Persona Game Studio Apps

Raid Monster Hero 1.0.0
The earth is attacked by huge monsters! It looks like analieninvasion… But we were able to tame several monsters. Now wecanresist the invasion and liberate the Earth! Crazy battles withtinymonsters await you! Become a general! Lead the army, startnewraid, upgrade your monster squad, go through all locations.Becomea real hero! To start a fight is very simple. It is enough totapon the battlefield, deploy your monsters and press thebuttonFIGHT! There is no easier way to become a hero! Victory willbeyours! Features: - unique monsters with inherent abilities -PvPmode - low entry threshold like classic idle games have -sporegame and .io games style - size 13 mb
Raid Heroes: Total War
The advent of the Dark Lord portends a total war!
Raid Heroes: Sword And Magic
Take out your sword and train spells! We are going to crush theevil!
Tank MIX
Heavy tanks and fast spaceships - epic clash!
Heroes Towers 1.2.1
Build a fortified tower, install the most powerful crossbows andcannons and fight back the enemy troops! - All battles take placewith other players. - Defend your tower from attacks or attackother people's towers together with an ally. - Move up the ratingand get new ranks. - Complete achievements and get cool rewards. -Find parts and develop your squad of heroes.
Lode: Mad Planet 2.1.1
Discover a new planet together with other players. What is it? ElDorado with an incredible amount of resources or the embodiment ofHell? You will have to: - collect your squad of heroes to exploreall corners of this new world; - join a clan to capture as manyterritories with valuable resources as possible; - meet the locals,fulfill their quests and, perhaps, become their new leader!