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Solitaire TriPeaks Card Games 3.7.2
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Match 3 Jewel Blast 4.6
* * * The Best Match 3 Game with Diamonds & Gold! * * *•Instant reward for completing level; • Very easy game, youcanmaster the game very quickly; • 300+ levels, from simpletocomplex, just play again & again; • Bonus Spin forextraboosters and daily rewards; • Get free coins by passing alevel,only few ads; • Beautiful graphics. Glod, Diamonds, Coins,Dollars& Euro. Match 3 Jewel Blast is the brand-new free match3 gamefor adults and kids to leave you hooked, for sure. With notwolevels the same, you will always be eager to find out whatcomesnext. Are you a fan of match three free puzzle games? • Playthenew Jewel Mania game with coins. Each new level brings anewchallenge for you. • Completely free with few ads. • Pass alevelto earn coins. Match 3 Jewel Blast is not just a way to passthetime; it is a way to make the most fun of your spare time.Thisgame offers the same stress-busting approach as other popularmatch3 mania free games such as Coin Master, Candy Crush Saga,JewelQuest, Jewel Mania, Jewel Blast and Jewel Crush. The gameplaymaybe familiar yet; this extraordinary and colourful cartoongraphicswill ensure that you are as engaged as you are entertained!Usequick thinking problem solving to crack the puzzle and matchthreeor more gems and jewels in this new puzzle game. But Wait,There'smore! • Earn Coins, Gold & Diamonds for Free! This isone ofthe few free match 3 games for adults with coins to testyourattention, focus and speed. You will need to time yourmovessmartly, as you try to solve puzzles and fulfill the jewelmagicrequirements shown at the beginning of the level. • HundredsofThemed levels Take a winding journey through the mysteriousandexciting land that is the map of game as the world opens up toyouthrough each unlocked level. You will explore everywherefromDollar Lake to Piggy Bank Gardens before finishing your quest.•Each level is different. Growing difficulty With this jewelmagicgame you will never have to solve the same puzzle twice! Eachlevelhas its own unique setup. You need to come up with newstrategiesin order to win. • Good for kids and adults How to Playfree matchgames? The rules are simple! Each level will have jewelsin avariety of shapes and colors! The goal is to arrange and alignthemto form pairs of three equal and thus collapse matching. Youneedto be creative to win! • How far can you advance in this funandcolorful challenge? • Can you grab all jewels before theyexplode?Do you like new match 3 games for 2021? • Test your IQ! •Challengeyourself! When you enter this fun jewel quest, you willonly wantto keep playing to see what level you pass next! On theother hand,there is much more to match 3 games than just fun andaddictivegameplay. This mobile game also features daily rewards forallplayers. On top of that, we can send you out free coins,unlockhidden levels or boosters and give you extra lives. All thisisjust the tip of the iceberg! Be creative! With every level,thereis an objective to complete. The match game gameplay may besimple,but you will always find new challenges along the way. Tocompletelevels with a limited number of moves you need to bestrategic–especially with high levels where the difficultyincreases. Match 3Jewel Blast Mania can hook you for hours. Ourdevelopers have put alot of effort to create jewels mania match 3games for adults ‎toentertain you on a journey of precision. If youlike it, pleaseencouraging feedback and share it with your friendsand family. Ifyou have, any suggestions, ‎please let us know. Playnow.
Tripeaks Masters Solitaire 2.0.5
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