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Hue Pro Tasker 2.2.12
*** This app requires Hue Pro to work *** Hue Pro Tasker bringsyourHue Pro application to full automation. This add-on app letsyoucreate "Triggers" and "Actions". Triggers supported: -Wificonnected - Wifi disconnected - Receive text - Receive phonecall -Notifications - Weekly schedules - NFC tags - Sunrise -Sunset -Phone charge state - Low battery level Actions support: -Lights on- Lights off - Toggle lights - Preset on - Blink lightsMix andmatch any Trigger with an Action! * This app starts with ademomode which lets you create one Tasker to try the app. Thefullversion can be purchased for 99 cents USD. And if at anytimeyouare unsatisfied with the full version, contact support and wewillbe more than happy to refund your purchase. -Benjamin