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Change4Life Sugar Smart 2.1.0
Download the Sugar Smart app now to seehowmuchtotal sugar is in your everyday food and drink.TheChange4Life SugarSmart app is designed to show quickly andeasilyhow much total sugaris in the things you’re buying, eatinganddrinking, to help you spotit more easily so you can makehealthierchoices and cut your sugarintake.The app includes over 87,000 popular food and drinkproductsandis based on the most extensive data available tous.We’recontinuously working to improve it and we’re adding moreandmoreproducts all the time.Without us realising it, we’re all eating and drinkingtoomuchsugar:• Children aged 4-6 years shouldn’t have more than 19gramsofadded sugar per day – that’s 5 cubes* • Children aged 7-10 years shouldn’t have more than 24 gramsofaddedsugar per day – that’s 6 cubes* • From 11 years and up, we shouldn’t have more than 30 gramsofaddedsugar per day – that’s 7 cubes*Let’s start scanning! Just scan the barcode and see howmuchtotalsugar it contains**For hints and tips to cut down on sugar, search Sugar Smart.*Based on 4 gram sugar cubes**The number of sugar cubes shown is based on total sugaringramsper pack/100g or ml/portion divided by 4 grams (the weightofone 4gram sugar cube). Images are a representation only.