Razzle Puzzles Apps

SwipeOut · 2048-like Game 1.33
An original 2048-like color game from RazzlePuzzles! How many tiles can you swipe off the board?About SwipeOut the 2048-like color puzzle game:If you like 2048, you will love SwipeOut! SwipeOut is a funstrategy-based color swiping game similar to the classic 2048puzzle game. Your goal is to minimize the number of tiles on theboard by swiping tiles out of their same-color panels on the sides.Tiles swipe off when you match the color of the tile with the colorof a side panel. Tiles can block other tiles from swiping off. Moretiles appear after the moves counter reaches zero so be mindful andstrategic with your swipes. Each time you swipe a tile off theboard your points go up! The higher your score, the harder it gets!See if you can reach level 8 to win!You can play SwipeOut the 2048-like color strategy game by RazzlePuzzles on your phone and tablet. Play online or offline!Play SwipeOut on your computer and find more strategy and logicpuzzles at RazzlePuzzles.com!
Zuzu · Binary Puzzles Game 1.27
A free binary puzzles game from Razzle Puzzlesthat tests your logic and skill! If you like Sudoku logic puzzles,you will love Zuzu!About Zuzu Binary Puzzles:Zuzu is a fun binary puzzle game that plays like a Sudokuvariation. In Zuzu tiles are filled in on a grid through logicaldetermination. Zuzu is a binary puzzle game where there are onlytwo values, red (0) and blue (1) tiles. The game begins with anunfinished grid that must be filled in correctly according to threerules listed below.Rules for Zuzu:Each row and each column:.. is unique.. has an equal number of red and blue tiles.. has no more than two adjacent tiles of the same colorThe strategies for solving Zuzu’s binary puzzles vary incomplexity. If you install the app you’ll find a “How to Play”section with a link to a video outlining some successful solvingstrategies for binary puzzles. In addition to guides and tips onhow to play, Zuzu offers unlimited undo moves and a “check” featurethat lets you know how you’re doing. This app also saves youruncompleted logic puzzles so you can come back and finish themwhenever you want!You can play Zuzu from Razzle Puzzles on your phone and tablet.Play online or offline!Play Zuzu on your computer and find more strategy and logic puzzlesat RazzlePuzzles.com!
Fill-Ins · Word Fit Puzzles 1.42
Enjoy Fill-Ins, with thousands of fun word fit crossword puzzles!
Sudoku · Classic Logic Puzzles 1.84
Enjoy Sudoku, with thousands of fun puzzles and four levels ofdifficulty!
Dot Connect · Dots Puzzle Game 1.33
Enjoy Dot Connect, a fun and free twist on connect the dots!
Calcudoku · Math Logic Puzzles 1.40
Enjoy Calcudoku, a puzzle game testing your math and logic. Playslike Sudoku!
Word Search · Puzzles 1.72
Enjoy Word Search, the classic puzzle game with thousands of funpuzzles!
Cryptograms · Decrypt Quotes 1.83
Enjoy Cryptograms, decrypt famous quotes in this fun puzzle game!
2048 Classic · Swipe Game 1.73
Enjoy 2048 the classic game. Combine the numbers to get to 2048!
Color Crush · Matching Puzzle 1.56
Enjoy Color Crush, an original color matching game from RazzlePuzzles!