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Double Tap 1.5.6
We provide you a easy way to turn on and turn off screen withoutpower button. It's very useful if your phone is broken power buttonor you don't like using hard key. FEATURES * Double tap home screento turn off screen * Double tap home button to turn off screen *Press volume button to turn on screen. * Pick phone to turn onscreen, it's very useful if you have a smartphone supported facerecognition. PERMISSIONS + ACCESSIBLITY : * We need you activatethis application in Accessibility Service because we have to useAccessibility API to do action BACK, RECENT, HOME. * We ensure thatwe only use Accessibility API for above functions we don't collectany any users information. + DISPLAY_ON_TOP: * We need you grantDISPLAY_ON_TOP permission to show animation gesture when you swipe.+ This app uses the Device Administrator permission to provide youlock screen function, you will not be able to uninstall thisapplication from home screen. Please access app open About clickuninstall to do it. USER VIDEO GUIDEhttps://youtube.com/shorts/xgj_um4VUBQ?feature=share NOTE * Onlysupport Android 6.0 and up. FEEDBACK If you have any problem whileusing the application, please give us some comments we will checkand update as soon as possible. CONTACT US Email :[email protected] Thank you very much!
Focus iOS 15 1.0.4
FEATURES Silence notifications from apps or incoming calls*Automatic: Turn on/off automatically at a schedule you set orwhileopening/closing an application. * Whitelist: You can pick appsorpeople that you do want to be able to reach you/send alerts.*Statistic: You can see disallowed notifications or rejectedcallagain. PERMISSION * Data Usage Access Turn Focus on/offwhenopening/closing apps. * Read Contacts Silence incoming callexceptpeople you selected. * Notification Access Silencenotificationsfrom app. FEEDBACK If you have any problem while usingtheapplication, please give us some comments we will check andupdateas soon as possible. CONTACT US Email : [email protected] very much!