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Cars and Vehicles Puzzles for Toddlers 4.1
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This new Vehicle jigsaw puzzle adds more variety to their alreadyvast collection of online kids puzzles. So far the statistics haveproven this new puzzle to be a favorite by kids with its brightcolors, fun shapes and catching patterns. LET'S DRIVE YOUR PATHTOGETHER. Vehicles Puzzle for Kids has a vibrant collection of funand free puzzles that are intuitive, friendly and easy to learn.For our little ones these puzzles are challenging and a greatsource of entertainment. The key to complete each vehicle puzzleconsist of properly learning how to use the computer mouse bymastering the sequence click-drag and drop. This feature isimportant since it demands coordination and helps children improvetheir fine motor skills. Puzzles like Vehicles Puzzles For Toddlershelp by giving kids a head start on the understanding of the notionof shapes and pattern recognition which is a requirement in theeducational curriculum of preschoolers. This new Vehicles puzzlefor Toddlers offers 34 different vehicles "Wheels" that are splitup into 5 pieces. The pieces are scattered over a natural wood-likebackground. The outline of the shape is filled out in a gray colorto help children recognize the shape to be formed. Then, childrenwill need to click the correct puzzle piece, drag it to its rightposition and drop it. If the position is correct a chime willconfirm the right position with a sound that’s only performed whenthe piece matches its right place. It’s widely known that throughplay kids learn best. This particular vehicles puzzle providesendless fun for our little ones while building their confidence,training them on the use of the mouse which helps with hand eyecoordination and supports the notion of shapes, square, circle,rectangle and how together they form bigger shapes. With 34different options Wheels online free puzzle for kids is a must forall families with little ones! New Spelling: 30 First words tolearn reading and spelling.
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