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Finding your favourite songs for ringtones is completely awesome.But, do you know that MP3 Cutter - Ringtone Maker For Android canmake it better? Easily trim musics so that you can pick any musicalfragment you want, not only these songs on our playlists but alsoon your device! Super fast, lighweight & completely free,download MP3 Cutter - Ringtone Maker For Android now! FUNCTIONS INDETAIL Cut ringtone MP3 Cutter - Ringtone Maker For Android canhelp you cut the music easily and precisely for the best ringtonesyou wish. We know that sometimes it's so annoying that except forthe popular chorus you can't find the musical fragment on the songyou love . Now, that anxiety is over with our app, let's edit yourunique ringtone! Customize Fade in - Fade out After your bestmelody is trimmed, you can edit it more naturally. We provide Fadein - Fade out feature so that you can increase or decrease thevolume of the cut ringtones at the beginning & at the end aswell. And, without any complicated manipulations, you can add theseeffects in seconds. Download app and try it now! Adjust sound speedBy cut song mp3 for ringtone and switching it to 0.5x or 1.5x, youcan get new more interesting one. And, also with no confusion, justsimply select options to speed up or slow down, you've done! Setmusic as default ringtones You can set the music as messageringtone, alarm ringtone, or unique ringtone for each contact.Besides selecting/ searching various songs on our app or else, youcan use your own sound by recording, browsing from your device, orsending requests to us. All are edittable. FEATURES - Cut ringtone,Fading in - Fading out & chaging spead - 10,000+ beautifulringtones available - Recordind your own ringtones - Requesting newringtones - Minimalist interface Don't let your phone with boringsound. Install MP3 Cutter - Ringtone Maker For Android to change itnow! Our team has been trying our best to bring you the bestexperience so if you like the app, please rate us 5 stars and leaveus feedback. Thank you for choosing our app.
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