Brave Cross 1.20.71666
A side-scrolling action strategy RPG set inthe Far East, you must join forces with your allies against theoverwhelming forces of the tyrannical Zion. Traverse the lands andrecruit an unlikely ensemble of heroes to save the kingdom!***GATHER YOUR OWN HEROIC TEAM***Chock-full of wacky heroes ranging from flame-punching brawlers todestructive mechanoids, it's up to you how your team attacks, healsand magicks its way to victory!***CREATE & COMMAND TROOPS***You won't be on your own in battle. Pick up at least 6 troop typesof melee, missile and magic and pair them up with heroes to shoreup your lines!***INTENSE REAL-TIME COMBAT***Engage in fast-paced action where heroes unleash devastating skillsin unison and perform fatal combos!***TEST YOUR SKILLS & STRATEGY***Your victory depends on your hero and skills setup, when you usethem and how you utilize your troops. It won't be a cakewalk, butwhere's the fun in that?FEATURES:- Create your own unique team with 5 classes, 6 troops & 40heroes!- Level up and outfit your heroes- Battle the Lair, Campaign and Story for more heroes, loot, funand more!- Join Guilds and raid monstrous bosses for epic loot, or just tomake more friends!- Pit your team in the Arena and compete for top dog!Visit our Facebook page for more news: website:
Ships of Fury 1.0.15
Sail the seas, discover new lands and proveyour worth as a voyager! Gather your heroes and ships and tear yourenemy a new hole! Challenge and defeat foes and giant monsters thatstand in your way, and conquer the waters!HERO POWERChoose from over 30 heroes with 3 attack modes, each with their ownstrengths and explosive ultimates. How you defeat the enemy isentirely up to your hero setup. Upfront shots, accurate lobs ortimed detonation, there's a hero for each playstyle!MAD WARSHIPSFind, build and customize your own warships from a variety ofparts. Beef up your ship so it can withstand a thunderstorm!CHALLENGE BOSSES, CAMPAIGNS & PLAYERSBlow giant sea monsters into oblivion, join in the piracy withExpeditions and Isle Conquests, and show the world that you're thebest at smashing ships! It's more than just pulling and releasingyour shots, you've got to have aim too! Pit your heroes and shipsagainst other players, and test your skills and strategy!
GO Titans 1.4.0
"Take Flight Upon a Dragon's Back!Manage your Titans and venture into strange worlds atop your giantDragon. Take to the skies in Free Flying mode and challenge theFour Guardians!Powerful Titans with Flashy Skills!Collect colorfully animated heroes and clash against foes inintense combat!Team Up with Other Players in Real-Time!You'll need friends to take down powerful bosses! Communicate withfriends in Voice Chat and work together!Explore a Unique World of Celestial Titans!Adventure in a mystical land where celestial beings fight fordivine dominance! Recruit unique Titans, learn their origins, andunlock powerful secrets!Myriad Gameplay Features!Labyrinth: Seek out ancient treasures lost in timeSummoners War: Duke it out server PvP-style for the champion'sthroneEternium Tower: Test your Titans' endurance to reach the topConquest: Take over territory and defend them against others whowould challenge you. Become the Conqueror!EXPERIENCE A CLASH OF TITANS!Visit our other media:Official Website: Fanpage: