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JobOpenings.ph 2.1
Be updated on the latest jobs in the Philippines anytime, anywherewith the new JobOpenings Mobile Application! Download JobOpeningsApp now for Free and get these benefits!
POEA Mobile 0.0.2
POEA Mobile is an anti-illegal recruitmenttool that can be used to verify a recruitment agency's licensevalidity to recruit and deploy Filipinos for employment abroad. ThePOEA Mobile app can also be used to check if the job advertised byrecruitment agencies already have job orders.The POEA Mobile app is developed by WorkAbroad.ph for thePhilippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).Features:Search POEA-accredited Philippine Agencies and their currentstatus.Check Agency Job Orders.Anti-Illegal Recruitment Information.
Klinika - Clinic and Patient Management App 2.0.1
Klinika is a medical clinic management system that enablesdoctorsto access patient information from different platformsandlocations. Klinika is designed for both Single PracticeandMulti-Doctors clinics. It works well on phones or tablets. Italsohas a new design for easy navigation and use. KlinikaFeaturesPatient Documentation Manage patient profiles that includenot onlytheir personal information but also their medical history,labrecords, medical images, treatment documents and diagnosis.Monitorand update their profile with the simple medical clinicpatientrecord system. Clinic Schedule Management Hassle-freepatient queuemanagement for your doctors using an organized clinicscheduler.Send SMS or email reminders to patients for theirappointment aswell as notifications for the doctors on their dailyschedule.Medical Notes Monitor your patient’s medical historylikediagnosis, treatments and operation by reviewing medicalrecords intheir profiles. Medical Images Save important medicalimages likex-rays, CT-SCAN or MRI, among others, on the patientprofile so youdon’t need to dig into files of records for thousandsof patients.Call, SMS or Email Communication Call, send SMS oremail tocommunicate with your patient - reminder of appointmentschedule,birthday wishes, and other messages that need to beconveyed rightaway. E-Prescription Plan Create, print and emailmedicalprescriptions to your patient in an instant. Payment MethodandTerms Incorporate the most convenient payment method and termsforboth the doctor and patient. Keep records to track cash, cardorinstallment payment generated. Multiple User Doesn’t onlyallowmultiple clinics or doctors, but you can also give yoursecretaryrole-based access to your medical clinic managementsystem.Financial Report Generate different income and expensereports foryour clinic and doctors to monitor revenue. Data SyncingandAccessibility Update and sync patient records to access themonyour computer, tablet or mobile phones anytime, anywhere.Backupand Restore Safe and secure database because you can backupandrestore your patient data from the medical app.Visitwww.klinika.ph for the web version.
Renaissance Training Center 2.0.0
We envision to lead in the resurgence of maritime trainingefficiency
My Dental Clinic 7.2.0
My Dental Clinic helps dentist manage their patients and clinic.
IPAMS Mobile 4.1.5
IPAMS App is the fastest way to discover job opportunities, localand overseas.
MyResume Resume Creator 1.2.4
MyResume is a Resume Creator that allows you to encodeyourCurriculum Vitae once and view it as PDF for sharing toprospectiveemployers or to yourself. Features Include: - Edit yourdetailsonce only - Select from multiple CV formats - Tips inwriting yourCV - It's Free!