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Implosion - Never Lose Hope 1.5.2
Bringing AAA console gaming experience tomobile devices.Twenty years after the fall of Earth, the remnants of the Humanrace are once again faced with extinction. The time has come tojustify our existence. A mysterious life form known as the XADAsquares off against humanity's last weapon - the War-Mech seriesIII battle suit.Features: Stunning console-quality graphics, first-class voiceacting and Hollywood-grade audio production. Full orchestral scoresmasterfully mixed by Grammy Award winner and "The Lord of theRings" trilogy engineer, John Kurlander.The most intuitive touch user-interface seen on the platform.A vast arsenal of super-tech weaponry at your disposal, upgradablevia the streamlined ARK Kernel system. Become the ultimate fusionof Man and Machine. Ensure the survival of the species.- Free to play mission 1-1 to 1-6, unlock all levels from one timeIAP.- Using Google Play Save Games service to save after login GooglePlay account at Options menu
Cytus II 4.5.1
Rayark International Limited
"Cytus II" is a music rhythm game created by Rayark Games. It's ourfourth rhythm game title, following the footsteps of three globalsuccesses, "Cytus", "DEEMO" and "VOEZ". This sequel to "Cytus"brings back the original staff and is a product of hardwork anddevotion. In the future, humans have redefined internet developmentand connections. We can now easily sync the real world with theinternet world, changing life as we have known for thousands ofyears. In the mega virtual internet space cyTus, there exists amysterious DJ legend Æsir. His music has an irresistible charm;people fall madly in love with his music. Rumor has it that everynote and beat of his music hits the audiences in the depths oftheir souls. One day, Æsir, who had never shown his face before,suddenly announced that he will be holding the first mega virtualconcert —— Æsir-FEST and will invite a top idol singer and apopular DJ as opening performances. The instant the ticket salesbegan, an unprecedented rush occurred. Everyone wanted to seeÆsir's real face. On the day of the FEST, millions of people wereconnected to the event. At one hour before the event started, theprevious world record for most simultaneous connection was smashed.The whole city was on its feet, waiting for Æsir to descent fromthe skies... Game Features: - The unique "Active Judgement Line"rhythm game playstyle Tap the notes as the judgement line hits themto achieve a high score. Through five different kinds of notes andthe judgement line that actively adjusts its speed according to thebeat, the gameplay experience is further combined with the music.Players can easily immerse themselves in the songs. - A total of100+ high-quality songs (35+ in base game, 70+ as IAP) The gameincludes songs by composers from all across the world, Japan,Korea, the US, Europe, Taiwan and more. Through the characters,players get to play songs from different genres including but notlimited to: electronic, rock and classical. We are confident thatthis game will live up to the hype and expectations. - Over 300different charts Over 300 different charts designed, from easy tohard. The rich game content can satisfy players of differentlevels. Experience exciting challenges and enjoyment through thesensation of your fingertips. - Explore the virtual internet worldwith the game's characters The one-of-a-kind story system "iM" willlead the players and the in-game characters to slowly piecetogether the story and world behind "Cytus II". Reveal the truth ofthe story with a rich, cinematic visual experience.--------------------------------------- ※ This game contains mildviolence and vulgar language. Suitable for users age 15 and above.※ This game contains additional in-app purchases. Please purchasedbase on personal interest and ability. Do not overspend. ※ Pleasepay attention to your game time and avoid addiction. ※ Please donot use this game for gambling or other illegal purposes.
Sdorica: Gacha RPG 3.8.2
▼Fantasy Tactical RPG games Legend has it that the world was oncepitch black, all that existed was one giant dragon. Eternity wasgiven to the humans by the giant dragon, but their freedom wasdeprived...Those enslaved have finally awakened. They went insearch of hope, and a knight named "Vendacti" determined to fightagainst fate... ▼Experience a Story of Heroes and Heroines Variousbeasts, an obstinate damsel, a swordsman from the Orient, a femalemerchant that carries firearms, and many more. Start building yourfavorite character! Follow the royal princess, Angelia, to protectthe kingdom, or follow Leah, the demihuman with rabbit ears andenter the Rune Academy to learn rune magic! ▼Collect MagnificentCharacters Wanna collect all kinds of characters? Sophie, acharacter done in the Onmyoji style; Kittyeyes, the catty maid;Yamitsuki, the killer that dons a kimono; Fredrica, the sexy witchwho's keen on getting married; Law, who claims to be martial artsGrand Master, and many more. Follow these incredible characters andexplore continent Vendacti! ▼Variety of Unique Gameplay ModesSdorica is a classic fantasy turn based tactical RPG that uses theclassic team combo of support, attacker, and tank. Remove the orbsstrategically to cast spells, save the world, and achieve yourfantasy. There are also adorable monsters for you to breed, and acooperation system that allows you to fight along with friends andguild members. This fun, fascinating and tactical gameplayexperience is awaiting you! ▼Massive, Epic Storyline Sdorica has anenormous worldview and an unprecedented epic story. Season 1 takesplace in the corrupt Kingdom of the Sun that seems perfect on theoutside...but darkness lurks within; Season 2 opens up the DesertKingdom that's constantly engulfed in the flames of war. Besidesthe compelling storyline, to make the RPG games more lively, we'veinvited well-known Japanese CVs to do the voices for eachcharacter. 【Players can download this Tactical RPG game for free】
DEEMO II 1.0.8
Just in time for Rayark's 10th anniversary comes a sequel to theirclassic IP, DEEMO. A kingdom created through music faces anuncertain future after a monster called 'The Ancestor' plagues theland with a destructive 'Hollow Rain'. This dangerous rain causesanyone it touches to 'bloom', turning into a flurry of white flowerpetals and ultimately vanishing from existence. DEEMO II followsEcho, a girl who has bloomed but mysteriously re-appeared, andDeemo, an enigmatic station Guardian, as they journey through thisrain-soaked world in hopes of finding a way to save it. Features:▲A Mysterious and Emotional Story: Why did 'The Composer', theelusive being who created this world, suddenly abandon it? Why andhow did Echo bloom and then come back to life? Accompany Echo asshe uncovers the secrets behind these questions, journeying touncover the truth and save the world. ▲A Combination of Rhythm andAdventure: Explore Central Station with Echo, interacting with yoursurroundings as you get to know the many station residents whilediscovering clues and 'Charts', magical pieces of music with thepower to clear away Hollow Rain. As Deemo you'll play those Charts,putting your musical skills to the test in fun and challengingrhythm sections, ultimately moving the story forward. ▲30 CoreSongs + DLC Song Packs for a Total of 120+ Tracks: Composers fromaround the world, including Japan, Korea, Europe and the Americas,have created an eclectic array of tracks for DEEMO II with anemphasis on acoustic instrumentation. Genres include Classical,Jazz, Chill Pop, J-Pop, and more. Infectious, emotive melodies willgive music lovers dozens of fast favorites, and creative,syncopated rhythms will make sure rhythm-game aficionados haveplenty to sink their teeth into. ▲Make Friends with Over 50 StationResidents: Central Station is full of characters with their ownpersonalities and stories. As Echo, you can chat with them as theywalk about Central Station, living their lives, opening paths todifferent topics depending on the situation. As you talk with themand get to know them, you'll start to feel like you're part of aneccentric new community. ▲Storybook Graphics and Artstyle: DEEMO IImarries hand-drawn backgrounds with 3D models and a meticulousattention to detail that will make you feel like you're caught in astorybook, or an anime come to life. ▲Movie-Quality AnimatedScenes: DEEMO II is full of high-quality anime cutscenes, fullyvoiced by professional Japanese voice actors. Pair that with musiccomposed by DEEMO and Sdorica vets, and you've got an audio andvisual treat. Rayark is well-versed in rhythm-game production, withpopular titles like Cytus, DEEMO, Voez, and Cytus II under theirbelt. They are well-known for mixing fun and fluid rhythm gameplaywith visual flair and deep storylines, providing full, rewardingexperiences to get lost in.
Mandora Farm and Fight
"Warriors hailing from the Land of Eephoria, we implore you tohelpus in regaining the balance of power among the Primary Colors."Theprologue to an expedition wherein the magic of primary colors istobe recaptured has begun. Who knows what strange and bizarreheroeswe shall encounter…... -Mandora FF (Mandora Farm and Fight)
MO: Astray 1.3.6
Rayark International Limited
A side-scrolling, action-puzzler with "Very Positive" reviews onSteam. Come adventure and explore on the soon to be released mobileversion. ▶Uncover the truth hidden in the sinister shadows of thisghastly environment Awakening inside a dark, humid, and abandonedlaboratory, MO discovers that it not only has to face an extremelyhostile and sinister environment, but also humans who, having beentaken over by alien parasitic plants, are now stuck in an endlesslimbo between death and rebirth. Who caused this disaster? And onthis path to solve the riddle of MO's existence, what sorts oftrials and tribulations lie ahead? ▶Clear quests with intertwiningpuzzles using strategic battle skills 360-degree gameplay thatcombines action and puzzle-solving. Use MO's ability to stick onsurfaces to get past tricky traps, read the minds of monsters,control them like a parasite, and dash past danger as you flythrough the air. ▶Exceptionally unique environmental design MO hasan exquisite pixel art that is both adorable yet dark, giving thegame a full-bodied sci-fi atmosphere. Besides fitting the storylineperfectly, the amazing aesthetic effects are a constant visualfeast for players as they adventure onward. ▶A soundtrack that iselegant and emotionally moving The game's theme song has beencarefully crafted to express the story of MO's adventure, while thebackground music and sound effects for each quest fit perfectlywith each environment. ▶Collaborating to create a movingmasterpiece An exceptional masterpiece, developed by Archpray Inc.and produced by Rayark Inc.
DEEMO -Reborn-
【Background Story】 A girl who fell from the skies and lost herpast;Deemo who plays the piano all alone in the world of thetreehouse;an accidental encounter between the two. The music flowsas thefingers hit the piano keys. The start of a fairytale journeyhasbegun... "Never Left Without Saying Goodbye──" 【Features】 -AClassicReborn: Centered around an ancient castle and a mysterioustree thatgrows when melody is in the air, control the little girlwho hasfallen from the sky and help her find her way home.-InvestigationReborn: Unravel riddles and mysteries hidden in thecastle. Findsheet music that falls from the heavens, unlock newplaces, anddiscover the truth. -Rhythm Reborn: Play your heart outon the pianoand make the mysterious tree grow. Unveil new parts ofthe story andlook forward to the day that the girl can return toherheart-warming home. -Melodies Reborn: Over 60+ classic songsthatare loved by all. New pieces of music await you to take ontheirchallenge.
VOEZ 2.1.0
VOEZ invites you to embark on the remarkable journey ofteenagedreams, Following after Cytus and Deemo, two titles thattook theworld by storm, Rayark’s remarkable rhythm game, VOEZ,hasofficially arrived! ------ It is recommended to visitthecalibration page first ------ Click Icon -> Settings->Calibration Setup calibration for best gaming experienceStory:Listen to our voice! Chelsea, a girl who wholeheartedlylovesbaking and singing. Due to an unexpected event, she and herLanKong High School classmates decided to pursue their mutualdream,leading to the birth of their band VOEZ. Over time theyfaceobstacles and fight hardships together, completelydevotingthemselves to band practice so the world may hear theirvoices.Game Features: -Game app free of charge, just download tojoinVOEZ! -Dynamic tracks with falling notes, bringing visualandgameplay experience to a whole new level! -Striving to bearecord-breaking rhythm game with the largest music collectiontodate! Players will be able to access new tunes on a monthlybasis!-As the game progresses, players will join the gamecharacters ontheir youthful adventures -Occasional updates willfeature a vastselection of new free and paid song packs -Ability tocreate gameaccount and engage in real-time competition with otherplayersaround the world for the leaderboard
Deemo 5.0.2
"Never Left Without Saying Goodbye." The world acclaimed, mobilerhythm game that's touched over 10 million players. Created by theteam that brought you Cytus, the original Rayark team has created awhole new texture to the piano rhythm game DEEMO. A girl who fellfrom the skies and lost her past; Deemo, who plays the piano allalone in the world of the treehouse; an accidental encounterbetween the two. The music flows as the fingers hit the piano keys.The start of a fairytale journey has begun... Game Features: -60+free songs in story mode, including more than 220 songs -Unlockmore tracks as the game progresses, experience a story that willmove you -Accompany Deemo and engage with this stunning, modernfairytale -Plenty of original piano songs in various music genres,many composed by famous composers from around the world -Simple andintuitive gameplay, experience touching emotion through music-Through tapping and sliding, follow the rhythm to play along-Explore the scenes, piece together the clues, and obtain hiddenin-game elements -Stand-alone game; no need to have internetconnection to play -Twitter and Facebook score sharing function.Proceed to Youtube for official videos.
Cytus 10.0.14
❖Welcome to the Musical World of Cytus❖ LET’S EXPERIENCE MUSIC’NART, BEAT ’N REBOUND! Check the screenshots and you will seeanAWESOME mobile music game! Just PLAY and ENJOY! ❖FEATURES❖ -200songs and 400 variations, including many from famouscomposersaround the world - Beautiful hand-drawn art style (asillustratedin the screenshots) - Easy, intuitive Active Scan Linesystem and 3types of notes - Different display modes allowplayer-friendlypreviewing of notes - Strong beat and rhythmsprovide satisfyingfeedback for taps - More than 9 difficulty levelsfor more fun andchallenges - Various music genres: POP, JAZZ,TRANCE, HARDCORE,DRUM 'N BASS and many more - Connect to Facebookand show off yourCytus skills ❖HOW TO PLAY❖ - Follow along theActive Scan Line -Tap each note as the line passes through - Timeyour taps as theline is at the center of the note for a higherscore! ❖STORY❖ Inthe distant future, the only sentient beings inthe world arerobots. They are the last remnant of the human spirit.However,mankind is not dead. Technology exists that is capableoftransferring memories to these robots. But with limited space,newmemories will gradually overwrite the old. To prevent theemotionsin human memories from fading away, the robots resortedtoconverting the emotions to music, and storing them in aplacecalled Cytus. The robots use these songs to experiencehumanemotion and dream that souls exists in each of them...Cytus────────────────────── Cytus OfficialSite:http://www.rayark.com/g/cytus Rayark OfficialSite:http://www.rayark.com Follow Cytushttps://twitter.com/CytusRayarkLike Cytushttp://www.facebook.com/rayark.Cytus
Soul of Eden 1.4.700
Rayark's first step into an esports title! Soul of Eden is a PvPcompetitive game that combines real-time strategy with card games.The unique spread system, the exciting four-minute games, everysingle match is a different challenge! Choose your destined oneamong the four major factions and challenge contestants from allacross the world! #Choose your faction The tech-savvy Republic, theunpredictable Aliens, the sword-and-magic wielding Empire, and thesavage Beasts. Four factions, four completely different styles forplayers to choose. The Factions' stories intertwine with oneanother. Which Faction will you lead to glory? #Build your deckOver 100 unique cards, with a deck flexibility of 30 cards. Unleashyour strategic potential and create your own tactics. #Showcaseyour controls The unique spread deploy system leads to endlessformations in battle. The skills of the legendary heroes can turnthe tide of battle all by themselves! On the ever-changingbattlefield, your controls and decisions will be the key to achievevictory!
Mandora 3.0.1
=========== Over 8 million downloads worldwide Your devicesdeservean adorable and challenging game like Mandora! Featured iniTunesNew and What's Hot Games categories in over 65 countriesOver100,000 5-star user reviews worldwide =========== Prepare tobecharmed by Mandora! Welcome to Moonycat Village, thefavoritelocation for wizards to practice their farming, and theonly placein the world where Mandora seeds can be found. Mandorasare notonly powerful magic ingredients, these creatures that blurthe linebetween animal and plant, magic and science, are also grownbyMoonycat villagers into fashionable accessories or petsforwizards. Within a mere few years, hundreds of species havebeenpopularized in the world of sorcery. --Competing withFacebookfriends in Survival Mode-- Not only the difficulty of thenewlyadded Survival Mode increases as the game progresses, butthere arealso Wormees that bite Mandora leaves, hindering you fromplucking.Collecting Golden Leaves gives you the chance to equipwith magicalprops to survive as long as you can in the Forest.--Enjoy thePleasure of Plucking in Endless Mode-- Play as a farmerin chargeof harvesting ripe Mandoras. Pluck as many ripe Mandorasas you canwithin the time limit to score points. Successful combosmay alsoyield bonus time items as well as rare Mandoras to collect.--AnAdorable Game Diary-- Collected Mandoras are recorded in theDiary,an album with hand-drawn art and sound effects for the playertoenjoy. Missing a couple of species in your collection? TheDiaryalso offers hints! --Challenge Yourself-- Players are rankedeachtime based on the game’s scoring system. Can you achievethehighest rank in the game? Features: - Dazzling &challenging,using a variety of props to compete with Facebookfriends forhigher scores & rankings in Survival Mode -Simple,action-packed gameplay system in Endless Mode - More than 55kindsof adorable Mandoras to collect - Diary with hand-drawn art —agallery of your Mandoras collection - Farming Statistics —personalrecords and stats - Interactive tutorial — new players canpick upthe game with ease - More than 60 game rankings based onyourperformance - Support for single-player as well as GameCenterglobal leaderboards - Support for English, Chinese,Japanese,Korean, French, Portuguese and Spanish - Discover newsurprises byplaying at different times of the day Mandora 2.0 GameTrailer:http://youtu.be/416Acx55VXo Like us onFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/rayark.Mandora Follow us onTwitterhttps://twitter.com/MandoraRayark Rayark OfficialWebsite:www.rayark.com
Cytus 10.0.14
❖❖Cytus Musical World에 오신 것을 환영합니다.❖❖ 뮤직 앤 아트, 비트 앤 리바운드를 느껴보세요!스크린샷을 선택하면 가장 환상적인 뮤직 게임을 보게 될 것입니다! 그냥 재생하여 즐기시면 됩니다! ❖특징❖ -전세계유명 작곡가의 많은 곡을 포함하여 200개 이상의 곡과 400개 이상의 편곡 - 손으로 그린 아름다운아트스타일(스크린샷으로 표시) - 쉽고 직관적인 액티브 스캔 라인 시스템과 3가지 유형의 노트 - 독창적인디스플레이모드로서 플레이어 친화 노트 미리보기가 가능합니다. - 강한 비트와 리듬으로 만족스러운 탭 피드백을 제공합니다.- 9등급 이상의 난이도로 재미와 도전 정신을 높였습니다. - 다음과 같은 다양한 음악 장르 제공: 팝, 재즈,트랜스,하드코어, 드럼 앤 베이스 등 - 페이스북에 연결하여 Cytus 스킬을 과시합니다. ❖재생 방법❖ - 액티브 스캔라인을따라 움직입니다. - 라인을 통과하면서 각 노트를 탭핑합니다. - 라인이 노트의 중심에 있을 때 탭핑 시간을조절하여높은 점수를 얻습니다! ❖스토리❖ 먼 미래에, 세계에서 지각력 있는 유일한 존재는 로봇입니다. 그들은 인간 정신의마지막잔존자입니다. 그러나 인류는 죽지 않았습니다. 메모리를 이 로봇에 전달할 수 있는 기술이 존재합니다. 그러나공간이제한되었기 때문에, 새로운 메모리가 점진적으로 오래된 메모리를 덮어씁니다. 인간 메모리에서 정서가 서서히 사라지는것을방지하기 위해, 로봇은 정서를 음악으로 전환하고 이를 Cytus라고 부르는 장소에 저장하는 데 의지하고 있습니다.로봇은이러한 곡을 사용하여 각각에 영혼이 존재하는 인간 정서와 꿈을 경험합니다...Cytus────────────────────── Cytus 공식 사이트:http://www.rayark.com/g/cytusRayark 공식 사이트: http://www.rayark.comFollow Cytushttps://twitter.com/CytusRayark LikeCytushttp://www.facebook.com/rayark.Cytus ──────────────────────