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Diggy's Adventure: Puzzle Tomb 1.19.0
Explore Hidden Tombs with Puzzles, Meet Mythic Ancient Gods &Solve Riddles
Puzzle Adventures: Solve Mystery 3D Riddles 0.33
Explore the world full of puzzle adventures, learn from an ancientcivilization and solve mystery riddles. Do you like new cognitivegames that put you to the limit? Try this best mining treasure huntand prove your intelligence! Other brain games are merelycrosswords while with this one you will be able to explore a hiddenlabyrinth filled with lots of riddles and locked door until youfind and dig the right path out! A true miner does not forget hishunt for gold so dig those rocks and explore rich rooms while youenjoy the journey of mining and solving puzzle adventures. Terms ofUse: http://pxfd.co/eula Privacy Policy: http://pxfd.co/privacy
Project: DA2 0.31
3D puzzle adventures - solve mystery riddles, logic treasure hunts& escape!
Project: DA2 0.36
3D puzzle adventures - solve mystery riddles, logic treasure hunts& escape!
Sea Port: Cargo Boat Tycoon 1.0.233
Cargo Boat & Ship Tycoon Simulator: Upgrade your Port, CollectShips and Explore
AFK Train Driver Sim 1.4
Idle Train Simulation Game - Collect, upgrade and assemble realtrains
Idle Ship Tycoon: Port Manager Simulator
Build and manage your sea empire in this wonderfully addictiveidlegame. Buy more ships to expand your fleet and raise yourincome! ★More than 30 detailed ships ★ Four captivating eras ofhistory ofsea trade ★ Simple idle gameplay ★ Progress while AFK ★Experienceseaport management ✓ Build and manage your fleet ofships, earnresources while idle or AFK ✓ Automate your fleet byhiringcaptians, increase profit and efficiency ✓ Discover andunlock newislands and exotic materials ✓ Sail to faraway lands toexperiencenew adventure ✓ Gain levels to increase your power andincome ✓Find and open bounty chests to gain rare resources Brandnew gamefrom the makers of Diggy's Adventure, Seaport &Trainstation.Make a gold mine out of your fleet.
AFK Cats: Epic Idle Dungeon RP 1.31.3
Idle RPG - AFK Arena with epic warrior cat heroes & dungeontower level upgrades
Prof. Woof - cute idle game wi 1.6
Collect, manage and merge dogs in this idle simulation of dogscientists.
Project: DA2 0.31
3D puzzle adventures - solve mystery riddles, logic treasure hunts& escape!
Trivia Park: Dumb Quiz 1.2.1
Are you dumb or smart? Find out in FUN-filled quiz!!!
Epic Fish Evolution - Merge Ga 1.0.67
Merge fish in this magical clicker game!
Idle City - Build and Transpor 1.1
Build your own city, expand various transport types and grow inrichest tycoon!
ZOOWSOME! - Idle Animals 0.3.1
It takes just few minutes a day to become the world’s best IDLEzookeeper!
Cube Crush: Puzzle Adventure 1.0.3
Puzzle game with two female friends in a drama full of mysteriousadventures!
Archer Game 0.1.119
Unlimited challenge only for the best Archer
Puzzle Adventure: Mystery Tale 1.46.0
Unravel Hidden Secrets in a Detective Puzzle Solving Game &Mystery Adventure
Train Station: Railroad Tycoon 1.0.84
Real 2D Train Simulator with USA & Euro Engines. Transportcargo & gold on rails
Emporea: War Strategy Game 0.2.188
⚔️Join epic battles and conquer Emporea. Real time multiplayerstrategy game ⚔️
Train Collector: Idle Tycoon
Idle Train Game - Collect over 100 real trains, build & upgradeyour city
Train Station 2: Railroad Game 2.11.1
Train Simulator & Railroad Tycoon! Collect Trains, TransportCargo & Build Rails
Emporea 0.2.188
Join more than 2 million warriors fighting in the fantasy lands ofEmporea!
Last Wave TD: Tactical Game 0.31
Smart tactics, loads of zombie gore and destruction in amazing 3D!Go survive!
Epic Idle Defense: TD Rush 1.0.16
- Progress through incremental stages by defeating an endlessrushof enemies and bosses. Creatures of endless dark come in wavestobreak your defense. Be ready to fight! - Ever changing TDlevelswith idle gold progression while you’re away. Different enemytypesare good against different types of towers. Your towers mustbeready! - Each hero is a defending tower with powerful skillsandartifacts. Keep your heroes in good defending shape. Bothmuscleand brain are best defense. Better tower defense thanoffense,right?! - Upgrade heroes to turn the tide of the basedefensebattle. - Earn gold and loot offline while you are AFK tobuyartifacts and skills fpr your powerful warriors and wizards.-Reset the progress of your defense, to increase your goldincome.Bigger and faster income means more gold, which means morepowerfultower defense!
Pirate Adventure 0.1
Explore the Endless world as a Pirate!
I Suck At Math 0.1.5
Math puzzle tower defense game
Candy, Inc.: Build, Bake & Decorate 1.0.19
Add new rooms and wacky facilities, take care of helpers andfollowan interesting story! ▶ Discover and build new rooms andwackyfacilities ▶ Use raw ingredients to make extraordinary sweets▶Complete orders and tasks for various characters ▶ Followaninteresting story full of colorful characters ▶ Decorateandcustomize the factory to fit your style ▶ Take care of yourlittlehelpers Do you have any suggestions or problems on yourcandyadventure in certain levels or in the factory? Our caringcommunitymanagers would love to hear from you, visithttps://care.pxfd.co!Terms of Use: http://pxfd.co/eula PrivacyPolicy:http://pxfd.co/privacy Do you enjoy our candy simulationgame?Follow @CandyIncGame on social media to get the latest newsandupdates.
Office Wars: Tower Defense 0.9.45
Best tower defense game. Strategy required against enemies and bosslevels.
Port City: Ship Tycoon 2023 1.40.0
Collect ships, transport goods & complete contracts to growyour global empire
Zombie City Escape TD 1.0.7
Awesome Features ✓ Unique gameplay - build towers and obstaclestomodify zombie's path ✓ Defend your Crew and base ✓ Over 10levelswhich will challenge your skills ✓ Full 3D graphics ✓ 3heroes,each with unique skill (engineer, builder, and carrier) ✓ Alot ofdifferent enemies - Upgradable towers - collect tower partsandupgrade them! Experience the most original Tower Defense!Downloadthis fun free game now and get ready for some intensebattlefieldsin Zombie city!
Demolition Derby .io - Car Des 19
Crash cars in a Demolition Derby Destruction Simulator!
Pirate Merge TD
Build and upgrade towers to defend your pirate treasure frommonsters & enemies!
Apocalypse Zombie Defense Last Stand No Ads 1.2
BREAKING NEWS! Our army needs a leader in the fight to savetheworld! Realistic hardcore zombie tower defense ★ Save peopleinrealistic world locations in USA & the rest of the world★Fight thousands of zombies using wide range of powerful towers★Clean every state in USA and proceed to save the World ★Carefullyplan your strategy using World Map, every move counts Playwithoutlimits! ▶ No Ads ▶ No subscriptions ▶ No energy limits ▶ Nojokes,only straight hardcore tower defense Zombie Horde ● ZombieHordesare on the move and destroy everything in their path ● Theycanspread the infection even to places you already saved GodblessAmerica.
Candy, Inc.: Build & Decorate
Deliver candies all around the world in the sweetestsimulationtycoon!