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Magnetized 1.3
Rocky Hong
Magnetized is an abstract physics adventuregame, total 80 levels!Touch your screen to active the power of magnets and escape fromneon maze!Chasing dreams is like walking alone on an endless road,direction is so clear but way too long, trying so hard but no oneknows.Is it worth it anymore?Just carry on!-- --Reviews"Magnetized could really be a metaphor for all of our strugglesin life, couldn't it?"-"If you need a game to keep you occupied and don’t mind a bit offrustration, you can pick up Magnetized."- Indie Statik"Another bite sized game that gets even more rewarding the moreyou play it. It's also tough as nails."- Touch Arcade"Magnetized made me rage quit."- Pocket Gamer"Part of the joy of playing is learning what each mechanic isand the unorthodox ways that they will be used."- 148 Apps"We reckon the taxing mazes of Magnetized will attract andsatisfy puzzle fans - provided you're not repulsed by the kitchpresentation and steep difficulty curve, that is."- AppSpy"At first it feel like an 80's version of Real Racing 3, askingyou to take the best line possible through each corner, but then itgets trickier and trickier as you try to master momentum anddirection to navigate the more devious designs."- Grab It Magazine"Even though I’m dying quite a bit in the game, I’m reallyenjoying it. The visuals are charming, the soundtrack is quitecatchy, and the gameplay is challenging and addictive."- AppAdvice"So, What are you Waiting for?"- Rocky Hong
Push & Pop 4.0.2
Rocky Hong
Push cubes into lines and make them disappear! challenging yetsatisfying puzzle game!
Beat Stomper
Rocky Hong
Jump, Hold, STOMP! Timing is everything.