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Mr. Potato Head: School Rush
MR. POTATO HEAD stars in his first-ever interactive storybook app!
Transformers Rescue Bots:Save
Transformers Rescue Bots: Save Griffin Rock
My Little Pony: The Movie
The official storybook app for MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE is here!
Learn your ABCs using ‘virtual’ PLAY-DOH in this delightfullyeducational app!
Tonka: Trucks Around Town 1.0.4
Get behind the wheel of the first-ever TONKA app brought to youbyPlayDate Digital, Inc., under license by Hasbro, Inc. Thisbrandnew app let’s you and your little TONKA driver discovertheexciting world of TONKA trucks in a whole new way! A combinationof”physics fun” and problem solving situations makes each “job”aTONKA vehicle adventure. Drive and discover different parts ofthetown with five of the most popular TONKA vehicles, eachhighlydetailed with workable features. • Dump Truck— Pick up anddrop offbig loads with a powerful hoist bed! • Garbage Truck—Pickupgarbage & recycling with the lift and clear every mess!•Bulldozer and Ripper: Clear obstacles, move piles, and chopuptrees! • Helicopter-- Powerful rotors let you pick up and movejustabout anything! • Fire Truck—Fight fires, blast the powerfulwaterhose, and run the siren! Presented in side-view, playerscancontrol the vehicles in beautifully illustrated environments.Whilethe simple, intuitive controls are designed for kids, therealisticdriving effects convey the visceral thrill of driving abig rig!Just don’t go too fast if you want to keep your rig on theroad,and “go easy on those hills!” Your TONKA driver will haveimportantwork to do all over town. It’s a BIG town with over 80jobs andfour expansive sites to explore: the Big City, the Big Dig,Town& Country, and the Big Builds. Each part of town offersuniquework areas for your TONKA truck driver to work (and havefun!) in,including: • Museum—Deliver ancient treasures to bring thepastalive! • Dam—Clear it, build it, and work it! • BalloonFactory—Atleast the helium makes the drama sound funny. •Airport—From firesto lost luggage, it’s a busy place! •Archeological dig—What oldartifacts will we find? • Harbor—Build itout and bring the boatsin! • Construction Site—Deliver supplies andbuild a tower to thesky! • Observatory—Fix the lens and see thestars! And be readywith the firetruck, the next emergency couldhappen anywhere! Otherapp features include: • Easy driving controls• Realistic andcompelling sound effects • Designed for both“sandbox” andmission-driven play • Over 80 jobs! • Ability to tap,drag, andload objects onto your truck • Realistic physics • “Realworld”environmental effects, including mud and rain, which can beclearedby shaking or swiping! • Fuel up at the Gas Station forfascinatingfacts about each vehicle • PUZZLE activities allow usersto puttogether their vehicle while learning what each part does!
Candy Land : The Land of Sweet Adventures 1.3
PlayDate Digital Inc.
In this brand new CANDY LAND app, King Kandy is safe and sound,buthis Rainbow Maker, which has always helped keep the land sweetandcolorful, is broken, and now everything is turning grey! Is itLordLicorice who is behind this very dull deed? Only YOU canhelpcollect the colorful treats King Kandy needs to make thingsright!This delightful app takes you on a delicious journey throughCANDYLAND’s most flavorful places, from Peppermint Forest andNanaNutt’s House, to Lollipop Palace, the Frosted Palace andLicoriceLagoon. Complete fun activities and collect delicioustreats alongthe way! Every part of the journey involves deliciousmissions asyou whip up new treats, bring back the colors of therainbow andwork through activities that will help wipe all the greyaway!Features: All the characters from the board game – Mr. Mint,NanaNutt, Princess Lolly, Princess Frostine, Lord Licorice andKingKandy Over 15 mini challenges Color treats to collect in eachlandThe Spinner The Rainbow Maker Gorgeous animations “Read itmyself“and “Read to me” mode The CANDY LAND app is a whole new waytomeet the classic game board characters like: Mr Mint! There areabunch of minty-cool surprises in his Peppermint Forest! NanaNutt!She’s nutty, delicious… and allergy free! Princess Lolly! Canyouresist delicious meadows filled with hard candy? PrincessFrostine!Her palace is perfect for a cold sweet treat! LordLicorice! HisLagoon is mysterious, dark and bitterly delicious!King Kandy! He’scounting on you to bring back a rainbow of sweets!Spin the colorspinner and find your way down the rainbow road to avariety ofmini-challenges! Land on a grey tile and help undo LordLicorice’sgrey work! Land on a rainbow tile and use your colorskills to makethings right! Restore lollipops to their colorfuldeliciousness!Fill cones with velvety, smooth ice cream! Uncoverhidden rockcandies! Fix a licorice puzzle! Shake the uniquepeanut…tree?Restore the ice pop meadow! Find the yellow lollipops!Match thecolored sweets! Each chapter ends with a specialchallenge– whetherit’s sorting nuts by color, mixing up a specialbatch ofpeppermints, frosting a special cake, or more — and aspecialreward, a candy for your RAINBOW BAG! Collect them all andyou’llhelp bring color back to CANDY LAND! Each chapter ends withaspecial challenge-- whether it’s sorting nuts by color, mixing upaspecial batch of peppermints, frosting a special cake, or more--and a special reward, a candy for your RAINBOW BAG! Collectthemall and you’ll help bring color back to CANDY LAND! ABOUTPLAYDATEDIGITAL PlayDate Digital Inc. is a publisher ofhigh-quality,interactive, mobile educational software for children.PlayDateDigital's products nurture children's emerging literacyandcreativity skills by turning digital screens intoengagingexperiences. PlayDate Digital content is built inpartnership withsome of the world's most trusted global brands forkids. Visit Like Followus: @playdatedigital Watch allour app HAVE QUESTIONS? We'dlove to hear fromyou! Your questions suggestions and comments arealways welcome.Contact us 24/7 at [email protected] PRIVACYPOLICY:
Hasbro's Classic Board Game - Make Cavity Sam better or get thebuzzer!
CHUTES AND LADDERS: Ups and Downs 1.7
PlayDate Digital Inc.
The CHUTES AND LADDERS: Ups and Downs app from PlayDateDigital,licensed by Hasbro transforms the beloved CHUTES ANDLADDERS boardgame into an interactive story. It features excitinganimations,beautiful illustrations, and learning elements thatreinforce theidea of cause and effect and making positivedecisions. Help guidea group of friends around the CHUTES ANDLADDERS neighborhood byprogressing through different “SidewalkChapters.” Decisions yourearly and emerging readers make land thecharacters on the ‘chutes’and ‘ladders’ of life, good and badchoices that help us get ahead,or not! From the baseball field tothe cookie jar, life is filledwith choices and temptations, butit’s all about learning that goodchoices can lead to some prettysweet rewards! Make a bad choiceand there will be consequences. Mr.Chutes, the app’s friendlyguide, will show you the way…or will he?It’s a ‘choose your own’adventure kind of story that makes everyexperience in the appdifferent, with the perfect mix of story andchance!! Key Features:• The color and magic of the board gameturned into a vivid storyfor early and emerging readers • Classicboard game characters liveas friends in an engrossing story you cancontrol • Practicecounting skills with each swipe of the path •Navigate 5 “sidewalkchapters” to progress through the story • Landon chutes or laddersto view full screen animations! • Flexiblenavigation and sceneselector • See how good and bad choices affectyour path throughlife, as classic ‘chutes,’ ladders’ and ‘dilemmas’are brought tolife!
Baby Einstein: Storytime
Explore early learning concepts with 12 engaging interactivestories.
Beat Bugs: Sing-Along 1.1
PlayDate Digital Inc.
BEAT BUGS reimagines classic songs made famous by The Beatles foranew generation—and teaches some life lessons along the way. Nowyoucan enjoy the Beat Bugs in a whole new way as they debuttheirfirst official BEAT BUGS interactive sing-along, play-alongmusicalapp! Each episode of this Emmy Award-winning show,springboards aclassic Beatles song into a delightful backyardadventure filledwith music, fun and adventure. Together with theirfriends fromaround the backyard, they explore, invent and sing.While theyoften get into mischief, they always get by withcourage,creativity and some help from their friends. With this newmusicalinteractive app, you can play and sing right along! JoinJay,Crick, Buzz, Kumi and our favorite ‘performing’ slug, Walter,Buzzas they sing, play and explore their world, in anovergrownbackyard filled with fun, music and adventure! Includes 4classicsongs made famous by the Beatles and performed by the BeatBugs:Yellow Submarine: A backyard sprinkler creates anunderwaterwonderland for the Beat Bugs to explore! Join them ontheiradventure! Ticket to Ride: A tricycle wheel becomes amagicalFerris Wheel powered by golden leaves and Alex the stinkbug! PennyLane: The Beat Bugs world becomes a stage where they canall cometogether and sing, dance and be merry! All You Need isLove:Explores the BEAT BUGS world and meet the bugs of the backyard!Features: • Gorgeous 3-D animated scenes. • Trigger a cascadeofcolorful animations as you interact with the environmentsandcharacters • Sing- Along: Listen to the BEAT BUGS singyourfavorite songs made famous by the Beatles and sing-along withthem.• Play-Along – Tap, tilt, pinch and zoom, drag and watch theworldcome to life • Karaoke - Record your own voice and save yourvideos• Highlighted Lyrics and fun indicators to guide you as yousingalong or record a song • Explore over 100 interactive elementsandsounds This is the first official interactive musical app fromtheEmmy Award-winning BEAT BUGS series, a sing-along,play-alongmusical experience that lets you take the best part ofthe showwith you. ABOUT PLAYDATE DIGITAL PlayDate Digital Inc. isanemergent publisher of high-quality, interactive, mobileeducationalsoftware for children. PlayDate Digital's productsnurturechildren's emerging literacy and creativity skills byturningdigital screens into engaging experiences. PlayDate Digitalcontentis built in partnership with some of the world's mosttrustedglobal brands for kids. Visit us: Follow us: @playdatedigital Watchallour app trailers: HAVE QUESTIONS?We'dlove to hear from you! Your questions suggestions and commentsarealways welcome. Contact us 24/7 at [email protected]
Transformers Rescue Bots: Dino
The Rescue Dinos have arrived!
My Little Pony: Story Creator
My Little Pony: Lights, Camera, Ponies!
My Little Pony: Power Ponies
POWER PONIES is a crazy comic adventure featuring all your favoriteponies!
Learn your ABCs using ‘virtual’ PLAY-DOH in this delightfullyeducational app!
Transformers Rescue Bots: Need for Speed
Race to the Rescue and help track down a mysterious Mini-Con.
Care Bears: Care Karts 1.0.3
We’ve got trouble in Care-a-Lot today, and the Care Bears needyourhelp! The mischievous Beastly has ‘borrowed’ something specialfromeach of your favorite Care Bears—Cheer Bear, WonderheartBear,Bedtime Bear, Share Bear, Grumpy Bear and Funshine Bear.Beastlythinks no one can catch him in his souped-up car! But whatheDOESN’T know is that with your help, we’re going to buildsomewheels of our own—our own Care Bears Care Karts—and chase himdown!The Care Bears Care Karts app gives you a rainbow of ways tobuildthe Care Bears’ karts, feed their tummies, dress them up andwashthem down, because each of the Care Bears has a special kindofstyle. But working together we can all catch Beastly! • Buildyourown Care Kart! Each of the Care Bears comes with a setofcustomizable karts—fluffy, yummy, delicious or monstrous, butallcute! -- And a selection of special tires, car tops andotheraccessories to make your ride go fast! • Dress up the CareBears intheir special racing outfits! Special headgear, glasses,gogglesand other accessories let you customize your Care Bear justlikeyou want them! • Feed your bear yummy treats. Special snacksandfuels helps fill up your super boosts you’ll need to chaseBeastlydown… and when things get messy, you can soap up, wash downand dryblast your kart to make it sparkling new! • Wash your CareBearsCare Karts: Cover them with bubbles, rinse and dry them tomakeyour bear and kart sparkly clean! • Take a picture. After yourbearis all ready in their new Kart don’t forget to say ‘cheeeeez’andsave a picture! • The Race! Can you help get the Bears theirstuffback? Chase Beastly through seven very different Care-a-Lotracescapes, each capturing the special spirit of each Care Bear!Eachrace has different collectible items. • Sorting Game: See howmanystars, hearts and other fun toys you collected whileChasingBeastly. Count with the Care Bears and return the toys totheshelves! Join us for the ultimate ‘build it,’ ‘fuel it,’ chaseit’adventure! NOTE: Before you download this experience,pleaseconsider that this app contains in-app purchases that costmoney.Additional content cannot be unlocked without spending money.ABOUTPLAYDATE DIGITAL PlayDate Digital Inc. is an emergentpublisher ofhigh-quality, interactive, mobile educational softwareforchildren. PlayDate Digital's products nurture children'semergingliteracy and creativity skills by turning digital screensintoengaging experiences. PlayDate Digital content is builtinpartnership with some of the world's most trusted global brandsforkids. Visit us: Follow us: @playdatedigital Watchallour app trailers: HAVE QUESTIONS?We'dlove to hear from you! Your questions suggestions and commentsarealways welcome. Contact us 24/7 at [email protected]
Transformers Rescue Bots 2.1
PlayDate Digital Inc.
The TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS have finally landed…in theirfirst-everinteractive storybook app! Are you ready to join them ontheirrescue mission? When a new Sky Forest tower is constructedinGriffin Rock, the city finds itself under attack byravenousplants! It’s time for the TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS to rollto therescue, but when they need help, who is going to savethem?TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS: SKY FOREST RESCUE is aninteractivestorybook adventure that puts early and emerging readersat thecenter of the action on every page. Optimus Prime introducesthestory and invites the reader to join the adventure as a newcadeton the Griffin Rock Rescue team. The reader meets Cody and therestof the Burns family as they work with the TRANSFORMER RESCUEBOTSto save the town and the Sky Forest from some veryhungryvegetation! TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS: SKY FOREST RESCUE isthelatest interactive storybook app from PlayDate Digital, with#1book apps in over 30 countries! It’s an exciting way foryoungreaders to practice their skills while living an adventure!KeyFeatures: •Interactive TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS action andvoiceson every page! •The entire Rescue Bots Team, Blades,Boulder,Chase, and Heatwave change modes at the touch of yourfinger. •Youare at center of the story! •Quality animation bringsstory live!•Includes Read to me and Read along modes for everylevel of earlyreaders •Introduction by Optimus Prime! •Take yourpicture with theTRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS when you complete themission! •Optimizedfor Tablets Learning Goals This app providesexciting opportunitiesfor young readers to acquire skills andknowledge in the followingareas: Problem-solving skills •Learn howto be a team member whilesolving challenges within the narrative•Understand the importanceand value of every team member’scontribution •Models problemsolving strategies including: analyzingsituations andunderstanding options to choose the best solutionEmergent andearly literacy •Expand early reading skills •Increasereadingcomprehension •Learn new vocabulary Assist young readers’criticaltransition from learning to read to reading to learn.
Monopoly Junior 1.77
PlayDate Digital Inc.
MONOPOLY JUNIOR – The classic board game you know and love isavailable for the first time on mobile and tablets. It’s theclassic turn-based game transformed into a single playeractivity-based experience, designed to introduce a new generationof kids to the beloved game. Designed for early learners, this newapp transports kids from the classic game board into the animatedworld of Monopoly Town! Start with 20 Monopoly bills in your ‘piggybank.’ ROLL the die and you can BUY properties, COLLECT rent, andBUILD or CUSTOMIZE properties, treats and experiences as you movethrough town. Land on an owned property and pay rent. Collect renton your properties! Don’t run out of money as you try to buy up thetown! Every property space you land on, whether you are buying itor collecting rent, will become an experience---from the Taco Truckto the Swimming Pool, from the Go Karts to the Jail. Each roll ofthe die is a chance to practice numeracy, math and countingskills—pay out Monopoly money to buy attractions, hand out treats,or pay a friend. Early addition and subtraction skills areintroduced and reinforced with each transaction. - Roll the die andcount the number of properties to advance - Collect money fromother characters when they land on your property - Pay the bankwhen you land on a property. - Addition and Subtraction for eachtransaction is reinforced visually Pick which Monopoly Junior tokenyou want to be; then work with the others to buy everything intown! - Little Penguin loves the ice and snow – and the SwimmingPool! - Little T-Rex likes to stomp and roar for all to see. -Little Scottie is playful, loyal and full of energy. - Toy Duckygoes with the flow and is always ready for an adventure! When youown a property, you can fix it up, or create custom treats andexperiences for your customers. For example: - Paint the Library -Decorate a cupcake - Build your own Go Kart - Make a taco! - …andmore! Pass GO and collect two Monopoly bills each time while youfind out how much of the town is still available to buy! When allof the properties in Monopoly Town are owned, you win! If you runout of money, you can always try again! FEATURES: - 16 GORGEOUSANIMATED LOCATIONS: every kid friendly classic brought to life -Toy Shop, Bakery, Aquarium, Museum, Pet Shop, The Zoo, Boardwalk,Ice Cream Parlor, Roller Coaster, and more! - PRACTICE moneyhandling, basic counting skills and math (addition andsubtraction). - BUY properties, COLLECT rent or PAY rent. -CUSTOMIZE each location - TROPHY ROOM displays all the custom itemsyou have created - COLLECT M2 as you pass GO. - CHANCE cards -SCROLL up and down to see the properties in front or behind you -BOARD VIEW – see the whole board as it gets built up with newowners - A FAVORITE FAMILY BOARD GAME – Monopoly Junior comes tolife on mobile or tablets! - A PREMIUM EXPERIENCE - No pay-to-win,no ads, no risk. Experience the classic board game in a completelynew way. MONOPOLY JUNIOR by PlayDate Digital brings the board tolife with beautifully animated characters and properties. This kidfriendly Hasbro classic transformed into an interactive learningadventure, is one you won’t want to miss! ABOUT PLAYDATE DIGITALPlayDate Digital Inc. is a publisher of high-quality, interactive,mobile educational software for children. PlayDate Digital'sproducts nurture children's emerging literacy and creativity skillsby turning digital screens into engaging experiences. PlayDateDigital content is built in partnership with some of the world'smost trusted global brands for kids. Visit us: playdatedigital.comLike us: Follow us: @playdatedigitalWatch all our app trailers: HAVEQUESTIONS? We'd love to hear from you! Your questions suggestionsand comments are always welcome. Contact us 24/7 [email protected]
Power Rangers: Beast Morphers 0.1
PlayDate Digital Inc.
POWER RANGERS: BEAST MORPHERS app is based on the excitingPowerRangers Beast Morphers television series. The evil Evox hassenthis minions to steal Morph-X, the energy source that powersthecity, to try and take over the world! Leading this charge areRoxyand Blaze, former Power Rangers in training that Evox hascapturedand turned to the dark side! The Power Rangers will needyour helpto stop them and make things right! Join the Red, Blue,and YellowPower Rangers as they work with Commander Shaw andresident genius,Nate Silva, to unravel Evox’s plan! The PowerRangers will need totackle obstacles, blast away boulders, leapthrough a torrent ofrocks, and crack codes as they battle Evox’sminions. Can the PowerRangers defeat them and save the Morph-X?It’s all up to you!FEATURES • An interactive story adventure with 4missions • PowerRangers Beast Morphers characters – DEVON, RAVI andZOEY, CRUISE,SMASH, JAX, DRILLTON, ROXY, NATE, COMMANDER SHAW,BLAZE. • RangerCam – Take your picture with the Power Rangers andall thecharacters • Certificates of Bravery awarded to the readerformissions completed • Stickers that unlock as you completeeachchapter • Awesome animations • Power Rangers action on eachpage •A premium experience - No pay-to-win, no ads, no risk • Dodgeandweave through dangerous obstacles • Go into ‘Gorilla mode’ toblastboulders and clear the way! • Go face to face with Evox’svillains,from the Tronics, to Drilltron to the mighty andfearsomeGigadrone! • Match wits with the Cyber villains, Roxy andBlaze! •Power up with Morph-X to complete the mission! • Pick yourfavoritePower Ranger for each mission! • Test your Power Rangersknowledgewith a quiz after reading the story Designed for early andemergingreaders, POWER RANGERS BEAST MORPHERS delivers the kineticactionthat all kids crave but at an action level appropriate forayounger audience It is an interactive adventure which willhelpkids practice literacy skills. It balances kineticactionsequences, puzzles and maze-like maneuvering with excitingbattlesequences. ABOUT PLAYDATE DIGITAL PlayDate Digital Inc. isapublisher of high-quality, interactive, mobile educationalsoftwarefor children. PlayDate Digital's products nurturechildren'semerging literacy and creativity skills by turningdigital screensinto engaging experiences. PlayDate Digital contentis built inpartnership with some of the world's most trusted globalbrands forkids. Visit us: Follow us: @playdatedigital Watchallour app trailers: HAVE QUESTIONS?We'dlove to hear from you! Your questions suggestions and commentsarealways welcome. Contact us 24/7 at [email protected]