Ruby Game Studio Apps

Forensic Master
Detective mystery crime free game, solve puzzles pass levels catchthe murderer
Hunter Assassin 2
2D Tactical Action Shooter
Gym Flip
Show off your gymnastic skills
Hunter Assassin
Become the ultimate assassin!
Riddle Master
Can you find all clues?
Beauty Care! 4.0.6
Let the doctor care for you! Complete SATISFYING mini games tounlock more tool and update your beauty clinic. Can you trim allthe hair?
Spa Master
The Real ASMR Experience!
Streamer Life! 4.0.2
Welcome to the life of an influencer! Do you dream of becoming afamous influencer? This is the game for you! Do live streamseveryday, interact with your followers and make choices that willincrease your follower count! Reach to millions by completing fun& interesting challenges! Upgrade your room, your clothes andyour appearance just the way you like it to become more famous andgain more fans. Your followers are waiting for you to startstreaming! Can you become the next big influencer?
Handyman 3D! 0.2.9
-Free to Play. Play it anywhere anytime. -Awesome graphics.-Funnygameplay.
Transport Master
Be a taxi driver, a boat captain and much more.
Survival Arena 3D 2.0.0
Attention all players, welcome to Survival Arena 3D! Try to survivethrough challenging games. Do not to get eliminated and be the lastperson standing! Let the game begin!
Zodiac Runner!
Find out your destiny!
Wordus 2.0.3
Are you ready for the WORDUS challenge? If you are into puzzle andword games, crazy about solving riddles, and if you can’t spare aday without brain training, then this is the best online FREE wordgame for you to play with your friends and family. Super Simple toPlay! - Green means correct letter in correct place. - Orange meanscorrect letter in wrong place. - Find the target word in 6 tries -Share your score with friends - Be the leader among your friends,in your country OR become the world champion. Now you are ready toplay! Lovers of crosswords, word hunting, vocabulary spelling,learning languages, and puzzles, you will enjoy playing WORDUS somuch. You are lucky because WORDUS has UNLIMITED WORDS to play, andit is the best way to relax during the day. Download today andstart a fun competition with your friends, become the WORDUS master!
Makeup Repair 1.1.5
Fixing and repairing your broken cosmetics haven’t been this muchfun! Let’s craft beautiful cosmetics and show your creativity!
Tap on Time! 1.0.3
Tap the loop at the right moment. Compete against your friends andshow off your reflexes! Can you unlock pink ball?
Football Life! 1.0.4
Welcome to the life of a football player! Become a pro athlete, getfamous, meet celebrities and win the Super Bowls! Are you ready tobecome the most known player of all time? Get ready for the games,win every match and choose your favorite team to play in. Listen tothe crowd cheering your name, your fans and cheerleaders arewaiting for you here! With tons of games and challenges to completeyou will get addicted to this game!