Rush Production Apps

Voxel Rabbit: Cross Road 3d Rush Hour Traffic Trap 2.1
True story. Several month ago I quit my job to deliver thishypercasual game. And now, ladies and gentlemen, let me present toyou:3d graphics and perspective view create immersive gameplay. Tryitand see how you feel when your character nearly escaped hugetruckwhile crossing! Show your skills and be the last survivor!BattleRoyale mode in the Cubic Universe: Compete with other Cubes -crossas many roads as possible, dodge cars, huge trucks andsurvive.One-tap easy-to-learn controls, realistic 3D graphics andaddictivegameplay mechanics. HOW TO CONTROL YOUR FURIOS CUBY TAPand HOLD -Cuby crossing the road DO NOT tap - Cuby going backFEATURES *Up to100 competing Cubics in one battle. *It’s not aracing game, but wehave: sport cars, huge trucks, buses and speedybikes! *Collect anddemonstrate new unique skins, such as : -Sly Fox-Mr. Piggy -Dino-Zombie and many more characters coming soon!*Promote ranks ofyour champions from Noob to -Private -Corporal-Sergeant-Lieutenant -Major -Colonel -General What are you waitingfor,player?! Additional values that I can think of: ★ Mostthrillingand fun running game I’ve made in a while, possibly ever.★ Freshidea with 3rd person view creates immersive experienceSupport: Ifyou have any technical problems or any feedback pleaseemail me [email protected] Enjoy!!!
Who will escape? Detective mystery story 3d
Original interactive story: examine rooms, find clues, revealstoryline behind
Light Master: wire bulbs! 0.1.2
Satisfying brain teaser to play! Help Danny the Electriciantoconnect sockets with light bulbs to complete levels! Easy tostart,hard to stop) Try it for yourself!
Merge Evolution: Become Human 0.2
Merge your own Evolution in 3d! Ready to travel through thetimefrom the beginning and to the future? Choose the ways ofevolutionand create your own story of human species. Will humanrise or willthey be replaced? Will the future be bright or would itbepost-apocalyptic world? You decide! If you like idle arcadegames,you will enjoy this evolution game that unravel humancivilizationstory. "Merge Evolution: Become Human" is an easy toplay gamewhere you evolve species. Make important decisions and seewhatfate awaits humanity. FEATURES: • Get idle progress, even whenyouare offline • Fun 3d style • Go from "Spore" to "Civilization"inone game • Casual and easy gameplay • No internet connectionneededFeel free to send a message to this idle game developer(:[email protected] – We are always happy to hearanyfeedback on our human evolution game !
Hero Island: Battle for Glory 0.1
Are you ready for battle? Pick your enemy, win, loot, boostyourhero. Repeat! Roguelike fighting awaits you, try it now!