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Fantasy Baseball News 6.3
The FREE Playerline app gives youinstantaccess to MLB news and real-time baseball updates for everyplayerin the MLB.☆☆☆☆☆ Fantasy Baseball Just Got A Whole Lot Easier ThisYear.☆☆☆☆☆No more wasting time sorting through Rotoworld, ESPN, YahooSports,CBS Sports, Bleacher Report and other MLB news sources.We’vepacked the best sources of MLB news into one app. Now youcanfollow the players in your lineup and get instant notificationsonbreaking news – right when it happens.Whether it’s managing your roster, looking for your next pickorkeeping track of the players in your lineup, Playerline doesitall. Now you can dominate your fantasy baseball league andmakeyour team an unstoppable powerhouse.☆ IT GETS BETTER ☆You can also make predictions on MLB player performance andclimbthe ranks as an expert among thousands of other Playerlineusers.Each prediction establishes a player ‘line’, so you get anoverallidea of how thousands of people are expecting certainplayers toperform this MLB season.☆ CHECK OUT THE FEATURES ☆[✓] Statistics and insights for EVERY player (not justteams),aggregated from dozens of reliable sources (Rotoworld,ESPN,Bleacher Report, CBS, Yahoo! News, etc).[✓] Complete player profiles that sync videos, bios, breakingnewsin one place.[✓] ‘Follow’ individual players for quick access to only thenewsyou care about the most.[✓] No more wasting time scouring blogs and MLB news sites togetupdates.[✓] Make predictions on player performance, establish ‘lines’forplayers and see the combined predictions of thousands ofPlayerlineusers.☆ ABOUT THE PLAYERLINE FANTASY SPORTS APPS ☆Playerline is a free fantasy sports app for Android thatoffersinstant, real-time insight into every player in theMLB.We’re a small, but relentlessly dedicated team based in SanDiego.If you ever have any feedback on the app or needpersonalassistance, simply drop us an email [email protected]’re building this for you, so never hesitate to reach out.
Fantasy Football & NFL News
NFL news and real-time fantasy football updates for every player inthe NFL.