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eQuoo: Emotional Fitness Game 3.4.8
What happens when a psychologist teams up with the creators of TheWalking Dead games? Introducing eQuoo, an EVIDENCE-BASED andcaptivating choose-your-own-adventure game that increases youremotional fitness and teaches you new psychological skills, helpingyou level up in real life. Become a master people person bylearning tips and tricks about emotion and effective communication.Our clinical trial showed that a level a week builds resilience,boosts relationship skills, supercharges your personal developmentAND lowers anxiety! These key skills will help you take control ofyour life, maintain your mental health and achieve success in workand relationships. Put your newfound knowledge to the test inengaging mini-games designed to help you understand yourpersonality and identify your areas for growth and personaldevelopment. Download now for free! FEATURES: - Evidence-basedthrough a clinical trial - Significantly builds resilience - thestrongest predictor against developing mental health issues - Bootsinterpersonal relationships skills - become the people person youwant to be and wow friends, family, and partners - Superchargespersonal development - get ahead in work and uni - Lowers anxiety -eQuoo gives you skills to help challenge anxious thought patterns -Apply your new skills in choose your own adventure games to unlockinsights about your personality and progress to the next level -Learn where you lie on the Big Five measures of personality andwhat this means for you Download eQuoo for FREE to discover yourinner power.
TRFOSR1221 1.0.9
Demo version of eQuoo. This version includes a snapshot of threedifferent stories from eQuoo.
eQuoo 3.2.1
Ever since we launched eQuoo, the only evidence-basedEmotionalFitness Game proven to build resilience, boost yourrelationshipskills, enhance personal growth and lower your anxietywe have beeninundated with requests from thousands of players formore...wellhere it is but this time it’s even better….incorporating52 levelsof Game-play packed with new features, Adventure, FunandPsychological skills Let me introduce you to the game that isMORETHAN JUST A GAME: All of the pain, greed and corruption intheworld has gelled into a being of power and darkness -TheQuavering. It is here to snuff out our inner light and only YOUcanbring it back by setting foot on the path of becoming aLodestarthrough emotional and psychological growth. Lodestars arebravepeople on a journey to becoming their best selves and withthatthey are bringing back the light one psychological skill at atime.Go on breath-taking adventures through time, written by MarvelandDC Comic writer Arie Kaplan, while collecting the gem shardsneededto destroy ‘The Quavering’ and learn 52 psychologicalstrategiesthat give you: Resilience Skills InterpersonalRelationship SkillsPersonal Growth Skills Anti-Anxiety SkillsAnt-Depression SkillseQuoo is more than just fun, it’sevidence-based through clinicaltrials which have been published inthe peer-reviewed paper PlosOneto prove it is safe and effective.Why not try it out for yourselfand join the Lodestars. You are thetipping point.