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Rapunzl: Learn, Invest & Win With Simulated Stocks 2.3.9
Tired of feeling lost with the stock market? Join Rapunzl - theFREEinvesting community to earn prizes & learn to invest!TheRapunzl app is an award-winning platform that helps you earnwhileyou trade simulated stocks with real-time prices. Build yourownstock portfolio & enter into fantasy stock competitionsforprizes, absolutely free! “We need more innovative solutionslikeRapunzl that makes investing and financial education moreengaging& accessible.” - Arne Duncan, Former US Secretary ofEducation.Discover your hidden investor potential & never riska dollarbecoming a Stock Guru! Follow your friends’ & family’sstockportfolios, add companies to your personalized watchlist,explorethe world of investing & finance and mimic top tradersin theRapunzl community. Rapunzl lets you imagine yourself as WallStreetinvestor royalty and take charge of your financial education.Learnthe art of investing & master the stock market. Perfectforbeginner investors, part-time day trading or full-timefinanceprofessionals! Absolutely FREE you can: - Buy, Sell &Short8,000+ stocks (crypto trading coming soon!) - Accessreal-timefinancial data, market data insights & business news -Learn toinvest with tutorials & beginner tools to build yourfirstportfolio - Discover top performing investors & unlockrewards- Win CASH PRIZES! Rapunzl allows you to become an investor&invest in simulated stocks with live prices &free,zero-commission trading. Download Rapunzl and join the social&collaborative investor community with zero risk. Accessanalystratings, earnings calendars & market news as you learnto trade& compete in fantasy competitions. RapunzlInvestmentstransforms the financial world. We bring the highreturns of WallStreet down to ordinary investors with freeinvesting & hugeupside! The stock market has never been moreaccessible. Now is theperfect time to develop better investingskills. Rapunzl has hostedstock competitions with $100,000+ inprizes so the only questionremaining… Think YOU have what it takes?Join a Rapunzl InvestingCompetition for free today! If you havequestions & need somehelp, email us at: [email protected] Or,check out our website:www.rapunzlinvestments.com DISCLAIMERS: Ifyou are under the age of13 you cannot use the Rapunzl app. If youare between the ages of13-17, you may not make in-app purchases onRapunzl & cannotredeem cash prizes or other rewards unlessspecifically stated.Remember: If you are a student who wants tolearn to invest now,create an account with your school-verifiedemail address to becomeeligible for scholarship prizes! Otherwise:You represent &warrant that you are at least 18 years of age.In locations wherethe minimum age for permissible use of theRapunzl App is greaterthan 18 years of age, you represent &warrant that you meet theage requirement for the minimum age forpermissible use of theRapunzl App. Even if you are over the age of18, if you are not alegal & valid US resident, you are noteligible to receive anyof the competition prizes offered on thefree Rapunzl app. Rapunzlcompetitions are not associated withApple, Google Play, or otherfinancial services firms or tradingapps including but not limitedto Invstr, StockTwits, Robinhood,Stash, Acorns & Betterment.Rapunzl is not a registeredinvestment advisor or broker-dealer.Rapunzl does not provideinvestment advice or solicit investmentsof any kind, including forstocks, bonds, futures, options &crypto currencies. No contentin the Rapunzl app should beconsidered a recommendation orsolicitation for the purchase orsale of investment products.Rapunzl hosts free stock tradingcompetitions with simulatedportfolios & license aggregatesentiment data generated on theapp. For more information on howRapunzl uses data in connectionwith affiliated entities orotherwise, please read our PrivacyPolicy at:www.rapunzlinvestments.com/legal/