Kids Preschool Learning & Quiz 2.9
Play And Learn - Alphabets, Animals, Birds, Numbers, Flowers,Nursery Rhymes
Card Matching Game 2.1
Matching Game is memory game, It help develop memory skills.
ABC Workbook 1.0
ABC Workbook App is for learning to trace Line, Alphabets,Numbersand Small Alphabets. It's very easily with funny soundandinteractive graphics. Features: - Line Tracing (Standingline,Sleeping line, Slanting line) - Uppercase and lowercaseletters totrace, listen to. - Numbers letters to trace, listen to.- Justpure educational fun! Benefit: - Free preschool line,alphabet,number learning toddler game. - Awesome phonics soundsofalphabets. - Kids will learn English pronunciation from A to Z.-Simple and easy way to learn A to Z alphabets. - Kids ABCLearningand Writing game help your toddler learn the alphabet quickandwith amazing sound quality. - A colourful early educationalschoolthat helps children learn the English ABC. This app does nottestfor accuracy, as it will help teach kids with repetition andfreeflow letter tracing activities. Learning the basic skills suchasthe alphabet by tracing the letters of the alphabet will helpkidsbe better spellers and better readers. Happy Parenting !!
Math Game - Test Your Maths Skills for Beginners 1.1
Kids Maths Game – it is not only the unique, exciting game forkidsbut also very educational, funny and challenging . Childrencaneasily learn the numbers and counting never was so much fun !Worksperfectly for kids of 5 and up. After playing this free mathgamefor kids, your children definitely will calculate faster.KidsMaths Game is a set of daily brain training exercises andmathdrills designed to enhance mental arithmetic. Keep yourmindhealthy, test your mental math and exercise your brain once aday.Improve your grades at school and master that kids math test!Testyour brain and solve mathematics quiz. Test your brain, raiseyourIQ and solve mathematics quiz. Try to get the highestpossiblescore and then improve your score! Compete with friendswho’s thebest math kid in class! Help your child make progress inschoolmath. We give you an app about math kids will love! You won’tbeable to stop playing this game. Kids Maths Game is aneducationalgame for everyone!
Math Workout - Brain Exercise 1.2
Math Workout – Keep your mind healthy, test your mental math, dobrain exercise
Guess The Shape 1.0
A very engaging, exciting and entertaining game. Guess theshape:Quiz game! Guess The Shape is all about the shapes and is aperfectgame for your mind. So Guess The Shape and give your brainsomeexercise. Guess the object by it's black shapes. It could beananimal, a fruit, a vegetable and many more. Interesting imageishidden behind the shape, and you has to click on the rightanswerto guess what the image represents. This quiz game developsmentalskills.
Match It - Matching Game 2.5
Match it is a fun educational game to match alphabet, colours,animals and more.
Save Location GPS 8.2
This App lets you save your current location, share it with friendsand navigate
GIF to Video 2.6
Convert Gif file to Video file.
Route Recorder 2.3
Route Recorder keeps track of your route while you go around.
Puzzle Game Jigsaw 2.0
Puzzle game including Alphabets, Fruits, Vegetables, Transport,Animals etc.
Coloring Book Kids 1.1
Coloring Book Kids - The Best Painting, Coloring Book Game for KidsEver!
Selfie Prank 1.0
Use this app to do selfie prank with family and friends!
Mute Video 1.2
App is to Mute the Video. Using this you can mute the volume ofvideo.
Age Calculator and Manager 1.8
The Age Calculator helps you to calculate and manage the Ageofanything.
Team To Do 1.0
Team To Do app allow user to create boards and assign tasktomembers.
Video Compressor 1.2
It is a great & easy to use app, only need to select thevideoand target size!