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Baby Phone - Games for Babies, Parents and Family
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Educational music baby games for babies,children of all ages and all the family. This fun music game willentertain your baby, kids, toddlers and the entire family for hourson end with classic american nursery rhymes.You and your child will love these educational baby games. Includesanimals buttons that children can touch to hear the sound theymake. Animal sounds include cat, dog, farm animals.Plays Nursery Rhymes, Lullabies, Songs and lots of Sound Effectsthat your kid will love playing. All content is free.Babyphone really is one of the best games for babies in the UnitedStates of America. Your children will be occupied playing thesegames for hours on end. It will keep your toddler entertained forhours with the catchy nursery rhymes and fun graphics. These gamesfor babies will entertain for hours on end.This is one of the most fun baby games for a six month old to oneyear old to 2 year old baby. Also ideal for Toddlers who will stillappreciate and sing along to the music and nursery rhymes.** FEATURES **★ Musical phone that plays piano sounds when numbered keys aretouched and makes musical calls
★ Lots of pre-bundled Nursery Rhymes that simulate calls 
★ Tons of musical games for hours of enjoyment 
★ Add your own music and images to play during a call. Your kidwill be able to listen to any music that you have added. Thepossibilities of music that this game can play is limited only byyour music collection. 
★ record your own singing and play it back to your child 
★ Lots of sound effects to play with during a musical call 
★ 10" Tablet supported
★ 8" Tablet supported
★ 7" Tablet supported
★ Lock your phone so that your children cannot accidentally exit“Babyphone”.Your children will love bobbing to the nursery rhymes and makingsound effects. Give these great American baby games a try. Youwon't regret it.Permissions Explained-------------------------------Following are the permissions we require, along with an explanationfor eachREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - For when you chooseto "Add from my music". We need to be able to allow you to choosean MP3 or music file located on your SD card, and thus thispermission is required to read those files. This screen can byfound by navigating: Menu -> Settings -> Add moreSongs.RECORD_AUDIO/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - For when you choose to "Add anew Recording" and we need to record you talking/singing. Thisscreen can by found by navigating: Menu -> Settings -> Add anew Recording.Licenses
1. "Yankee Doodle Dandy" by Quantum Music Works 
2. "London Bridge" by Quantum Music Works
3. "Oh Where, Oh Where has my little dog gone" by Quantum MusicWorks
4. "Row, Row, Row your boat" by Quantum Music Works
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No Ads Key - Baby Phone 3.0
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Enjoy the BabyPhone without ads! Compliment app to theBabyPhone.You MUST have the BabyPhone installed first. Once the"Baby Phone -No Ads Key" is installed then the BabyPhone will nolonger show anyads. You must install this app on each device thathas theBabyPhone installed if you want each BabyPhone to have theadsremoved. The BabyPhone can be installedat
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