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Unblock 3D Premium 1.0.24
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Is your brain ready for a challenge?Now’s your chance to test your puzzle-solving skillswithUnblock, a simple and addictive puzzle. An entertaininggameplaywith colorful graphics will keep your brain focused forhundreds ofhours as there are 2160 levels in total. The goal ineach level isto unblock a key item by sliding the others with aminimal numberof moves.Here are the main features in Unblock that makes this aperfectchoice for puzzle lovers (and not only):◆ Logical puzzle-solving gameplay. In Unblock the goalisto unlock the key block by sliding the other blocks in as fewmovesas possible. The gameplay is 100% logic-based so useyourpuzzle-solving skills to advance.◆ 2160 Levels. There are 2160 levels in total thatincreasein complexity as you progress. You get stars based on howmanymoves you used to solve a level and each can be re-playedtoachieve perfection. Hundreds of hours of fun!◆ Hints and Undos. If you get stuck you can use a hinttohave the blocks magically reveal the solution. There’s also asmartundo that lets you cancel all moves back to the first oneandultimately even restarting the level.◆ Achievements & Leaderboards. Connect with yourGooglePlay Services account to unlock achievements and access thesocialor worldwide leaderboards. Show off your puzzle-solvingskills!With a logical gameplay, unobtrusive music and greatgraphics,Unblock is that one game you can enjoy while polishingyourpuzzle-solving skills. The game is absolutely free.▶ Our site: http://radle.net/unblock-sliding-blocks-puzzle/▶ Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/b/102612150798466415923/102612150798466415923▶ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unblock-3D-1553668448295081/I am always excited to hear from you so if you have any feedbackonhow I can make Unblock the best sliding blocks puzzle gamepleasesend me an email!
Unblock 3D Puzzle 1.1.92
Radle Games
Get ready for a new challenge! Test your puzzle-solving skills withUnblock 3D; a new, simple and addictive sliding block puzzle game.It's an easy-to-play game with realistic 3D graphics. Exercise yourbrain muscle and help gain focus. It will keep you entertained forhours. ◆ Logical puzzles. Solve logical puzzles. Unblock the masterblock by sliding other smaller blocks. ◆ 3000+ challenging levels.There are more than 3000 levels for you to solve. Enjoy hundreds ofhours of fun in this non-stop puzzle block game. ◆ Easy Normal HardChoose difficulty level. Each difficulty has more than 700 uniquepuzzles to solve. ◆ Smooth Controls Enjoy smooth game-play withfluid intuitive controls and simplistic interface. Sit back andrelax. ◆ Train your brain Improve your brain functions andcognitive capabilities by solving puzzles in this classic slidingblock games. ◆ Hints and Undos. If you get stuck on a certainlevel, you can use hints to instantly solve complicated puzzles.Earn free hints as you progress in the game. ◆ Achievements &Leader-boards. Show off your problem solving skills and become thehighest achiever by unlocking achievement and moving up the leaderboard. ◆ Realistic 3D graphics. Play the game on a wooden tableswith wooden and marble blocks Train your brain to solve complexlogical puzzles and become a zen master. Earn more stars by solvingthe puzzles in lesser moves. Improve you brain functions andcognitive abilities
Unblock Puzzle: Slide Blocks 3.0.5032
Radle Games
Exercise your brain in this casual puzzle game. Get rid of boredomand stress. Challenge your mind in this basic logic game. Features:◆A huge collection of hand-crafted levels. ◆Puzzles to exerciseyour brain. ◆Offline game with smooth controls and smartchallenges. ◆Raise your IQ level (intelligence) and become smartereveryday. ◆Variety of 3D themes including wood, gems, marbles andmetal block. ◆ Spend your time and relieve anxiety ◆Good foradults. Improve your focus and concentration. Use your mind tosolve logic puzzles. Improve your cognitive abilities in thisunblock puzzle game. A brain teaser that will improve your problemsolving skills and memory. Slide blocks, unblock the path andimprove your logic skills. Solve puzzles and enhance yourconcentration. Easy yet challenging puzzles. Keep your brain activein this offline escape room style puzzle game. A free mentalexercise to boost your reasoning skills. Test your brain limits andenhance your IQ. This game is the remastered version of Unblock 3DPuzzle.
Unblock Car Parking Jam Game 1.0.1010
Radle Games
Move the car out of the parking lot and solve the traffic jam.Train your brain!