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Advanced Melee 1.3
With the popularity of competitive Super Smash Bros Melee at an alltime high, I thought it would be beneficial to create anapplication that can help players achieve better tournament resultsor beat your friends. If you are a new player who is just learningthe game or an experienced player looking to refresh your memoryand get your mind right, this application will be of use to you.The information is all stored on the app, so if you are in alocation where you do not have internet access you can still readup on your desired information.FEATURES:- This application contains advanced terms and techniques,character specific information, match-up information for all thecharacters, and tournament rules for Melee.- There are YouTube playlists for every possible match-up with topplayers representing each character.- There is a YouTube playlist demonstrating the many advancedtechniques in Melee.All of the write-ups are from posts on
Beat the Dealer! 1.1
The purpose of this application is toprovideBlackjack players the best option (mathematically) to takein ahand of blackjack. The user can select their hand and what cardthedealer is showing and the application will quickly displaytherecommended action based off of the blackjack cheat sheet.Thischeat sheet can be viewed by clicking the chart button onthebottom of the main screen.The cheat sheet I based this app off of application can be used to practice blackjack strategyoreven at an electronic blackjack machine at a casino. Cellphonesare not allowed at a real table but will allow aprintout.