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Unit Converter - Calculator: Metric & Imperial
Convert between Metric & Imperial Units - Quick & Simple
Guide for Dauntless – Behemoths, Weapons, Items 1.2.3
Helper and ally app for Dauntless: Know all the weakness,strengthsand drops from each Behemoth, Check out all the recipes tocreateany weapon or armor in the game, Review the best Perks andCells,Receive new items and in-game notifications; Consult allthedifferent items in the game like Skins, Lanterns, Emotes,Etc.,Check out all the new weapons, and much more. Full FeaturesList *Behemoths: Check out all the Behemoths Strengths and weaknessaswell as all the drops * Recipes: Find out how to createeverysingle weapons, armor or lantern in the game * Weapons andItems:Want to know which are the best weapons in the game?, checkout allthe weapons in the game, including the whole locker ofOutfits,Skins, Lanterns, etc. * Reagents: Full list of locationsandfarming for all the items in the game * News Room: Never missanupdate and check out all the game’s latest features, updatesandwith all your favorite youtubers. Prepare for Battle!!DownloadNow! Companion App - Stats & Tools for Dauntless forFREE inGoogle Play & App Store! ===========================DisclaimerPortions of the materials used are trademarks and/orcopyrightedworks of Dauntless, Inc. All rights reserved by PhoenixLabs. Thismaterial is not official and is not endorsed by PhoenixLabs.
Piggy Goals: Money Saving 1.2.5
💸 Piggy Goals: Money Saving is an app designed to motivate youandhelp you save money, by either having a piggy bank where youcansave cash any time you want, or create daily, weekly, ormonthlygoals. The app will track your progress and remind you withpushnotifications about your money saving objectives, and thecoolestfeature is that the app is completely FREE! 😱 🔸🔸The appincludestwo different modes that will help you save some cash:🔸🔸 1.PiggyBank Mode: Deposit or withdraw money from your piggy bank anytimeyou’d like and keep a history of all your transactions. 2.PiggyGoal Mode: Planning on buying something? Create a goal and settheamount you want to raise with the time frame you decide:daily,weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Then just let our app trackand helpyou reach your target budget. Full Feature List: 🔹Visualize yourprogress with graphs and animations 🔹 Notificationsand remindersare included so you never forget to save up money 🔹Create as manygoals as you need 🔹 The app is multi-language 🔹 Nointernetconnection is required to use the app, and it’s designed toworkfor every device with any software version 🔹 We made it so fastandsimple to use that you’ll be able to start saving money in amatterof seconds! 🔹 We will constantly update our App to support awiderrange of features Download Now! Piggy Goals: Money Savings AppforFREE! 👾
Tip Calculator & Bill Split
⭐️ Calculate, Divide & Share Bills with friends: Taxes,Rounding Options & More
Stats for APEX Legends - Weapons, Map, Stickers
Weapons, Legends, Maps , Leaderboards, News & More for APEX
Fstats - Shop, Battlestars, Missions for Fortnite
⚔️ Stats, Missions, Battlestars and Maps for Fortnite
Stats for Brawl Stars - Maps, Stickers, Sounds
Brawlers, News, Events, Music & Leaderboards
Decks Royale
Include Decks for all the arenas, global tournaments, challengesand more
Tournaments finder for Clash
Seeking a different challenge in Clash? Join an Open TournamentRoyale
Xpress Vote - Surveys & Polls 1.9.3
⭐️ Get results that no other polling system can match. Foreachsurvey option, you create, get an approval, enthusiasmandconsensus score, broken down by demographics. Create a pollinseconds for free or use more advanced features to incorporateitinto your media. Protected against abuse, Xpress Vote is theonlysolution for individuals or corporations who want real analysis⭐️🔸🔸 Features 🔸🔸 🔹 Create FREE Surveys on our mobile app (AndroidandiOS) 🔹 Review results for FREE from your mobile devices 🔹Identifyyourself through Facebook 🔹 Share your voting page across alargearray of social outlets 🔹 Vote through the app, through awebpageor through social links 🔹 Multiple language support 🔹 Fourtypes ofemoticons for voters to properly express their opinions:Feel,Agree, Approve, Like. Each with a negative to positive fivestepsscale for uniform understanding among the population 🔹 Optionscanbe associated with images for better comprehension. 🔹 Chose atopicquestion from a predefined list so responses choices formdifferentsurvey can be compared against each other. 🔹 In order topreventabuse by people or groups of people voting multiple times,XpressVote requires Facebook authentication to vote 🔹 Approval,Supportand Consensus score 🔹 Segmented by Region, Age, Gender 🔹Limit thenumber of votes, or not (unlimited votes for free). 🔹 Setanexpiration date, or not (can go on forever) 🔹 Show resultstovoters in real time, or wait for the poll to close 🔹 Scheduleago-live time 🔹 All the above is FREE 😱 🔸🔸 Xpress Vote alsoofferspremium services 🔸🔸 🔹 Password protect your voting page 🔹Upgradeto Featured Poll so we can help expand the reach of yourpoll 🔹Create a widget that can be integrated into your own websiteorother media For more information about the voting, methodologyusedand to understand why it is superior to other methodology, goto
Sales Tax & Discounts Calculator
⭐️ Easily calculate Sales Tax based on your location the appalsocalculates the final price for your product adding asmanydiscounts as needed and also includes a global library of taxesperCountry, like the taxes by city and state in the US or byProvincein Canada Our App's Coolest features: 🔹 Add as manydiscounts &rebates as you need, our app will give you the finalprice, withand without tax 🔹 The App will give you the correct taxpercentagedepending on your location, we have a whole library withall thetax rates in the US, Canada, México, France, UK and all overtheworld 🔹 We also included a Tax library, so you can search fortaxrates depending on the Country, Province, State and City 🔹 Weaddeda simple calculator for arithmetic operations 🔹 Includes ahandyFormula Calculator, just add something like (5+5)/10*2 intheamount field and watch the magic happen. 🔹 We made themostfunctional design, easy to read and multi-theme, for day andnight.🔹 We made it so simple and fast to use that you’ll be able togetyour calculations in couple seconds 🔹 No internet connectionisneeded to use our app, and it is designed to work for everydevicewith any software version. 🔹 We will constantly update ourappadding more new free cool features. 👉 Give your mind a rest!Thesales tax & discounts app for FREE is here!!! Download*SalesTax & Discounts Calculator* Now!
Companion - Map, Stickers & Sounds
Weapons , Maps , Stickers, Sounds & More
Upcoming Games - All Platforms
Discover new video games and keep up to date with the latestreleases.
Upcoming Movies Discover films
Discover movies and keep up with the most anticipated releases.
Money Lending Wizard 1.3.5
📢 DISCLAIMER: Asking for a loan is NOT possible. App isnotconnected to banks or similar, it is only an assistant. 👉"MoneyLending Wizard" is the perfect application to keep track ofyourdebts and loans quickly and easily. - Synchronize paymentswithyour debtor or your lender with just one tap,avoidmisunderstandings and take better control of your money.-Automatic "Push-Notifications" 🔔 to your debtors orcreditors.Receive notifications about your next payments andpaymentsreceived. "Money Lending Wizard" is scalable and versatile,it canbe used in a wide variety of financial activities, suchas:businesses (sale of goods and services), large-scaleloans,"Peer-to-peer" (P2P) loans, "IOU : I owe you ",micro-credits, andany other situation where it is necessary tofollow up or managethe flow of money.💲 🔶🔶 Features🔶🔶 ✔️ Create anytype of loan ordebt: the application is so versatile that you canplay with thenecessary variables to define different types of loansand debts.✔️ Link your debts and loans with another user: using aQR code youcan link your debts / loans and synchronize yourpayments. ✔️Charts and statistics: You will be able to analyze in amore visualway, the state of your debts and loans as well as howmuch is thetotal amount, how much you owe and how much you havepaid. ✔️Reminders of your loans and debts: both for you and yourdebtors,keep control thanks to the reminders. ✔️ Payment history:you cansee each of the payments made and all their information. ✔️Statusof each payment: Approve or Decline payments and adjustreceiptsfor better control. ✔️ Biometric protection: you canprotect yourinformation with a biometric password. We made thedesign morefunctional, simple and quick to use, to give you thebestexperience. We are constantly updating our application addingnewfunctionalities.
Cryptocurrency Converter - Exchange Rates 1.8.5
⭐️ Includes Digital Money and Currency exchange rates in over200currencies letting you manage them all in a single screen;inaddition the app includes historic rate charts andnotificationswhich you can set up notifications to stay up to datewith the mostimportant Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin,Ethereum,Ripple, Stellar, Cardano, Dogecoin and Much More. 🔸🔸 OurApp'sCoolest features 🔸🔸 💸 Convert Physical & DigitalMoney:Calculate between real and digital currencies, the rates areinreal time 💹 Historic Graph Prices: Track cryptocurrenciesbehaviorover time 🔔 Daily Notifications & alerts: Have our appsend younotifications on your favorite currencies changes or at anyhour orprice change you select. 💻 Offline Mode: No internetconnections isrequired 🔸🔸 Other Features 🔸🔸 ✓ We made the mostfunctional design,easy to read and multi-theme, for day and night.✓ Createnotifications based on currency price changes, or by anyhour youdecide ✓ We made it so simple and fast to use that you’llbe ableto get exchange conversions in just a couple of seconds. ✓Convertmultiple currencies at once. ✓ We will constantly update ourapp tosupport a wider range of currencies. ✓ Our app is meant forallusers: travelers, students, teachers, financial analysts.✓Includes a handy Formula Calculator, just add somethinglike(5+5)/10*2 in the amount field and watch the magic happen.DownloadNow! Crypto Currency Converter for FREE in App Store &GooglePlay!
Money Saving Tracker - 52 Week Challenge 1.8.3
Having trouble saving money? 💸💸💸 This app was designed to helpyoustart saving cash! The app Tracks your progress andincludesreminders and notifications to help you along the way. Thebestpart? The app is completely FREE! 😱 🔸🔸 How does it work? Well,it’ssimple, you have different ways to start saving 🔸🔸 👉IncrementalSavings Challenge: Start saving low and increase overthe time yourweekly savings. Start with $1 dollar the first week,then $2dollars the second week, $3 dollars the first week, and bythe endof week 52 you will have saved a total of $1,378.00 dollars.👉Reverse Challenge: The second mode is inverse, you startsavingmore the first weeks and progressively save less and lesseveryweek, and by the end of the 52nd week you’ll have saved$1,378.00dollars. 👉 Fixed Amount: If you like to save a fixedamount everyweek, our app will track your progress and help youcontinue savingevery week. 👉 By goal: Planning on buying something?Create a goaland set the amount you want to raise, then just letour app trackand help you reach your target budget! What makes usdifferent fromall other savings apps? We have several reasons, hereis our fullfeature list: 🔹 Several different dynamics andalternatives to makeit easy for you to start saving money. 🔹 Graphsare included tohelp you visualize your progress. 🔹 Our App includesnotifications;we will send you notifications to remind you aboutyour savingsgoals. 🔹 Ability to create multiple Savings Goals. 🔹The App isMulti-language. 🔹 No internet connection is required touse theapp, and it’s designed to work for every device with anysoftwareversion. 🔹 We made it so fast and simple to use that you’llbe ableto start saving money in a matter of seconds! 🔹 We willconstantlyupdate our App to support a wider range of features.Download Now!52 Week Money Saving Challenge for FREE in Google Play& AppStore! 👾
Currency, Cryptos & Exchange Rates Converter 2.0
Includes exchange rates in over 180 currencies,includingcryptocurrencies, and manage them in a single screen; youcan alsoconsult historic exchange charts, and set up notificationsto stayup to date with the latest FOREX. Our App is designedforeveryone... 🔹 Are you traveling? No problem, no internetconnectionis required 🔹 Do you need to make a calculation? Our appis herefor you 🔹 Want to know how the currency rates are changingovertime? We have historical graphs for it. 🔹 Are you aCryptocurrencyFan? We have over 20 of them. Have our app send younotificationson your favorite currencies changes or at any hour orprice changeyou select. Want to know more about our app? 😎 🔸🔸 OurApp's Coolestfeatures 🔸🔸 ✓ We made the most functional design, easyto read andmulti-theme, for day and night. ✓ Create notificationsbased oncurrency price changes, or by any hour you decide ✓ We madeit sosimple and fast to use that you’ll be able to getexchangeconversions in just a couple of seconds. ✓ Over 250currenciesincluding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin,Etheremun,Ripple and even precious metals. ✓ Real-time exchangerates. ✓Historic rate charts and graphs that go from 24 hours to 5years. ✓Convert multiple currencies at once. ✓ No internetconnection isneeded to use our app, and it is designed to work forevery devicewith any software version. ✓ We will constantly updateour app tosupport a wider range of currencies. ✓ Our app is meantfor allusers: travelers, students, teachers, financial analysts.✓Includes a handy Formula Calculator, just add somethinglike(5+5)/10*2 in the amount field and watch the magic happen.DownloadNow! Currency Converter for FREE in App Store & GooglePlay!Give your mind a rest! The best foreign exchange app for FREEishere!!! Download Currency Converter Now! 👈🏻
Loans & Interests Simulator 1.7.4
👉 A Simulator / Calculator that easily calculate how much youneedto pay monthly, or calculate the maximum amount of credit youcanget by knowing how much you can pay. 💸 👉 Never forget apayment!Our app will notify you every month to remind you about allyourupcoming payments. 👉 Our app lets you calculate anyvariable:interest rate, monthly payment, duration or loan amount;giving youas result the amount of interest paid, the total cost ofcredit,and amortization. 👉 Payments Schedule, graphs,notifications,export options and much much more, and it isabsolutely FREE! 🔸🔸Perfect to calculate 🔸🔸 🔹 Personal Loans 🔹Student Loans 🔹 MortgageLoans 🔹 Business Loans 🔹 Auto Loans 🔸🔸 Whatmakes us different fromall other loan calculator apps? Well, wehave several reasons, hereis a full feature list 🔸🔸 ✓ Calculate anyvariable of your loan:Interest rate, monthly payment, loan durationor loan amount ✓ Weinclude graphs to help you visualize the data. ✓Our App includesnotifications; we will send you a notification toremind you aboutyour loan payments ✓ An amortization table with allyour loandetails ✓ Store, email or share your loan history. ✓ Wemade themost functional design, easy to read and intuitive. ✓ Wemade it sofast and simple to use that you’ll be able to getcalculations in amatter of seconds. ✓ The App is Multi-language. ✓No internetconnection is needed to use this app, and it is designedto workfor every device with any software version. ✓ We willconstantlyupdate our app to support a wider range of featuresDownload Now!Loans, Credits, Mortgage & Installments Calculatorfor FREE inGoogle Play & App Store!
Builds for TeamFight Tactics
Get latest champions, items, synergies & team composition tierlist for Lol TFT
Clash Mate - Stats, Decks & Chests
👾Tournaments, Decks, Stats, News & Chests: The best tracker forClash
Self-care: create habits
Improve your life with small daily actions!
Upcoming Books Discover books
Discover books and keep up with the most anticipated releases.
Workouts & Fitness Challenge
Social workouts and exercises app; create routines, meetfitnessgoals and share