Rush Production Apps

Voxel Rabbit: Cross Road 3d Rush Hour Traffic Trap
Survive in the road traffic! Cross the road in pixel 3D with 99other characters
Who will escape? Detective mys 1.7.2
Original interactive story: examine rooms, find clues, revealstoryline behind
Light Master: wire bulbs! 0.1.2
Wire light bulbs to start the engine! Satisfying, fun brain teaserfor you!
Merge Evolution: Become Human 0.9
Merge from ancient species to humans & go further into thefuture! Try easy fun
Hero Island: Battle for Glory 0.1
Boost your hero, fight monsters and loot!
Scuba Diving: Treasure Hunt 0.2
Dive into the sea to hunt treasures hidden underwater
Pet Shop of My Own 1.0
Find and tame pets to make your own pet shop
Idle Celebrity - Content Maker 1.2
Get million followers, views and subscribers! Become most knowstreamer!
Furnish Home: Move & Decorate 0.35
Moving in: furnish and decorate houses
Tower Survival - Idle TD 0.35
Fight monsters, upgrade skills, and strategically chooseabilitiesto survive!
Hunter x Plunder: Fight & Loot 0.7
Fight, loot, upgrade stats! Explore new areas, monsters andupgradeagain!
Space Explorers: Astra Corp 0.1
Mine asteroids, fight battleships, visit space stations