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Profile Selector Free 1.7
This application allows you to create anumberof profiles and set for each of them a particularconfiguration,consisting of a set of actions.By default, Profile Selector includes a set ofpreconfiguredprofiles. You can add as many profiles as you need.Each profilecan have a variable number of actions to configure.Among the mostcommon actions that can manage include:• Call volume• Volume of notifications• Alarm volume• Volume of multimedia• Volume of system sounds• Wifi• Bluetooth• Mobile Data• Automatic synchronization• Brightness
Adventure Boy in Wonder Island 1.6
A young adventurer shipwrecked on anuninhabited island (though not deserted). You must to consume foodto survive while searching for the way out of the island. To dothis, you must reach the other end of the island where there is aboat which it could be used.
Json Manager 0.7
Simple, powerful and Open Source json editor for Android licensedunder the GPLv3 license. we are currently trying to get a goodsolution for the outofmemory exception.https://github.com/rothariger/jsonmanager