Kids Preschool Learning & Quiz 2.9
"Kids Fun Learn" - The app name says it all to explain the app!This educational app is explicitly designed for educationalpurposes with lots of fun baked in to keep children learning. Thisapp contains many types of educational items and kids really loveit. It has amazing graphics for each category, including; •Alphabets • Domestic Animals • Wild Animals • Sea Animals • Birds •Numbers • Flowers • Nursery Rhymes • Shapes • Colors •Transportations • Camping • Daily Routine • Insects • Living Room •Weather • School Objects • Sports • People at work • Vehicles •Professions • Planets • Vegetables • Weekdays • Months Your childcan watch amazing images of Alphabets, Animals, Birds, Flowers andmany more. This app is very easy to use for children. Just open theAlphabet category and start watching images and listen to the soundto reinforce the learning. The animated photos and sounds attractkids to learn based on their interest. This app helps them toimprove their basic knowledge with fun and they enjoy rhymes. Withthis app, kids quickly learn things fast and easy with lots of fun.Each category has many photos for lots of fun learning! It providesfun based learning with play as it offers valuable opportunitiesthat may contribute to their learning. Because as perceived, kidstend to learn and memorise the stuffs that are visibly attractiveand fascinating to them & tend to associate the most. Kidslearning through this app is merely simple and easy forunderstanding. It’s also fun learning with numbers which they cansee , feel , play and associate. it’s a high opportunities toparents which can make use of this app for toddler development andgrowth. Basics about the alphabet, number, and colour as it willhelp the children to identify them and shall create utility valuefor the same. Check out these interactive quiz for kids. Enjoy arange of fun category tests that cover everything. It will trainbrain of your kids with these cool exercises. Take our fun Alphabetquiz and test your kids knowledge of the Alphabet kingdom. There ismany more quiz like Fruits, Vegetables, Colours, Numbers, Flowers,Shapes, Sports and many more. Do experience this app and be part ofthe fun learning play of your child first stage!!
Card Matching Game 2.0
Card Matching Game is memory game, which help develop memoryskills. Matching game develops recognition, concentration and motorskills. Features of app: - Four different levels of game play:Beginner, Easy, Medium and Hard. - Single Player and Two Playermode. - Matching games have 2 different themes - Natural theme andChristmas theme - Colorful HD graphic designed for app - Matchinggame has high score and Game Center integrated - Vibrant, beautifuland colorful recognisably images of Christmas, Animals, Fruits andBirds. - It helps to recognise and teach different images. -Matching game is designed and structured according to mentalityDon't forget to submit your score in Game Center and challenge yourfriends. If you like the app please rate us on app store.
ABC Workbook 1.0
ABC Workbook App is for learning to trace Line, Alphabets,Numbersand Small Alphabets. It's very easily with funny soundandinteractive graphics. Features: - Line Tracing (Standingline,Sleeping line, Slanting line) - Uppercase and lowercaseletters totrace, listen to. - Numbers letters to trace, listen to.- Justpure educational fun! Benefit: - Free preschool line,alphabet,number learning toddler game. - Awesome phonics soundsofalphabets. - Kids will learn English pronunciation from A to Z.-Simple and easy way to learn A to Z alphabets. - Kids ABCLearningand Writing game help your toddler learn the alphabet quickandwith amazing sound quality. - A colourful early educationalschoolthat helps children learn the English ABC. This app does nottestfor accuracy, as it will help teach kids with repetition andfreeflow letter tracing activities. Learning the basic skills suchasthe alphabet by tracing the letters of the alphabet will helpkidsbe better spellers and better readers. Happy Parenting !!
Math Game - Test Your Maths Skills for Beginners 1.1
Kids Maths Game – it is not only the unique, exciting game forkidsbut also very educational, funny and challenging . Childrencaneasily learn the numbers and counting never was so much fun !Worksperfectly for kids of 5 and up. After playing this free mathgamefor kids, your children definitely will calculate faster.KidsMaths Game is a set of daily brain training exercises andmathdrills designed to enhance mental arithmetic. Keep yourmindhealthy, test your mental math and exercise your brain once aday.Improve your grades at school and master that kids math test!Testyour brain and solve mathematics quiz. Test your brain, raiseyourIQ and solve mathematics quiz. Try to get the highestpossiblescore and then improve your score! Compete with friendswho’s thebest math kid in class! Help your child make progress inschoolmath. We give you an app about math kids will love! You won’tbeable to stop playing this game. Kids Maths Game is aneducationalgame for everyone!
Word Search 2.0
Best Word Search game on Playstore. - Play withautomaticallygenerated grids for word search. - There is multiplecategory whichyou love to play in word search app. - There isdifferent level forall ages in word search app. - Super visualanimations when youfind a word. - Try to get all the Stars andEnjoy. There is threedifferent Level in Word Search. - Easy -Medium - Hard It issuitable for both adults and children, resultingin an educationaland enriching experience as you play. It hasdifferent levels ofdifficulty, making it perfect for anyone who ison the lookout forwords on a board.
Math Workout - Brain Exercise 1.2
Maths Workout – Keep your mind healthy, test your mental mathandexercise your brain once a day. it is not only the unique,excitinggame but also very educational, funny and challenging .MathWorkout Game is a set of daily brain training exercises andmathdrills designed to enhance mental arithmetic. Keep yourmindhealthy, test your mental math and exercise your brain once aday.Maths Workout is an educational game for everyone! 
 Braingames isbased on principles of cognitive psychology to help youpracticedifferent mental skill: memory, attention, speed,reaction,concentration, logic and more. Test your brain andsolvemathematics quiz. Test your brain, raise your IQ andsolvemathematics quiz. Try to get the highest possible score andthenimprove your score! Compete with friends who’s the best inmaths!Help you make progress in math. We give you an app about mathwilllove! You won’t be able to stop playing this game.
Guess The Shape 1.0
A very engaging, exciting and entertaining game. Guess theshape:Quiz game! Guess The Shape is all about the shapes and is aperfectgame for your mind. So Guess The Shape and give your brainsomeexercise. Guess the object by it's black shapes. It could beananimal, a fruit, a vegetable and many more. Interesting imageishidden behind the shape, and you has to click on the rightanswerto guess what the image represents. This quiz game developsmentalskills.
Match It - Matching Game 2.4
Match it is a fun educational game. This app has been developed toimprove Visual Spatial Skills, Problem Solving Skills, CognitiveSkills and confidence through activities such as identifyingpictures, words, letters of the alphabet, colours, animals, vehiclenames and much more. Match it uses colourful designs, pictures andsounds to make it fun and interactive. On this app, you can playmatching games involving colours, shapes, animals etc. and withtouch and trace, it's simple and easy to use! its all there and itsfun to do with beautiful images. After completing all the matches,the child receives star ratings, applause and awards for certainachievements. How to play: Just draw line between two images andthe correct match will be connected with the line. AppFeatures:  • A simple and easy to understand game. • Listen tothe words by clicking object • Images keep changing to extend thelearning and keep the child interested. • Interactive designs andsounds to make playing fun! • Rewards achievements the more timesyou play • Receive a ‘Star’ after a level has been completed •Really helpful for learning Alphabets, Animals, Birds,Flowers, Shapes, Colours, Vehicles, Fruits, Vegetables Doexperience this app and be part of the fun learning play of yourchild first stage!!
Tile Puzzle 1.0
It looks simple but hard to solve. It will be really fun tosolvethe puzzle. You need to think hard to solve the problem.It'sreally fun to challenge your friends with game centre.
Save Location GPS 7.0
Save Location GPS - The app name says it all! This is yourPersonalLocation Assistant. Save your favorite places. Never forgetwhereyou parked the car. Share important locations with yourfriends orcolleagues.  ★ Features of Save Location GPS ★ ◇Save &Share Location Save your current location with just oneclick withaccuracy.  ◇ Online/Offline Support App will workwith andwithout internet. You can save new location withoutinternet. (GPSwill take time to locate without internet) ◇ SaveLocation DetailAlso saves important details like Latitude,Longitude, Title,Address, and Photos to mark any location. ◇ SaveLocation EditsEasily edit your saved locations, or remove unwantedlocations. ◇Group your Locations Have some favoriterestaurants or hikingspots? Group them together for futurereference. ◇ Different MapTypes You can see maps in Roadmap,Satellite, Hybrid and Terrainviews. ◇ Favorite Locations Addlocations to Favorites toalways remember your favorite places.Access it quickly fromfavourite screen. ◇ Navigate to LocationsNavigate with ease andfind the quickest route to all yourdestinations with Save LocationApp. ◇ Login and Sync LocationsLogin and access your favoritelocations on any device.  ◇Export and Import Locations Easilyexport all the location data intoa CSV file so you can easily makeuse of that data. Want to map outa group of locations to sharewith a work team? This feature isperfect for you. ◇Support/Feedback/Feature request We love to hearfrom you! In-appmessage us any issues or feedback. Have a newFeature idea? Wewould love to hear and we will for our best toserve you. Hereis some use cases : ◇ Visiting a new friend for thefirst time? TheSave Location App will quickly show and save thelocation detailswith exact accuracy so you can reference it laterfor your nextvisit! The app even stores the date so you rememberthe last timeyou saw Grandma! ◇ Find the best restaurant in townand want toremember to bring your loved ones? Save the location inthe app andeven share it with your friends so they know where tofindyou.  ◇ All location data can be saved in the appforreference from other devices, all with security to ensure onlyyouand people you want to see your location data can accessit. ◇ This app is perfect for adventurers, businesspeople, teamleaders and those who socialise with family andfriend Just imagine all the places you've been and thought howyouwould like to share with others. This is your chance. SaveLocation GPS is now also availableoniOS: http://apple.co/2ADB0X8
GIF to Video 2.1
This App is to convert Gif file to Video. Using this you canconvertany GIF file to Mp4 file. GIF to Video is easy to use andfree appto convert GIF to video. Feature: - Easily convert GIF toMp4 Video.- You can share these video's to social network likeFacebook, Gmailetc. - Save video to Gallery. How to USE? - SelectGIF from yourgallery. - Select covert option. - Click on “Save”Button to save itinto gallery. - Easily Share your convertedVideo.
Route Recorder 1.6
Route Recorder keeps track of your route while you go around.RouteRecorder can be very helpful for outdoor activities likehiking,bicycle, touring, boating, skiing, climbing or sheer drivingfun,it can also be used for business. Important features of app :-Save driving routes and access whenever you need. - Sharerouteinstructions to your friends and help them on the way. -Getdirection towards your target places.