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Compass 5.0.6
A magnetic compass with magnetic declination correction for bestaccuracy. A compass is an instrument used for navigation andorientation that shows direction relative to the geographic North.Geographic North is computed given the magnetic North and themagnetic declination at your current location. In some placesaround the world, the magnetic North can be as far as 20 degreesfrom the geographic North. ● Use of GPS or Network location forbest accuracy ● Magnetic declination correction ● True altitudeabove sea level ● Altimeter ● Elevation computation use EGM-96model ● Supports multiple coordinate formats UTM, DD, DMM, or DMS ●Show Latitude and Longitude ● Sunrise and Sunset times ● Easycalibration ● Show angle in degrees ● Clean design ● Install on SD● Save places for tracking them ● Create multiple lists offavourite places ● Show shorted path to a place ● Search new placesby name or address ● Qibla Compass (find direction of the Kaaba inMecca) Place tracking allow you to save your current location forlater find its direction from anywhere else in the world! Noteregarding horizontal accuracy: The device location has anhorizontal accuracy that depends on the quality of the GPS signal.The smaller the horizontal accuracy is, the better the location isaccurate. In some cases, the horizontal accuracy can be so big thatother information can be inaccurate : altitude, distance anddirection to a place that is very close to you. Refreshing thelocation after a few second can give you a better horizontalaccuracy. Note regarding device calibration : Smartphones usemagnetic and orientation sensor in order to compute the directionof the magnetic North. Sensor might be in an unknown state when theapplication is started. Sensors requires a lot of values to reachoptimal accuracy and precision. To do so, move your phone in spacein a ∞ figure pattern until the accuracy turns to high. Thisapplication requires permissions in order to compute your locationand the magnetic declination for a better accuracy of this compassand to provide you with further information such as true north,true altitude above sea level, direction and distance to any placein the world.
Just a Compass (Free & No Ads) 3.0.5
A simple and easy to use Compass to retrieve useful informationabout your current position. • Free and without Ads • Magnetic& geographic north using magnetic declination • Sunrise &Sunset time • Various skins and color themes (including highcontrast) • True altitude above sea level at your current position• Use EGM96 as the geoid reference for computing altitude •Latitude & Longitude in MGRS format • Latitude & Longitudein UTM format • Latitude & Longitude in DD, DMM or DMS format •Magnetic field strength • Sensor accuracy • Address of your currentlocation Compass better works outside where magnetic perturbationsare low. Magnetic closure cell phone cases may also disrupt theaccuracy of the compass. EGM96 (Earth Gravitational Model) is usedas the geoid reference to compute true altitude above sea levelfrom data collected by the GPS sensor. UTM (Universal TransverseMercator) is a system for assigning coordinates to locations on thesurface of the Earth. Have fun !
Bubble level
Hold any of the phone's 4 sides against an object to test it forlevel or plumb.
Use your phone anywhere, any when, to check for true North, South,East or West.
Compass (Altimeter, Sunrise, Sunset)
A Compass, with geographic north, true altitude, address, sunset& sunrise times
Altimeter (offline true altitude above sea level)
The most precise Altimeter for offline true altitude above sealevel (MSL).
The Sun Ephemeris (Sunset, Sunrise, Moon position)
Sun & Moon position for any location on earth : sunset,sunrise, moon phase,…
Bubble Level Pro
A bubble level, spirit level or simply a spirit is aninstrumentdesigned to indicate whether a surface is horizontal(level) orvertical (plumb). Bubble Level app is handy, accurate,simple touse and incredibly useful tool for your Android device.Hold any ofthe phone's four sides against an object to test it forlevel orplumb, or lay it down on a flat surface for a 360° level.Thisapplication does not require any permissions. Free, WithoutAds,Without permissions. ● Calibrate any side independently ●Calibraterelatively (another object surface) or absolutely (earthgravity) ●Show angle in degree, inclination in percent, roof pitchor inchesper foot (:12) ● Inclinometer ● Sound effects to calibratewithoutlooking at the phone ● Install on SD ● Orientation lockingWherecan you use Bubble Level ? A bubble level is usually usedinconstruction, carpentry and photography to determine if objectsonwhich you're working on are level. Used properly, a bubblelevelcan help you create flawlessly leveled pieces of furniture,helpyou when hanging paintings or other items on the wall,levelbilliard table, level table tennis table, set up a tripodforphotographs and much more. It’s a must have device for any homeorapartment. ● Alignment of the picture, board, furniture, wallandetc.! ● Calculation of different angles in various situations!●Checking your table, shelf and surface level of everyface-upobjects! ● Tracking the inclination of bike, car and etc.These arethe main occasions of app usage, but you’ll find much moreinpractice! This application can also be used as a clignometerorinclinometer to measure angle of slope using three differentunitsof measure: degrees, percent, and topo. It is also known as atiltmeter, tilt indicator, slope alert, slope gauge, gradientmeter,gradiometer, level gauge, level meter, declinometer, andpitch& roll indicator.
Yatzy (original & variants)
Yams is and well known dice game played with 5 dices. As forYahtzee, Yatzy and Yacht the object of the game is to score themost points by rolling five dice to make certain combinations. ● Noads ! ● 6 different rules ● Pass the phone ● Multiple Yatzy ●Scoreboard ● Resume game ● Shake to roll The object of the game isto score points by rolling five dice to make certain combinations.The dice can be rolled up to three times in a turn to try to makevarious scoring combinations. A game consists of thirteen rounds.After each round the player chooses which scoring category is to beused for that round. Once a category has been used in the game, itcannot be used again. The scoring categories have varying pointvalues, some of which are fixed values and others where the scoredepends on the value of the dice. A Yahtzee is five-of-a-kind andscores 50 points; the highest of any category. The winner is theplayer who scores the most points. Looking for translators :https://goo.gl/forms/KOS3uFFpCU
Depth of Field (Hyperfocal, Limits of Sharpness)
Hyperfocal distance and limit of acceptable sharpness calculatorfor camera lens
Easy Advertising ID (for CCPA and GDPR)
Read and copy your Android advertising ID to opt-out from appssharing your data