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Daily Themed Crossword - A Fun Crossword Game 1.520.0
A fun crossword game with each day connected to a different theme.Choose from a range of topics like Movies, Sports, Technology,Games, History, Architecture and more! Access to hundreds ofpuzzles, right on your Android device, so play or review yourcrosswords when you want, wherever you want! Give your brain someexercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords publishedevery day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become amaster crossword solver while having tons of fun, and all for free!Daily Themed Crossword features : -Fun puzzles for everyone. -A newpuzzle everyday, 365 days a year. -Get rewards for playing daily.-Hints to get you past those obscure words. -Each day of the weekhas a theme attached to it. -Hard enough to keep you interested andeasy enough to keep you coming back. -Learn about famouspersonalities, events, discoveries and loads of new words. DownloadDaily Themed Crossword now, join thousands of crossword enthusiastsand see why everyone is hooked! Write back to us with any issues orsuggestions, we are all ears!
Word Wars - Word Game 1.470
What do you get when the age-old scrabble board meets amazingmodern design? Meet Word Wars, the best and the only scrabble wordgame! Word Wars is more than just a scrabble game to enjoy withfriends. Here, classic scrabble wordplay comes together with newage gaming to give you a unique experience. This unique onlinescrabble game is designed for avid scrabble lovers and new playersalike. Time to rediscover your favorite childhood game scrabble!Strapped for time? Try the mini scrabble board for quick wordbattles with friends. What’s more? You will learn new words everyday and in no time, you will become a scrabble master. Never gettired of waiting on your opponents to play their turn! Play as manyscrabble matches as you want at the same time and keep the fungoing! Learn new words on the go and make your opponents scrabblefor words! ➤ CLASSIC SCRABBLE EXPERIENCE - Enjoy the evergreenclassic scrabble board game in a beautiful new avatar! ➤ PLAY WITHFRIENDS AND FAMILY - Login with Facebook and start scrabbling withfriends! ➤ FIND YOUR MATCH - Get matched with other players basedon your skill level and unleash your word wizardry! ➤ BROADCASTCHALLENGES - Throw down the gauntlet to other players and see howmany are up for your scrabble challenge! ➤ WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS -Compete in tournaments every week and win grand prizes! ➤ UNIQUEPOWER-UPS - Make use of fantastic power-ups that will help you takeyour scrabble skills to the next level! ➤ CHAT WITH FRIENDS - Stayconnected with your scrabble friends and make new ones! So, whatare you waiting for? Don’t waste time on run-of-the-mill games. GetWord Wars now and get your scrabble journey started!
Epic Calm Solitaire - Free Classic Card Game 2021 1.194.0
Are you a fan of classic card games? Meet Epic Card Solitaire, aKlondike solitaire card game created especially for all thesolitaire fans around the world. Simple, straightforward Klondikesolitaire card game, just the way you liked playing on yourcomputer. Solitaire card game, especially the Klondike variety, hasbeen around for a long time and is perhaps still the most popularsingle-player card game in the world. Playing solitaire every dayis not just fun but can also keep your mind sharp. With Epic CardSolitaire you get not only the classic solitaire experience butalso beautifully crafted cards and crisp animations that will takeyour solitaire to the next level. Choose from a range of carddesigns for the cards front and back! Want cats or dogs in thebackground while you clear the deck? We have you covered! On thisclassic Klondike solitaire game, you start off as a novice and asyou progress, your level also increases. Can you graduate to theCardsmith level? Can you reach the final level of Demigod? Everyday on this card game, you will get a new daily challenge whereyour speed will be tested. Can you beat the clock and clear thedeck to win the daily challenge? With over 5000 fully solvableshuffles, you will have non-stop fun on this free Klondikesolitaire card game. What makes Epic Card Solitaire the bestKlondike solitaire card game? ➤ Tap or drag and drop to move a card➤ Big and easy to see cards ➤ 1-card and 3-card draw Solitaire ➤Unlimited hints ➤ Unlimited free solitaire games ➤ Track yourpersonal stats and progress ➤ Undo feature ➤ Auto complete ➤Beautiful animations ➤ Sound that can be turned on/off ➤ Playoffline whenever wherever! So what are you waiting for? DownloadEpic Card Solitaire and start playing your new favorite Klondikesolitaire card game!
GuessUp : Guess Up Emoji 2.0.2
Do you want to play the most fun emoji guessing game on thego?!Play GuessUp : Guess Up Emoji for free ! You will be presentedwithmultiple emoji puzzles and letters, you will have to guess whattheemojis represent. It's like pictionary with emojis Fun featurestomake you fall in love with Guess Up emoji game ♥ Multiplayer -playwith friends & family ♥ Free Shuffle & recall lettershint♥ Double rewards, double fun Hints Remove Letters: This hintwillremove all extra letters for you. This hint will help youguesswisely and progress in the game! Expose Two Letters: Use thishintwhen you need extra letters to guess the emojis on a hardpuzzle!Solve the puzzle: This hint will solve the word puzzle foryou! Usethis hint if you 're totally stuck on a hard puzzle! InGuessUp :Guess Up Emoji game you clear puzzles, have fun and getfree gamecoins. Free, No Registration required. Just start to play!
Crossword Explorer 1.140.0
Crossword lovers will agree that it is one of the best ways to keepyour brain active and your mind sharp. With Crossword Explorer, weaim to take the best of crosswords and make them even more fun!With free puzzles of different sizes, there is one for every kindof player - beginner, intermediate, or expert! With this specialcrossword game, you will get access to thousands of puzzles,covering everything from Movies to Sports, and History to Science!If you like to challenge your knowledge, our crossword puzzles areguaranteed to make you think while also being a great way toentertain yourself. Those looking for a little pick-me-up that cangive your brain a little workout, look no further. Increase yourvocabulary and general knowledge for free through this fun andrefreshing crossword app. Top features: ➤ Fun puzzles for all forfree ➤ Explore new puzzles every day ➤ Get rewards as you progressand reach new milestones in your exploration ➤ Hints to get youpast those obscure words ➤ Hard enough to keep you interested andeasy enough to keep you coming back ➤ Learn about famouspersonalities, events, discoveries and loads of new words So whatare you waiting for? Download Crossword Explorer today and become acrossword expert!
Word Bingo - Fun Word Games for Free 1.046
If you love to ruzzle on word games, then the Yahtzee of word gamesWord Bingo will become your new favorite word game! How good areyou at spotting words from a random set of letters? Do you have theYahtzee skills to get the Bingo? Get ready to test your word skillson this new addictive word game! Word Bingo is unlike any word gameyou have seen before. It can be best described as the perfectcombination of word game and Yahtzee. It's a word game that willtest your vocabulary and word skills in quick and short games. WordBingo comes with a whole new word game mode for people who love toplay on the go. Challenge your friends and show them who's the realword game genius! Unlike other word games, Word Bingo is very easyto understand and start playing. Both you and your opponent willhave 7 letters from which to form words on the board to get thebest scores. If you get the bingo you get an extra 100 points! Ifyou love word puzzles and crosswords, Word Bingo will definitelywin your heart and become your favorite new word game! Leave yourstress at the door with this unique Yahtzee-style word game wherethere are no time limits and you can play at your own pace. Also,you can play as many games as you want all at the same time. It'snot just all about fun either. With each round you play withfriends or family, you will learn new words! Your vocabulary willgrow by leaps and bounds! Think your spelling and vocabulary aretop-notch? Can you get the top spot and win the title of Word BingoMaster? Take Word Bingo for a spin and experience a whole new worldof word games!
Word Trek - Word Brain streak - hand made puzzles
Word Trek - Word Brain streak: Hand-made puzzles, designed totickle your brain cells! Are you a fan of word games and puzzlechallenges? Try the most addictive free brain game on the PlayStore and get hooked! Find and swipe your way through hundreds ofword puzzles, spread across different difficulty levels and findout if you are a Word Genius and Master Puzzle Solver! Meant forcasual brain exercise, join millions of puzzle solvers and trekyour way to word glory! Start this intriguing word search journeyas a tiny Amoeba and evolve into an Alien wordsmith! And then,solve your way across the universe, clearing puzzles on differentplanets! Stuck with a Puzzle? Don’t worry, all grids aredouble-checked to make sure they are solvable! Just keep trying, oruse a few hints to reveal some letters! Connect to Facebook! Invitefriends, earn coins for each referral, send more coin requests, anduse them to get more hints! Also, get to see who has a better waywith words! --Why should you choose Word Trek?-- + A lot ofChallenging Puzzles! + Exquisite Game Interface! + Cool AlienMystery Adventure! + Download for Free! + Applicable to Any Ages! +Applies to All Android Devices or Google Play Users! + Any time atAny Place, Play Offline! + Daily New Levels! + Themed Puzzlesduring Holidays! As a bonus, train your brain with the Daily Questfeature! Brand new puzzles every day with cool rewards! Downloadthe most popular word search and puzzle game now, and play forfree! Follow us on Facebook, Use of this application requires you to grant it permissionto access the external storage for downloading daily puzzlecontent.
Word Trip 1.396.0
WINNER OF THE PRESTIGIOUS ACADEMICS' CHOICE MIND SPRING AWARD! MeetWord Trip, the perfect word game that will relax your mind whileyou form word after word and go on an unstoppable word streak! WordTrip is the game for you because it combines the most breathtakingbackgrounds with the best words you can think of. Swipe your way toa fantastic word game journey that will keep you going on and on!Each word you solve takes you closer to your next destination. Thisfree word game makes learning new words fun. Connect the letters,find the words, and sharpen your word skills as you go. If you loveword puzzles, this game is sure to get you excited. Word Trip isalso the perfect game to keep your brain active and working hard.Starting off easy, this word game will keep you immersed in pureword bliss. With unlimited tries, you can go on and on, taking yourword wisdom to new heights! ➤ With over 5000 puzzles and counting,your word trip will never end! ➤ Play through fantasticdestinations that will soothe your mind! ➤ Win exciting rewardsdaily and compete with others on spectacular word quests! So whatare you waiting for? Get the word game everyone is going crazyabout!
Crossword Jam 1.350.0
Word Jam - A word search & word guess brain game. WordJam is afun and relaxing word game in a crossword-style format made for thesmartest brains! Swipe the letters to find and guess the hiddenwords in a crossword-style grid Word Jam - A word search word guessbrain game is the first of its kind. Solve the anagram puzzles asyou travel around the world in the Crossword Food Truck unlockingnew levels. Guess and search letters on the word plate to finddifferent word recipes. Solve the anagram puzzles by searching forall the words to make your way to a new country. As you progress inthe game, anagram puzzles get trickier and tastier! Word Jam is afree word search brain game that tests your vocabulary, spelling,word guessing and anagram puzzle solving skills - just search andguess the words! Get a fun brain exercise in your free time andimprove your vocabulary! If you are a word game lover and like toplay brain games to improve your vocabulary or simply enjoy wordsearch games to casually swipe and guess the hidden words, Word Jam- A Word Search & Word Guess Brain game is the perfect choicefor the best brain game lovers! How to Play: The rules are simple.Search and swipe the letters on the plate to guess the hidden wordsGame Features: • FREE TO PLAY GAME – Download this for FREE andplay without wifi. • "EASY TO LEARN" HARD TO MASTER – The easy gameplay gets you going from the first word search anagram puzzle andkeeps your brain engaged for hours. However, the game gets trickieras you progress with more complicated words and tougher levels. •CHALLENGING PUZZLES – Free anagram puzzles range from 2 letters to7 letters. It starts easy and gets challenging quickly as youprogress further. • IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY – Search & findhidden words or guess them from the same set of letters. Flex yourbrain muscles in your free time and improve your spelling skillsall while increasing your vocabulary by discovering new words. •PLAY ANYTIME – No internet or wifi needed for this game. You canplay offline too for free! • SYNC YOUR GAME PROGRESS – You canlogin using Facebook to sync your game progress across variousdevices. So, why wait? Play the game now and start guessing thehidden words! FEATURES: • Search and guess the words from mixedletters. • Guess new words using the crossword grid and developyour brain, anagram puzzle solving vocabulary skills. • Feel asense of achievement as you go around the world, to become a wordchef! • Simple and Easy! • Daily bonus rewards • 250 free coins toget you started! • Great exercise for the brain • Supports bothPhones and Tablets. • FREE Update! - Easy to learn and fun tomaster gameplay - Enjoy playing the game anytime, anywhere. No wifirequired to play the game - More than 100s of levels with thousandsof anagram puzzles. Updates will be regular and free! NOTES • Enjoythe game with various devices (Phones and Tablets). • "Word Jam"contains ads like banners, interstitials and videos. • "Word Jam"is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items like an ad-freeaccount and attractive packages.
Word Planet 1.28.0
Everyone is hooked to this new travel-themed Free Word Connectgame. Download & Play like millions of others. Discover theworld like never before through this word search game. Sceniclevels and simple straight-forward spelling-based puzzles make WordPlanet the perfect game for a moment of exploration. The game has aunique progression to ensure the learning never stops. Designed tooffer a meditative exercise for the brain, Word Planet guaranteesdiscovery and surprises all along the way. This Earth-themed wordgame comes packed with fun facts on unique locations, landscapes,and life on the planet, making this a great way to spend qualitytime with friends and family. HOW TO PLAY: The rules are simple.Search and swipe the letters on the plate to guess the hiddenwords. GAME FEATURES: - FREE TO PLAY – Get this game for FREE andput your word game skills to the test. - PLAY WHEREVER, WHENEVER -Why solve the words with friends when you can do it all by yourselfoffline, without Wifi or the Internet !! - "EASY TO LEARN" HARD TOMASTER – This easy gameplay gets you going from the first-wordsearch anagram puzzle and keeps your brain engaged for hours.However, the game gets trickier as you progress with morecomplicated words and tougher levels. - CHALLENGING PUZZLES – Freeanagram puzzles range from 2 letters to 7 letters. It starts easyand gets challenging quickly as you progress further. - BOOST YOURVOCABULARY – Flex your brain muscles in your free time and go on aword-finding spree and raise your vocabulary game - SYNC YOUR GAMEPROGRESS – You can log in with your Facebook account to sync yourgame progress across various devices. - DAILY CHALLENGES – Solvethe Daily Puzzle to collect and discover amazing facts about thePlanet! So, why wait? Play the game now and start guessing thehidden words! - 250 free coins to get you started! - Regular andFREE Update! - More than 100s of levels with thousands of anagrampuzzles. NOTES: - Enjoy the game with various devices (Phones andTablets). - "Word Planet" contains ads like banners, interstitials,and videos. - "Word Planet" is free to play, but you can purchasein-app items like an ad-free account and attractive packages.
Word Bliss 1.42.0
Ever wish for a game that not only works your mind but also helpscalm it? Word Bliss is the ticket for your brain to go on a fun yetpeaceful journey while getting better at your wordplay! Ward offboredom and welcome tranquility playing this classic word link gamethat will test your puzzle solving skills, vocabulary, andspelling. And with serene backgrounds showcasing Planet Earth, yourstate of Zen will never be in jeopardy! Starting with curiosity,play through these wonderful feelings, while also adding to yourvocabulary word count. As you move up the levels, each picture pathwill match the emotion you are on. Not as difficult as kakuro andmuch more interesting than any word link game out there, Word Blissis the perfect game to put your mind at ease after a long day. Sitback, put your feet up and give your mind the refreshment it needsby forming word after word up and down the board. How to Play: Assimple as it gets. Swipe the letters to find hidden words. GameFeatures: PLAY WHEREVER, WHENEVER - Why solve the words withfriends when you can do it all by yourself offline, without Wifi orthe Internet! FREE TO PLAY – Get this word link game for FREE andput your word game skills to the test EASY TO LEARN, HARD TO MASTER– Starting with 2 letter words and going all the way to 7 letters,it gets your brain working hard BOOST YOUR VOCABULARY – Go on aword finding spree and raise your vocabulary game DAILY BONUSCALENDAR - Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Play and earn amazingrewards every day! HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT - If you get stuck at anylevel, use Shuffle or Hints to help yourself out! PLAY ACROSSDEVICES – Simply login using Facebook to sync your game progressand continue playing on any device So, are you up for some awesomewordplay? Get it now!
Destination Solitaire - TriPeaks Card Puzzle Game 1.30.0
An exciting and fun twist to classic Solitaire! Use strategy andfun power-ups to solve puzzling layouts on your phone or tablet.Earn rewards while traveling to exotic destinations with ourbeautiful free to play tripeaks solitaire game! OVER 100 LEVELSExplore all the beautiful destinations you love or have dreamed ofvisiting all in one game with puzzles from around the world! Fromthe city of love, Paris, to the bounty of Cherry Blossom Trees inTokyo; your First Class seat awaits you! COLLECT SOUVENIRS &MORE Fill up your passport with unique stamps in every country!Don’t forget to set your unique frame & deck in each location.Love to collect rarities? Earn EXCLUSIVE frames & decks duringour fun filled events! DAILY REWARDS As our frequent flyer, earn acoin bonus every hour! Along with your hourly bonuses, earn extrarewards as you soar through each level! PLAY WITH FRIENDS Sign intoyour Facebook to collect an added coin bonus! Invite family andfriends to help each other unlock new levels! See who has flown thefarthest on the map! Now sit back, wheels up and await your nextdestination!
Word Search Explorer 1.6.2
With Word Search Explorer embark on a wondrous quest ofadventureand wisdom, where the fun never stops! This FREE TO PLAYword gamemakes learning new words so easy and much more fun. Flexyourbrain, connect the letters and swipe your way through hundredsofword puzzles, while steadily growing your vocabulary andconfidencefor the challenges ahead! Successfully completing eachpuzzle willbring you closer to your next destination! Buckle-up andget readyto go on an endeavour that takes you throughbreathtakinglandscapes while training your brain to become a TRUEchampion ofthe mind! Believe the hype, join thousands of word gameenthusiastsand download Word Search Explorer today! HOW TO PLAY: Aseasy astaking a walk in the park, find words that are hidden in thelettergrid related to a common theme. Swipe your fingers to formthewords that are hidden in plain sight. The puzzles get trickierasyou progress while gaining more wisdom! GAME FEATURES: - FREETOPLAY: Get this game for FREE and put your word game skills tothetest - GUIDING HINTS: The game offers multiple hints whichwillguide and help you on your journey. - PLAY ANYTIME, ANYWHERE:Takea break and play offline wherever you want! - CHALLENGINGPUZZLES:Easy to play, hard to master! A new challenge awaits foryou afterevery puzzle - BOOSTS YOUR VOCABULARY: Improve yourvocabulary asthe game exposes you to a wide variety of words thatwill help youin your daily life - SYNC YOUR GAME PROGRESS: Loginthroughfacebook and sync your game progress across multiple devicesPackyour bags and get ready to Explore, Wander & Discover. Noneedto wait, start playing Word Search Explorer and begin yourvoyagetoday!