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Smart HDR
***NEWS***We are proud to announce a brand new color grading technology!Smart HDR is now able to repaint an image using high-qualitypalettes. This technology make it possible to obtainprofessional-level color grading results with minimal userintervention:HDR UrbanA carefully selected set of filters to grade your street photos. Awhole new look at the urban jungle!HDR ExpressiveColor your pictures with this exclusive grading presets!HDR LandscapeGive a new look to your landscape photo: summer, autumn, warmer ordarker look & feel and many more grading presets!HDR SeascapeEver wondered how to get a postcard-like look & feel? Try HDRSeascape and you'll know the answer!HDR Black TheoryColor grading presets to bring your black & white photographyto a new level: dramatic, dark, cold and many more filters!Use Smart HDR tone mapping engine in conjunction to the new colorgrading technology and experiment with it. A lot of new spectacularfilters to color the world in the way you like!***Smart HDR cutting-edge tone mapping engine revolutionizes digitalphoto enhancement, giving them an amazing and unique style. You canimprove image colors, details, lighting and general aspect with afirst-class HDR photographic filter or create spectacularcartoon-like effect using the toon filter. You'll be able to obtainresults without using complex applications like Photoshop orLightroom. Try a variety of color filters designed to createimpressive artistic results! Smart HDR comes with powerful imageediting tools that will let you obtain the best from your photos.Apply different filters and create truly unique effects!IMAGE FILTERSSmart HDR features a lot of different filters. Some basic HDRfilters are:* CLASSICThe classic HDR filter for memorable photos* PHOTOGRAPHICThe basic filter to enhance images colors, details, local shadingsand depth* LIGHTA moderate HDR filter* PORTRAITHDR for portraits* CARTOONGives a strong non photorealistic effect* DREAMLIKEA soft, romantic and delicate HDR filter* VIVIDMakes your image more detailed and vibrant* BLACK & WHITEAn impressive black & white HDR filterMore filters examples:* OLD PHOTO EFFECTTransform your picture into an old grainy photo* COLOR FILTERSProfessional level color effects* CLASSIC IMAGE FILTERSVintage, Dreamlike, Negative, Vignetting, Iris Blur, Tints,Frames...Some other important tools for image editing are:* PHOTO CLEANERAn advanced multi-scale RGB noise removal filter* PHOTO LIGHTINGFixes image improving darker areas* IMAGE DETAILSImage details enhancement and noise correction, all in onetool* COLOR SATURATION, CONTRAST, BRIGTHNESS AND GAMMA CORRECTIONBasic image editing toolsUSER INTERFACEWith a simple and clean user interface, you will be able to easilytry different effects to process your photos.Every effect parameter can be controlled in the most intuitive way,giving you maximum flexibility:* SCROLL AND ZOOMUse classical gestures to scroll the image, zoom in and out orreset the view with a double tap* PREVIEW MODETry any effect using Preview Mode before applying it to the wholeimage* BEFORE/AFTER COMPARISONEasily compare your original image with the edited version* EASY EFFECT CALIBRATIONEasily control every effect parameters by using sliding barsSHARINGSmart HDR will let you share your creations with your friends usingthe most known social media: Google+,Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (*) etc.. You will be able to createpersonal photo albums, save images in differentformats or set an image as your phone wallpaper.#smarthdr #smarthdrapp-------Supports:- OS: Android 3.0 or later- Import/export: JPEG or PNG formats- Language: English* Sharing functionality requires native client apps.
Low Poly - Pro Editor & Photo Effects 1.0.0
LowPoly app will let you create absolutely fantasticlow-polyrenderings in a matter of seconds! Equipped with anintuitive yetpowerful mesh editor, you will be able to producefaithful low-polyabstractions from photographs. Just pick any imagefrom the galleryand start editing. When you are ready, LowPoly willlet you tryseveral different rendering styles and apply a lot ofdifferentcolor filters. You can save your renderings as an imagefile orshare it (*). What are you waiting for? Download LowPoly andstartmaking beautiful renderings! [LowPoly Mesh Editor] LowPolyMeshEditor is designed to do all the hard work for you. After animageis imported, the app will automatically start computing amesh. Theengine will take a bunch of seconds to create anhigh-quality lowpolygonal representation of the image thanks to ouradvancednon-linear optimization algorithm. You will be abletoincrease/decrease: - the number of mesh triangles - theregularityof the mesh - the starting mesh subdivision Moretriangles means abetter approximation, while a lower number oftriangles will givethe result a true low-poly look. The regularityof the meshcontrols how much the mesh can deform to betterapproximate locallythe image. The subdivision resolution is justthe starting numberof triangles. It is advisable to try differentsettings to get thebest results. Another unique feature isautomatic face recognition.When a face is detected in the image,the engine will automaticallyincrease the number of triangles usedin order to better representit. More details will be given to theeyes, the nose and the mouth.This feature can be disabled if youprefer editing everything byyourself. But it's not over! If youwant to manually improve themesh, just open the Mask page, selectthe size of the brush andstart painting the screen where you thinkthere should be moretriangles. You can also decrease the detail,display the detailmap, zoom in and out the image while editing andreset everything.[LowPoly Rendering Editor] Trying to create thebest mesh it's onlythe beginning. LowPoly brings to you severalrendering styles. Forexample, there is the flat shading style, inwhich every triangleis filled with a single color, the linearshading, which will looklike more 3D. More complex rendering stylesare, for example: -Crystal A different linear shading algorithm. -Enhanced Anotherlinear shading algorithm that comes with a stunningimage post-processing effect. - Gleam An elegant low-poly renderingstyle. -Glow Post processed with soft lights. - Holo Holographiceffectwhich simulates crt scanlines, chromatic aberration and zoomblur.- Shiny Ultra sharp and detailed rendering style. - FuturisticOneof the most complex rendering styles, you have to try ittobelieve! - Toon & Toon II Gives your artworks a cartoon look.-Cool A stylish, beautiful and unique low-poly rendering style.-Prismatic Different grayscale gradings with stunninglightingeffects. You can apply to every rendering style severalcolorfilters: classic and hard black and white, grading withgradientmappings, tonality filter and RGB curve filters. -------Supports:- OS: Android api level 21+ - Import format:jpeg/png/gif/webp/bmpand more - Export format: jpeg format -Language: English * Sharingfunctionality requires native clientapps.