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Oz: Broken Kingdom™
Play this amazing action game with all the magical prowess of Oz!
Chaos Battle League - PvP Action Game
Battle your opponents in this amazing battle royale!
Chaos Combat Chess 1.2.0
Build your team of epic 3D characters, battle online opponents andcompete in league play in Chaos Combat Chess,  a new autochess game of strategy, tactics, and skill from the makers of theglobal hit Chaos Battle League.   AUTO CHESS REIMAGINED Allthe strategy, none of the fuss. Jump into quick burst, superaccessible gameplay sessions brought to life via elegant one-handedportrait action and incredible graphics.   BUILD YOUR TEAMAssemble a squad from over 50 chaotic chess characters across morethan 10 skill classes and prepare for battle online.   MASTERYOUR CHESS TACTICS AND STRATEGY  Design the optimal formationand deploy your units on the chess board to blitz your opponent inan epic 3D arena battle.   STACK UP SYNERGIES Collect similarfighters and classes to build up powerful alliances, buffs and RankBonuses to dominate the league and evolve your powers.   BLITZYOUR OPPONENTS Unleash your squad and blitz the competition in a8v8, real-time multi-round match to be the last man standing.  CUSTOMIZE YOUR ARENA Unlock new skins, battle in new arenas,and collect new chess boards for you and your robot companion toplay on.   UNLOCK REWARDS Increase your Chess Pass Level,complete Weekly Quests and Seasonal Challenges to unlock valuablerewards!   DOMINATE THE LEAGUE Collect trophies and rank upfrom pawn to king to climb the global league leaderboards andbecome the top player in the world!   Chaos Combat Chess isfree to play though some in game items can be purchased with realmoney. If you want to limit this feature, please disable in-apppurchases in your device settings. More Great Games by Privacy Policy: Termsof Service:
Fire Panda
Travel with Hóng the Red Panda, as he saves the Kingdom from adeadly invasion!
Super Glitch Dash
The Impossible Runner
Glitch Dash
The Impossible Runner
Epic Skater 2
Epic Skater is back! Go BIG and get Epic'r in Career & skateforever in Endless!
Pinata Punishers: Idle Clicker 1.5.0
Celebrate the Piñata Carnival with all the townsfolk in this funand wacky idle clicker game where you bash as many piñatas as youcan, collect hoards of candy and punish evil piñatas before theydestroy the carnival! CRUSH Piñatas Unlock unique piñatas and tapto bash them to bits. Hire a luchador manager to bash them for youand watch the candy roll in. COLLECT Candy Watch your candy hoardincrease as you punish piñatas then use it to upgrade your piñatas,sticks or manager. UNLOCK New Piñatas Keep smashing those piñatasto level up then unlock new unique piñatas to punish. CHALLENGEWacky Bosses! Face off against evil piñata bosses and smash themuntil they concede then unleash unique finishing moves on them likeNuclear Chipotle or Death by Chihuahua! UPGRADE Your CarnivalUnlock upgrades to increase your carnival fun. Increase your hitspeed, income or make the piñatas drop more candy among otherthings. GAIN Prestige Start your game over and receive crazy newbonuses with Prestige! Gain perks like Golden Nachos, increases inexperience, improved drop-rates and more damage! Don't worry youwon't lose your golden nachos, punishments and upgrades when goingfor more prestige! Piñata Punishers is free to play though some ingame items can be purchased with real money. If you want to limitthis feature, please disable in-app purchases in your devicesettings. ------------------------ More Great Games by Rogue: Policy: Terms of Service:
Toy Fun 1.1.1
Wooly the Sheep’s toy factory is almost ready to open its doors,butfirst she’s got to get her favorite playthings ready forcustomers.Help her splash and paint toys with all the colors ofthe rainbow asthey glide down the production line. Toy Fun is anarcade actiongame and clicker in one! Slide Wooly left or right topaint thetoys, amass more and more coins, and then increase herabilities sothat you can shatter your high score. Features: •SIMPLE, ACCESSIBLEGAMEPLAY • A CHARMING STYLE AND COLORFULCHARACTERS—LITERALLY •UPGRADES AND POWER-UPS TO ENHANCE WOOL’SABILITY • HIGH-SCORECHALLENGES • NEW, UNLOCKABLE TOYS • ENDLESSREPLAYABILITY • PERFECTFOR PLAYERS OF ALL AGES MOREGAMES: TERMS OFSERVICE:
Milky Way Miner - Idle Clicker
You’re Earth’s greatest tycoon, but there’s a whole galaxy outtherewith your name on it. Command an enterprising fleet of robotswhospecialize in drilling, schlepping, and mining, and explorestrangeplanets as you grow your empire to an astronomical networth. Do youhave what it takes to become the next galacticmillionaire—or evenbetter, gazillionaire? ENJOY A DEEP ADVENTURETravel the Milky Wayin this huge, stylish, and crazily funidle-clicker miner tycoongame. EXPLORE SPACE AND CONQUER PLANETSSee what different planetshave to offer, like gold and otherresources, while you overseeconstruction of factories and becomethe best miner you can be.UNLEASH YOUR INNER CAPITALIST Deploy avaried fleet of robots to doyour bidding as you mine ore and earnbig money across entiresystems. FEATURES • Accumulate tons of idlecash, even when you'reoffline • Show your idle miner skills, andconstruct the best mines• Hire and motivate wacky robot bosseswith unique buffs to avoidclicking and bump up your idle income •Use your capitalist skillsto carefully choose where to invest yourcash to make more, more,more! • Explore and conquer up to fiveplanets, each with completelydifferent resources - gold, ore, andmore • Immerse yourself inspectacular graphics and an ambientsoundtrack Climb to the top ofthis idle miner clicker game andbecome the capitalist you’re meantto be!
OLO Loco
Screw-loose shuffleboard for all ages
The Pocket Arcade
Play the biggest collection of amazingly detailed and crafted retrogames.
Shell Shocked
Choose a ship, solve puzzles, collect cards, battle your friendsand win!
Bright Paw
Mystery, puzzles and cats.
Stretchy Legs!
Your date is waiting! Narrowly avoid certain doom to get to yourdate on time.
Wild Life: Puzzle Story
A Bubble-Popping Adventure
Outsider: After Life
Mind-bending puzzle adventure
Giant Dancing Plushies
Defeat your plushie's enemies using stomps and abilities in timewith music!
It’s gloves off and claws out in this adorable multiplayer catfighter.
Unicorns on Unicycles
Sharpen your horns and get ready for a mythical showdown!
wipEout Merge
Merge anti-gravity ships while collecting team, track and shipcards