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THEFT Inc. Stealth Thief Game 1.1.1
Are you ready to join a worldwide crime syndicate? The ultimatestealth game!
Jurassic VR+: Island & Museum
Jurassic VR is back – Bigger and better!With over 3 million downloads Jurassic VR has been a VirtualReality sensation. Now get the all new Jurassic VR 2 with a ton ofnew features and dinosaurs for your to experience.Jurassic VR 2 – Dinosaur Game offers many cool new featuresmaking it among the best VR experiences today. Here are just someof the awesome features:– Fly a Dinosaur (Pterosaurs)– Ride (joyride) a Dinosaur– Huge dinosaur island to explore– Visit the prehistoric museum– Many dinos such as Tyrannosaurus(T-Rex), Diplodocus,Pentaceratops, and many more– Dinosaur simulator allow up-and-close live interaction– Supports VR Google Cardboard and touch non-VR playDownload this free VR game and travel back in time to theprehistoric times where you can roam the earth observing dinosaursin a full 360 VR experience. Jump on the back of a Pterosaursflying dinosaur and see how it is to fly such a huge creature; orhop on the back for a joyride on a Raptor and see how they livedtheir daily live. You'll learn they are excellent hoppers, fleeingfrom predators with swift and flexible jumps! Watch out as youmight run into a T-Rex along the way!Huge IslandEnjoy the craft we put into making a huge 3d modeled island thatbrings the dinosaurs to life. Rocky mountains, steep valleys andhand crafted arc shaped mountain edges are just some of the wondersyou'll experience on the dino island. Here you can ride a dinosauror sit on the back of a flying dinosaur for a birds eye view of theisland.Want to inspect a dino up close? Take a trip to the museum whereyou have 5 halls filled with dinosaurs and a cool 360 videosimulator that allows you to inspect interactive dino's up close. Abit to scared to fly a dino then the simulation mode is anexcellent way for players to ease into the prehistoric world. Thejurassic simulation mode is like a walk in the park (without thetrees) where you get up and close with more that 3 dinosaurs.If you like VR apps and dinosaur games this free VRgame is a must download.
VR Thrills Roller Coaster Game 2.2.1
The ultimate VR Roller Coaster experience. Virtual Reality Rides& Track Builder
VR Music Visualizer 360
Relax and experience your Music in VirtualReality (VR)!Step into the musical roller coaster of a lifetime as you groove tothe music in a whole new visualized way!This VR app is made for Google Cardboard compatible headsets.Latest compatibility list at the bottom of the description.New: check out our pixel perfect user interface (UI).Sit back and relax while you play your favorite music channel andare treated to a fully visual experience on the rhythm of yourmusic. We included various cool visuals that will bring a whole newdimension to your music listening experience. Some are awesomefractal based animations and others are interactive beat detectorvisualizers that will make you feel your music like neverbefore.This VR app is also great as a party game allowing your totake turns while you dance with your VR headset on. Tips on usingthe app as party game:- For safety make sure someone without a headset is watching youdance while goggle strapped;- Try dancing synchronize like a cheerleader - great fun if youorganize a dance off with 2 or more squads of people;- Do a karaoke competition while dancing to the VR experience. Singalong with the music and see who is the best singer;- Make videos of the dancing to relive the fun experience nextday.Let the party championship begin and lets see who is the true VRdance master!Musically speaking you are going to love this VR app as it ispacked with ready to run streaming radio stations for your VR MusicVisualizer to start visualizing straight upon download. The greatvantage of the current stations is you simply click and connect toa huge endless stream of music. We are working on a downloaderfeature and the option to play your own music (mp3) files as well.Please stay tuned as we have awesome updates on the calendar.Dive into the musical vortex and bring emotion to your music. Withour broad range of cloud based music you'll never get bored of thesame old song, but with these live radio stations and live mixtapesthe music will catch you at every visit. It's more than music asour app brings the reality of audiovisual interaction to any songor audio you listen. So what ever your genre or musical preferencelet VR Music Visualizer 360 be your hero and deliver you freshdaily music with just that extra emotional audio visualization thatyou've been waiting for!Let us know what genre you would like to see included in this VRapp. Any rock band you favor or just a type of music station you'dlike to see added? Let is know and we'll try to get it included inthe next update.Go beyond watching music video clips and totally get into the musicgroove as you truly feel the music - the VR music experience startshere!*) CompatibilityNow officially released for Google Daydream! This VR app isdesigned for Android mobile phones using Google Cardboard orDaydream. Tested compatibility includes: Daydream viewer +controller, Fove 0, VR View-Master DLX, Durovis Dive, Merge VR,Refugio 3D, FIBRUM VR, ANTVR, VR Smartview, ColorCross, Carl ZeissVR One GX, Homido (V2) center, Nibiru, Xiaomi Mi, FreeFly, VRTXOne, Stooksy, Tepoinn 3D, VR KiX, VRTRIA.By installing this app you agree to the following Privacy Policy.
VR Temple Roller Coaster 1.8.1
Get the ultimate 360 VR RollerCoaster experience running throughancient temples
VR Abyss: Sharks & Sea Worlds 1.4.1
Shark Attacks, Sinking Ships, and the Coral Reef all in one amazing360 VR app!
VR Racer: Highway Traffic 360 1.3.2
Virtual Reality (VR) Racer: Get the thrill of racing real trafficat high speed!
VR Flight: Airplane Pilot Simulator (Cardboard)
Virtual Reality (VR) Flight gives you the real feeling of flying anairplane. Ready to be a professional pilot? Jump into the world ofVR Flight and take to the skies as you fly your plane above a densepopulated city environment. Although many forms of non-motorizedaerosports like skydiving, hang gliding or a even wingsuit divingcan bring exhilarating thrills, the feeling of controlling a largepiece of flying metal in the skies is something that givestremendous empowerment. The combination of virtual reality, pixelperfect graphics and a realistic (yet easy) flight sim model givesyou this true sensation. Are you the next hero in the skies?Controls The controls are easy and intuitive and work on phoneswith or without a gyroscope. To turn left/right tilt your head inthat direction. You'll feel the plane bank accordingly. To divedown tilt your head downwards and you'll start dropping altitudeand flying towards the ground. To climb tilt upward and you'llstart gaining altitude. Take some time to practice and you'll soonmaster the skies like a true pro. Sit back and enjoy the view -Passenger (demo) flight Just want to relax and enjoy the experienceand view? No worries you can select Passenger Flight from the mainmenu and a professional pilot will tour you around the city and youcan relax and view the sites in gorgeous 360 VR. Large Map The cityenvironment beneath you is crafted in great details with awesomespecial effects such as the blue reflection of the skyscraperwindows. The light red haze in the distance as the morning breaksand the morning fog all make the city feel realistic. The flyingarea is a huge (infinite) flight map allowing you to freely roamthe skies without flight plan. Choose your flight path, but alwaysbe aware of your surroundings and be aware of you flight controlsand horizon. In free flight mode you can to what you want, how youwant. Prefer an air race type flying style with aerobatic flightmaneuvers, or do you like gently gliding the skies like an angel?This sim lets you experience real flight. Overcome your fear Do youhave fear of flying? Take the bull by the horns and start flying aplane now. This is a gentle way to experience flight and overcomeyour fear of flying. Send your ideas Please leave a review with anycomments or ideas; we're planning great updates featuring newplanes, locations and missions. We look forward to hear from youand who knows, maybe your suggestions will be in the next update.________________________________ Find more on your VR Discovery andjoin us on social media: - Like us on Facebook - View our videos onYouTube - Follow us on Twitter
Aqua Thrills: Water Slide Park 1.1.1
Race the water slide and become the aquapark champion. Smashingrivals allowed!
Roller Coaster Builder 2.3.0
Build your own RollerCoaster metaverse! Share and compete withother creators.
Agent #9 - Stealth Game 1.5.8
Welcome to the agency agent #9. You are our new recruit! Are youready?
Jurassic VR Dinos on Cardboard 2.3.0
Dinosaurs in virtual reality. Escape T-Rex or take a dino joyride?
Demolition Derby: Crash Racing 1.9.4
How long can you survive the competition? Muscle cars, lowriders,smash 'm all!
School Bus Demolition Derby 1.1.9
Will you become the ultimate Demolition Derby champion?
Demolition Derby Multiplayer 1.4.6
Online & offline Car Crashing fun! Real-time multiplayer orOffline crash racing
Rocket Soccer Derby 1.2.2
Online & Offline Multiplayer Car Soccer. Also supports singleplayer game modes.
Haunted Rooms 3D - VR Escape 2.2.7
Do you have nerves of steel? This horror thriller game will haveyou hooked!
Wildlife Survival 1.1.4
Survival is touch! Can you survive the most dangerous animalencounters?
VR Aqua Thrills 1.0.1
Virtual Reality (VR) Water Slide action game - The ultimate waterpark simulator
VR Flight: Airplane Simulator
Are you ready to become a Pilot? Experience flight in full 360Virtual Reality!
Sell Stuff - Get Rich Game 3D 1.2.0
Can you sell anything? Try and sell funny products to crazy people.
Job Simulator Game 3D 1.1.10
How long before you get fired? This is not just another day at theoffice!
‎Heaven or Hell? You be God 1.2.0
Play God! The God simulator that gives you the ultimate power.Choose wisely!
Pilot Life - Flight Game 3D 1.2.1
Are you ready to become a Pilot? Feel how it is to live thecaptain's lifestyle.
Moto Stunt Master 3D
Are you a stunt master? Take your bike to the extreme and showyourskills!