocontact us at [email protected] will be happy to help you!
Puzzly Words: multiplayer word games 10.5.55
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Word Game is easy to learn, it’s competitive, it’s addictive, andbest of all Puzzly Words train your brain! It is like searching forhidden words when you unscramble letters. Play against the clockand three other people to unscramble the letters and find the wordswith the highest score by pushing your vocabulary to the limit! Ifyou like word games you will love the challenge of Puzzly Words. Beword master and take victory over 3 other people to be the championwordsmith in this fast-paced game of vocabulary. Can you thinkquickly, create the highest scoring words and win your opponents?Test your vocabulary, learn new words and laugh with your friendsall in one, fast, fun game. Like all the best games, Puzzly WordGame is easy to learn and difficult to master, the gameplay issimple but addictive, and the challenge is never ending. How toPlay When you play the game, you are presented with a selection ofrandom letters in your letter pile, as with scrabble, and spaceabove to drag those letters to form three words. That really is howsimple it is to play. However, the multiplayer challenge reallymakes this different. Each round lasts just sixty seconds, and asyou drag letters into your word slots above, there are other peopledoing the same. You battle against the time limit, your ownvocabulary and the other players all at once! You do have help tobeat those challenges though, in the form of power-ups that you canuse at any time. You have three, the Extra Letter power up, whichadds a random letter to your letter pile and an extra 10 seconds ifyou are trying to complete a word and the 60 seconds is runningout. Finally, you have the Validate Booster, which checks the wordfor you during the game to make sure it's valid and will score. Ofcourse, with varying opponents, the challenge never ends, andPuzzly Word Game is definitely a word game that will encourage youto expand your vocabulary and keep improving to be the best.Features • A true multiplayer word game, compete against otherplayers as well as the clock • Test your vocabulary against friendsand family • Race against the clock to find high scoring words inyour random letters • Eye-catching design keeps everything clear tosee • Learn new words and expand your vocabulary • Power-ups helpyou tip the balance • Simple to learn, difficult to master • FREEto play! With its online word gameplay, the challenge never ends.Boost your brain without supplements - Puzzly Word Game keeps youcoming back for more, learn new words, use your power-ups and beatthe competition! Support: [email protected]
Bacterial Takeover - Idle Clicker 1.33.1
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Become intergalactic tycoon of deadly bacteria and take over theUniverse. From the idle games this one will take you on a uniquespace journey. Expand and grow big numbers of bacteria withupgrades in idle production. Challenge yourself and discover thebest gameplay and idle strategy to destroy as many planets aspossible! Key features: ✔ Click Click Click Clicker game. ✔ Playoffline without internet. ✔ Perfect game for a lunch break or whileon the bus. ✔ Addictive and simple mechanics with idle bacteriaproduction. ✔ Huge numbers of bacteria. ✔ Nano tech to destroytoughest. ✔ Ever mutating super bacteria. ✔ Discover bacteriaboosting minerals. ✔ Tons of upgrades. ✔ Lots of achievements. Joinour very active Bacterial Takeover - Idle Clicker community:Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Discord:
Word Battle 10.5.61
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Word Battle is an exciting and addictive, real-time, multiplayerword game. You can choose your opponents either from friend andfamily cycle or wide Facebook user audience. Gameplay: each user isgiven the same 9 random letters where each letter has some valueassigned. In 40 seconds, you need to come up with a word, whichgives you as many points as possible. It is up to you what strategyyou choose to win a battle. The one with the highest word scorewins. Word building is really fun! Moreover, the ability to competeand chat with others makes it even more gripping. Word Battle is agreat game to practice spelling skills. Word Battle Facebook Page: