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Castle Cats - Idle Hero RPG
Collect over 200 different feline heroes and embark on epic quests
Dungeon Dogs - Idle RPG
Collect Heroes and join the Dog Revolution!
Sling a Kitty
Help Curio reunite with her family!
AlchiMerge: Merge & Craft
Have you ever dreamed about owning your very own Alchemy Shop?InPocApp Studios’ new mobile game, AlchiMerge, it’s madepossible!AlchiMerge provides a fresh twist to the Merge-genre whereyou alsoCraft, Sell and Decorate in your very own Alchemy Shop! -Become alegendary Shop Tycoon in the Castle Cats Universe! -Mergematerials to harvest magical Ingredients for your Shop! -Craftmystical Potions, Spells, and ancient Trinkets! - Sell yourItemsto customers and become the best Shopkeeper in town! - BuildTrustwith important Heroes and make new friendships blossom!Match,merge and grow resources on the Vortex Isles to supply yourveryown Alchemy Shop with ingredients. Befriend travelingadventurersalong your way to hone your skills and uncover themysteries of theVortex Isles. Use the Ingredients you've gatheredto craft and sellmagical items to customers visiting your shop.Decorate your shopto perfection with your hard-earned gold which inturn willmaximize your customer satisfaction and profits! Joinforces withother Shop Owners to create thriving cities and powerfulalliancesbetween Humans, Catanians and Lupinians. Taking place inthe sameuniverse as PocApp Studios’ previous titles, Castle Cats&Dungeon Dogs, AlchiMerge explores the future of thisunpredictableand exciting world called Anima. The kingdoms ofCatania andLupinia used to live secluded from each other, buteverythingchanged when the Great Tremor hit, causing a Rift Stormin themiddle of the great ocean. Dimensional rifts started toappear outof magical thunder, introducing a whole new archipelagoto theworld. These are the Vortex Isles, a place of magicalflora,mystical ruins and ever-lasting storm clouds. Upon sailing totheVortex Isles, Catanians and Lupinians met Humans for the veryfirsttime. They were also brought to the world of Anima by theRiftStorm. In AlchiMerge these three kingdoms meet to explorethemysterious Vortex Isles. Will they all get along? Playersfamiliarwith PocApp Studios' previous titles, Castle Cats &DungeonDogs, will be able to meet beloved heroes in an entirelynewformat. Completing Quests from new and old heroes willrevealunique stories of the characters and the world of Anima. WELOVEFEEDBACK! Don’t hesitate to write to [email protected] PrivacyPolicy:https://www.pocappstudios.com/privacy-policy Terms ofService andEULA: https://www.pocappstudios.com/terms-of-service