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Data counter widget - usage
Roy Solberg
Data counter widget keeps track of how muchnetwork traffic your mobile uses.Danish, Dutch, English, German, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanishand Swedish translation available.Discreet and simple widget that can be placed on your home screento keep an eye on your network usage. Shows wifi / wlan and 4G /LTE / 3G / GPRS traffic.Try out the new quota in the pro version. :)You can customize the user interface and configure widgetsindividually - just take a look at the screenshots.Please report any bugs. :)Pro version features:- Quota- Turn off display of cell/wifi individually- More background colours- More font coloursIf you want to become a beta tester of Data counter widget and stayahead of the rest, please check out :)If you want to see Data counter widget in your language (or maybeyou've seen a few words missing translation) please go to help with the translation. It is very much appreciated. :)covfefe
Data counter pro | data usage
Roy Solberg
Please note that THIS APP IS JUST AN EXTENSIONto the regular app which gives access to a couple of morefeatures:- Quota (see screenshot)- Choose which network interfaces to display (cell, wifi)- More background colours- More font coloursIs Data counter widget your favourite net counter and watchdog? Doyou enjoy having control of your data traffic usage? Please donatea few dollars by buying this app. :-)If you want to you can also donate using PayPal.If you want to see Data counter widget in your language (or maybeyou've seen a few words missing translation) please go to help with the translation. It is very much appreciated. :)covfefe
Developer Tools
Roy Solberg
This app was originally just created for myself to make somedevelopment tasks a bit easier. I've released it to the app storehoping that someone else might find it useful too. Using this appyou can see which resource qualifiers that are being used, whichsystem features that are available, and see details about thedisplay and its sizes. Also I wanted to create an app whereeverything I needed was just one click away. The full list offeatures: - See resource qualifiers in use - See available systemfeatures - See screen dimensions in dp, pt, in, sp, px, mm - StartDalvik Explorer (third party app) - Start aLogcat (third party appfor viewing logcat) - Start ManifestViewer (third party app forviewing AndroidManifest.xml ++) - Start Clean Status Bar (thirdparty app for taking tidying up status bar for screenshots] - Godirectly to the Android 4.3's permission manager (App Ops) - Godirectly to the device's developer settings - Go directly to thelist of installed applications Works for Android 1.5 and up.Doesn't need any permissions to run. Please give me a word ifthere's something you'd like to see included in this app. :) I haveopen sourced the version 2 of the app. It can be found at .
Smart Home for HDL Buspro
Roy Solberg
This is a early version of the app. Please give your feedback ifyouwant to see this app live. Using this app you can control yourHDLBuspro system via the local network or remotely via VPN.Notimplemented yet: - Support for quite a few HDL products (so givemefeedback so that I can implement support for it) - Short pressandlong press on buttons (dimming) - AC and music control forDLPsKnown issue Momentary buttons on DLPs don't work. It seems tobe alack of the support from the DLP firmware. Nice to know To usetheapp remotely you need to set up VPN and have a device withAndroid5 or later (Lollipop+). Remote control via the HDL BUS-ProIPgateway will not be implemented because of its lack ofencryptionand proper security. Please note that I'm developing thisapp on myspare time, and that I originally created the app just foruse inmy own house. Beta testing If you want to stay one step aheadtherest you can sign up for the beta versions of the appat Home Want to control your smart home using voice? Checkouthow I use Google Home and Google Pixel to control myhouse: :)