Rappid Studios Apps

Spinny Corner Circle 1.0
It is not a simple Circle it is a CornerCircleand it's a super-fun matching game. Tap to twist the polygonto thecorrect color before the ball lands, or it's all over.Pop the spinny polygon!How high can your score get?Features:LeaderboardsMinimalistic GameplayRelaxing Sounds
Sky Rockets 1.3.1
The sky is enormous and your mission isimpossible, but the trip is the only thing that matters!Fly in the sky with your favorite rocket in a minimalistworld!Moving geometrical obstacles are everywhere! The only way to passthem is to boost your sky rocket!Don't smash your rocket! Last the longest and reach the top on theleader-boards!How to play:Just tap your screen to boost your rocket and pass theobstacles!
Crazy Twist Space 1.3.6
Crazy Twist Space!Do you like twist far away from the sky? Then this is the bestimpossible game for you!In this game you are trying to reach the glorious sun whilejumping on spinny qubes that twist in outer space! You have to bealert in order to last longer!Quickly twist your circle ball to hop to the next cube! Keep onspinning! Don't fall down!Don’t get dizzy from the twisting space! Try getting the highestscore you can!Pop the asteroids to unlock awesome balls!Compete with others on our leaderboards!What is the best score you can get? Find out now!
Zombie Road Tsunami 1.0
Zombie Road Tsunami!Battle between life and the undead in the definitive WalkingDead role-playing game!Ten mighty heroes will fight beside you against massive tsunamisof walking dead zombies!Zombie tsunamis are everywhere, you can run but you can't hide.Walkers and their Bosses will chase you, they want to eat yourbrain and you have to smash and fight against them for yoursurvival. Choose your hero and get ready for the greatest battle ofyour life.Smash them all!Features:AchievementsLeaderboardsDiamondsMultiple zombies - bossesMultiple heroesWeapons:Pistols (automatic and revolver)Dual pistols (automatic and revolver)ShotgunsBatCrowbarHammerHatchet
Skyscraper Stack 1.3.1
Skyscraper Stack is an awesome and addictivegame!Stack up the shapes to build the highest skyscraper the world haseven seen!Build the tallest stack tower in the world to create the highestskyscraper with a power of one-tap game-play!No special skills needed, all this game asks of you is an attentivemind and fast fingers!
Running Shoes Challenge 1.1
Running Shoes Challenge is a platform,adventure and addictive game.Triple jump, run, land on the wright spot and try not to fallinto the void ! How far can you go ?Pop the gems to unlock awesome shoes!Are you hungry for the best challenge in this risky world? Hereyou go.Don't know how to play?Simple tap the screen to make the running shoes triple jump andavoid the spinny spikes !
Risky Cube Road 1.0
Risky Cube Road is an amazing gamethateveryone should play!Keep it calm but move quickly or you will pop like the riskyroadyou are standing on!Twist jump and keep on running!Be aware of the spinny spikes on the rolling sky!Pop the gems to unlock awesome players!Get ready for the most exciting adventure of your life!Don’t know how to play?Tap and hold your finger anywhere on the screen, when youfindthe correct spot release your finger to make your cube jumpandpass above the dangerous spikes!
Round Color Mill 1.2.1b
Round Color Mill !!!A ball is falling down!Quickly tap the screen to twist the round color mill!Put the ball on the correct color!Don't make your ball fall on the wrong color!Switch the colors to match the color of the falling ball!Concentrate and make the highest score of all other players!Two modes included:- Single mode:You have to twist one mill and put the ball at the correctcolor!- Double mode:You have to twist two mills and put the ball at the correctcolor!
Slide.io slither snakes 1.1.2
Slide.io slither snakes!You start as a tiny snake and you grow bigger as you slither tofarm the luminous dots.The goal is to become the largest snake and slither around theroom! To defeat other snakes, no matter their size, you need tomake them touch you!Try not to die and become the biggest worm the world has everseen!How to play?Use the joystick to slither and the boost button to run faster!Crawl, slither and try to circle other worms!Features:- Amazing graphics and effects.- No Lag. Smooth game-play.- Many awesome skins.- Internet connection is not needed, play offline or online.- Joystick controls for the best user experience.
Six Tower! 1.0
Six Tower!In this clever game you have a 3D hexagonal object with edgesumof sixty six! Like a hexagon in 3D space!You are playing on a beautiful 3D world where you have to rotatethetower and find the right blocks to pop.The amount of different blocks is six! And every block hassixdifferent sizes! Tap them all!As you pop the block, you gain points and your sphere fallsdownslowly.Try to be clever and pop as many blocks as you can and at thesametime keep the sphere on the tower, if the sphere fall off thetoweris is Game - Over !Do you think you can handle it? Why wait? Try engaging now!Features included:- Awesome graphics!- Six different skins to unlock, more to come!- Amazing game-play both swipe and button handlers for betteruserexperience!
Rolling Geometry 1.2.2
Rolling Geometry is a fun and addictive game!The ground is falling, rolling obstacles are trying to pushyouoff the edge and make you explode!Move fast, think quickly and try to last as long as you can!Always be aware of the spikes!With over 6 different geometry worlds and 50 dangerousobstaclesthis will be a trial that you will remember!Collect gems to unlock awesome spheres!Try it out!Don’t know how to play?Simple tap and drag your finger to move!
Cannons War 1.4
The most accurate io tank war simulator!You start with a small tank and you grow stronger as youlevelup.Try to improve your skills and try not to die.Drive around and farm to gain experience and level up! Upgradeyourtank based on the strategy you choose.Kill your opponents or get killed!Move and search for the weak opponents and you will ownthebattle!Do you need a fast game with totally awesome battles? Thenthisis the game for you! Try it out!Features:- Many different kinds of tanks, more to come.- No need to be online.- No Lag. Smooth gameplay for any devices.
Bottle 3D Flip 1.2.3
The water bottle flip challenge is onasimulated 3D world!Would you like to play this challenge on a 3D - highqualityworld? Then this is the best game for you!Drag and drop to give velocity and torque to your container.Thehigher you drag the most velocity you gain and the fasteryourrelease your finger the most momentum you apply to yourwaterbottle that causes more spinning!You have to calibrate your game-play and find the best amountofspeed and distance to land it perfectly!Keep in mind that every container has it's own weightandresistance to forces!Choose your favorite container, bottle flip it and try tolandcorrectly!The containers to choose are:- Six glass - plastic bottles!- One water bottle!- Two juices!- Two canes!- More to come!
Snakes Maze Challenge
Move and boost your snake around the mazetoeat every enemy worm!Easy controls included! Use the joystick to move your snake andtapanywhere to boost!You can eat the enemy worms if you touch them! Keep in mindthatevery worm you eat you become bigger and it is more difficulttoslither!Collect the gems to unlock awesome skins and slitherwithstyle!
Army Battle Simulator 1.3.30
The most accurate military battle simulation game ! Formyourstrategies, choose between vehicles, soldiers and flyingmilitarytroops and place them wisely on the battlefield ! You canplayagainst levels, custom and real-time multiplayer ! You cantotallyimprove your army, watch ragdoll effects and playmultiplayer mode,created just for you with advanced matchmakingalgorithms. With theimproved graphics and the enhanced intelligenceof the bots, youcan now experience ultimate battle simulations !Features in ArmyBattle Simulator: - Air and Ground units ! -Ragdoll and physicseffects ! - Advanced army placement ! - Armyupgrade up to threelevels, with awesome gear and stats improvements! - Advancedmultiplayer ranking system for better matchmaking andcustomleader-board ! - Well-made, improved graphics to make thebattlecooler that ever ! - Smarter troops to achieve the mostaccuratebattle simulation ! - Awesome sounds and music variety !
Epic Battle Simulator 2 1.5.50
Form your strategies, choose your troops and place them wiselyonthe battlefield! Play against levels, custom andreal-timemultiplayer! You can now totally improve your army, watchragdolleffects and play multiplayer mode, created just for youwithadvanced matchmaking algorithms. With the improved graphics andtheenhanced intelligence of the bots, you can now experienceultimatebattle simulations ! Features: - Ragdoll and physicseffects ! -Advanced army placement ! - Army upgrade up to threelevels, withawesome gear and stats improvements ! - Advancedmultiplayerranking system for better matchmaking and customleader-board ! -Well-made, improved graphics to make the battlecooler than ever !- Smarter troops to achieve the most accuratebattle simulation ! -Awesome sounds and music variety !
Epic Battle Simulator 1.8.40
Looking for the most epic battles in your life ? Then you foundwhatyou were looking for ! You can play against provided levels orbuildyour own test battle. For the level mode: Use the goldprovided ineach level to select your troops and accurately placethem on themap. Tap "GO" to start the battle simulator against theenemy'sarmy. For the test battle simulator mode: Place both yoursand theenemy's army. Proceed to the battlefield and watch thebattle as itis simulated! It is totally up to the best strategy towin! With themost accurate placement of your army you will get thebest results!Multiple troops are available to choose from and moreto come! It istotally up to you to build your army! Fighters withswords, shields,spears, hammers, bows, cannons, guns and more arewaiting for you tochoose! Don't wait, try it now!