Bouncing Balls - Bubble Buster
The highly popular bubble shooter game isfinally on the Android market! The original, painfully addictiveBouncing Balls match-3 game in full mobile version.Features-* Specially built Colorblind Mode (everyone should enjoy playingbubbles)* A special bubble buster version, especially adapted for yourAndroid phones and tablets* A friendly match-3 bubble game that suits all ages, from young toold!How to play-
Tap where you want to direct the ball.
Create groups of three or more balls to make themdisappear.
Clear each level before time runs out!
Escape from Yepi Planet 1.0.15
Are you ready for wild thrills, clever puzzlesand an epic adventure?Help Yepi the alien save his girlfriend, in a fun adventure gamefor all ages!Play Escape from Yepi Planet and venture into the unknown.Battle vicious aliens that try conquering your home planet and saveyour loved girlfriend as you battle riddles, quizzes andfunny-looking aliens.The game is a point and click adventure where you can researchyour surroundings, search for clues and finally decide which way togo, in order to solve the current dilemma.
Kiss of Love ! Kissing Test 1.1.4
Love is in the air and romance is alreadyhere!Test your kissing skills with this addictive kissing test app, andshare your score with all your friends!Learn how to kiss and get tips on how to improve your kissingabilities, for that special moment when you'll meet the love ofyour life!This game is intended for fr beginners that experience their firstkiss, intermediates that already kissed one or two lips, and evenexperienced kissers can learn many tips and secrets by using thisapp!Also, this app includes a special option that allows you to kissanyone you like by using your camera, take picture and kiss away oruse the Selfie option that is also included!How does the kiss of Love testing app works? Just pick yourfavorite lips, and start kissing the screen! When you'll completethe kiss the app will immediately analyze your kissing and give youscores in 3 different parameters- Passion, Experience andRomance!
Candy Thieves 1.0.7
Are you ready for fun and laughter? Help thekittens snatch the yummy candies on all levels!Candy Thieves features-* Cute Kittens!* Lovely Graphics!* Fun Puzzles that will tease your mind!Are you ready for epic cuteness overload?
Rats Invasion 0.0.2
Can you stop the rats invasion? They're socute but so annoying!Use bombs, traps and the power of physics in this addictive puzzlegame.Shoot and blow up all sorts of deadly things at them and usegas, bombs and poison. Don't let their cute little faces fool you,they're not armed, but smelly and dangerous!
CrazyBox-Flying Adventure Game 1.0.18
Can you beat this game? It will be crazythinking you can!Fly your CrazyBox through flying obstacles and gravity changes, inthis addictive action adventure platform game, in 47 challenginglevels!CrazyBox is hand-drawn flying adventure game that featuresvarious levels, that demand great skills, puzzle-solving andhand-eye coordination.On this adventure game you will encounter and fly over manyobstacles, some of them move and appear from thin air!To control the game and fly properly you need to keep touchingthe screen if you want to go up, and leave it to go down. Payattention that some levels will change the gravity, hence thingsmight be quite unstable :)Feel free emailing us with comments/suggestions and everythingyou feel like writing!Thanks
Beat It! 1.2.4
The World #1 Addictive game of 2015 isfinallyhere!Come and play with our monsters, Your Goal is to collect allthemonsters.Tap on the different monster to claim up stages. You have 60Secondsfor single run.Challenge your friends & Share your scores - Youcanchallenge your friends to try BEAT your score.Every time you'll challenge your friends you'll get a reward.Use our New Power-ups - We have new power-ups during thegamethat can be bought with coins.+5 seconds - Add 5 more seconds to your run.50/50 - Cut the unnecessary part of the game and help you findthecorrect monster.Spaceship - They will send a stop light to let you know whereyoushould look for the monster.Fun & Simple game, Very addictive and UserFriendlygame.Come and try to BEAT-IT!Please let us know what you thinking on our game, what wouldyoulike to change & help us improve the game for you.
Safari Time 1.0.6
Amazing action and puzzle in one game!Join the clever Zebra and explore the vast Savannah!Overcome hunters, traps and mysterious challenges as your embarktothe wild Savannah.Non-stop challenges!Safari time is a fun puzzle and action game that deliverstheawesome African Savannah into your mobile device. Whetheryou'reyoung or old, boy or girl you can all join the wildadventures ofthe inquisitive Zebra on its way to escape theSavannah!Fun Puzzle-Every thing you' touch will make something tick or move, sochoosewisely what to do next if you want to succeed!
Coastal Cannon 1.05
The pirates are attacking your ship, Areyouprepared to defend it??Aim your cannon and shoot, use fireworks, and figure out how togetevery last pirate. You can even throw them to the sharks!Put your wits and courage to the test!The ship is yours , Captain !
Run, jump, and swing your way into defeating Gen. Eric and savingCleeshay!