Pegasus TransTech Apps

Transflo Mobile lets you receive and manageloads, scan and send documents, track hours of service, electronicsignatures, access settlement statements, communicate withdispatch, and more from your mobile device. Whether you’re in orout of the cab, Transflo Mobile helps you stay organized andproductive.Communications:Get instant access to load information with the ability to acceptor decline right on your mobile device. With a simple swipe, youcan also provide fleet managers, carriers, and brokers withreal-time load status updates from anywhere. Chat with dispatch andengage in two-way communication.Paperwork:With the industry’s premier document management platform, TransfloMobile lets you transmit delivery information from anywhere. Simplyscan and send trip documents using this app. The high-qualityimages are then routed straight into carrier workflows to compressbilling timeframes so you get paid faster.Maps:A multilayered map allows you to view accurate route maps, approvedfuel networks, and live weather reports. The map also provides youwith exact trailer locations using satellite positioning.Integrations:Transflo Mobile integrates directly with leading TMS systems,allowing carriers to send available loads directly to your mobiledevice. Transflo has also partnered with other industry leadersincluding Geotab, Pilot Flying J, and CAT Scale, to integrateelectronic logs, card-less fueling, truck scale services, and muchmore.Benefits• Track hours of service with the new Transflo ELD• Manage loads from anywhere• Two-way communications with carriers and brokers• Access to payroll and settlement statement information• Scan documents and doc type multiple documents and images• Crop, rotate, lighten, darken, and compress images to improvequality• View approved routing, fuel networks, and trailer locations• Card-less fueling, fuel lane wait-times, and more with themyPilot app integration• Weight and truck scale services provided by CAT Scale• View nearby Transflo Express truck stop scanning locations• Handle accident and OS&D reports• View live weather reports• Electronic signatures• No-hassle auto updates• Training and company update videos• In-app tips on how to scan and send documents• And much moreImportant NotesYour fleet or broker must be authorized to use this Transflo Mobileapp for you to access these features. To register, you will need aFleet or Broker ID. A Fleet ID can be obtained from your drivermanager or office personnel. Carriers will be provided with aBroker ID from an authorized broker or Pegasus TransTech.Phone RequirementsThe following requirements are set to ensure high quality documentsubmission to your fleet.• Android 4.1 or higher• 8MP camera with auto-focus and flashTransflo Mobile+ reports accident & claims submission location,document scan submission location and load pickup and deliverylocations. Continued use of GPS running in the background candramatically decrease battery life.©2017 Pegasus TransTech, LLC. All rights reserved. Transflo and theTransflo logo are trademarks of Pegasus TransTech, LLC. Otherthird-party trademarks belong to their respective owners.Keywords:Marketing URL: email/ Phone:Transflo [email protected]
Sunteck Link
Sunteck Link provides two-way messaging, load dispatch and updates,and the ability to submit paperwork and photos for accidents andclaims to the back office. We walk you through the process withnecessary data input and allow you to take photos or upload savedphotos for your accident or claim submission. Upon submittingdocuments, and accident and/or claim information you will receive aunique confirmation number and email notification enabling you toview your images for up to 14 days. Image optimization will improvelegibility even for carbon-copied documents and documents withlight gray text on a color background (blue, yellow, green, pink,etc.) Features & Functionality: - Accept or reject loads -One-swipe load status updates - Two-way communication directly withdispatch and Safety - Scan and doc type images - Optimized imagequality - Crop, rotate, lighten or darken an image for better imagequality - Quality check – automatically evaluates, scores andvalidates image quality before submission. - Handle accident andclaim submissions from your device - View your settlements -Compresses document image(s) for fast transmission and minimal dataplan usage - Allow multiple documents to be scanned & senttogether - No-hassle automatic app updates
MG Logistics
A mobile tool for MGL driving partners, that allows access tokeyinformation such as Load Details, document scanning, anddirectcommunication with dispatch, safety, maintenance andrecruiting.Detailed features listed below:   - Viewload details anddocuments. - Two-way communication directlywith dispatch. - Sendyour load docs directly (BOL, Receipts, Etc.).- Optimized imagequality - Crop, rotate, lighten or darken an imagefor better imagequality. - Quality check – automatically evaluatesscores andvalidates image quality before submission.  - Handleaccidentand claim submissions and photos from your phone. - Oneclick dialfor safety, claims, or OTR breakdowns. - Submit driverreferralsdirectly. - Compresses document image(s) for fasttransmission andminimal data plan usage  - Allow multipledocuments to bescanned & sent together  - No-hassleautomatic app updates
Fuel Wise
Designed by one of the Nation’s largest travel center operatorsforsimplification of their fuel delivery paperwork. This app isforprivate use by invitation only between the company anddesignatedusers within their transportation fuel hauling network.Pleasecontact your fuel hauling employer prior to downloading andusingthis app.
The Driver App is a mobile solution for Hirschbach drivers,whichincludes speedy document scanning, load information, messagesfromdispatch, and settlement information. You must be anactiveHirschbach driver to access these features. To utilize theapp, youmust have a Hirschbach Driver Code. The Driver App is asimple anddependable scanning solution that transmits high qualitydocumentimages to the Hirschbach Corporate Headquarters withinminutes.This app offers you the convenience of scanning andsubmittingdocuments on the go. The scanning feature will optimizedocumentsincreasing the quality of the documents submitted evenforcarbon-copied documents, light gray text or coloredbackgrounds.The app will display your most recent loads allowingyou to easilysubmit documents associated with those loads. FeaturesandFunctionality: • Optimized image quality • Crop, rotate,lighten,or darken an image for better image quality • Allowmultipledocuments to be scanned and sent together • Quality Check–automatically evaluates, scores the image qualitybeforesubmission. If the user captures an image of questionablefocus oris not legible, the app prompts the user to review orre-take theimage • Accept or reject loads • Two-way communicationdirectlywith the home office
PS Logistics
At PS Logistics, respect means giving our drivers their choiceofgetting our people home on weekends, and providing acomfortabledriving experience. Partnership means a firm commitmentto driverneeds and safety, along with a pay structure where youtake home adirect percentage of freight revenue, ensuring yourcompensation isfair and good. Our trucks are all recentFreightliners, Kenworthsand Peterbilts, supported by a convenient,dependable maintenancenetwork. And you can always count on P&Sto offer the kind ofbenefits and incentive programs you reallyneed.
Covenant Drive
Covenant Drive was designed to improve communications andenhancethe professional truck driver's experience at CovenantTransport,Southern Refrigerated Transport, and Star Transportation.Acollaborative effort within CTG and the driving community hasleadto the following features... * Safety First: In-Motion Logictodisable the app while driving * Safety First: Safety andtrainingvideos * Load information to keep the driver informed *Accept orreject pre-plans and load assignments * Document scanningandindexing * Instant messaging to operations * Mobileaccidentreporting and documenting * Video news on the home page *Fastercommunication with Breakdown * Preventative maintenanceschedulefor truck * Display of driver performance metrics * FileOS&Dfrom mobile * Prayer Requests * Driver Referrals
Heartland Express Driver App
The Heartland Express Driver App is now available! Heartland TruckDrivers can use this as an optional communication tool to managenon-driving work. Convenience and time savings are a tap away.Instead of having to be in your truck to view your messages or loadassignments, you will be able to see them on your smartphone fromwherever you happen to be. Some of the main features included inthe Heartland Express Driver App are: • Load acceptance &management • Messaging • Paperwork Scanning • Payroll • Benefits •Weather Heartland drivers are encouraged to download and try theapplication right away. For any questions, please call your drivermanager.
Transflo HOS
Track and access hours of service (HOS), electronic logs,dutystatus features and more from your mobile device or tablet.Hoursof Service (HOS) Easily manage, view and track on duty,driving,off duty and sleeper-berth duty statuses. Know exactly howmuchdrive time you have left with the easy to read timer displayandstatus alerts. E-Logs Verify and review your time spent intherespective duty statuses and access logs for different days.E-logsinclude: graphs and reports with dates and times, totaldistancedriven per day, duration spent in each status, and location(city,state/province) Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)Quicklyaccess a list of defects, add comments, reviewpreviousinspections, and certify repairs. International Fuel TaxAgreement(IFTA) Access IFTA reporting mileage information throughtheTransflo Telematics web portal. Send Logs Email your logsrightfrom your mobile or in-cab device to law enforcement officersandthree additional email addresses. Supported Cycles Supports 21U.S.and Canadian Hours of Service rules (both property- andpassengercarrying), short-haul, oilfield exemptions, as well asintrastaterules for Florida, California, and Texas. Transflo T7ElectronicLogging Device (ELD) The T7 ELD plugs into the vehicle’sdiagnosticport with a connector harness and automatically sendsdata to theservers through the device’s own cellular connectivity.From thereit is sent to the Transflo HOS app to provide the mostup-to-datelogbook information. Transflo Telematics Web Portal Theportalallows you to access 6 months of logs plus international fueltaxagreement (IFTA) reporting information. To log in,visit and enter the credentials youcreatedduring the registration process. Benefits • Automatic dutystatuschanges • Violation alerts • Alerts for drivers not logged in•Co-Driver support • Personal conveyance • Yard Move • OilTransportand Service Exemptions • Minimize violations • Improvedriversafety and efficiency • Deliver real-time access toinformation •Ability to pull electronic logs offline • Constantrecordingwhether you have a cellular connection or not • Show andemailup-to-date logbook information to law enforcement/DOT •Improveyour CSA safety ratings by managing the factors that driveyour HOSBASIC score Important Notes This app requires a TransfloT7electronic logging device, registration of the device and amonthlyservice plan as well as acceptance of the Transflo Mobile+End UserLicense Agreement provided by Pegasus TransTech, LLC andthe GeotabEnd User Agreement provided by Geotab, Inc. The end userlicenseagreements can be foundat: We recommend keeping yourmobiledevice or tablet plugged into a charger at all times forbestresults. Pegasus TransTech is an Authorized Geotab Reseller andhaspartnered with Geotab to meet the requirements of §395.15 of 49CFRPart 395 under the conditions it will be used, as set forth intheGeotab Drive System Operation Guide. ©2017 Pegasus TransTech,LLC.All rights reserved. Transflo and the Transflo logo aretrademarksof Pegasus TransTech, LLC. Other third-party trademarksbelong totheir respective owners. Geotab is a trademark of Geotab,Inc.,registered in Canada, the United States, and otherlocations.Transflo Support [email protected] 1-813-386-2378
West Side Transport
West Side Transport now has the technology to turn your smartphoneor tablet into a device that will make your life easier out ontheopen road. No more stopping to find a truck stop scanner whenyouhave this app. Instead of having to locate a scanner at atruckstop you now can take a picture of the documents you need toscanand send into payroll for easier processing. Helps get yourTripDocuments in on time and get you paid. Receive and sendHRDocuments, Breakdown reports, Accident and OS&D reportsallthrough the app. How nice would it be to be able tocommunicatewith dispatch or your driver manager without having tobe in theactual truck? Now you can send and receive messages fromdispatch,send and receive loads, preplans and confirm withdispatch. Alsoput in arrival and departure times and pickupactivity. View eachstop along the route on the map with fuel stopswithin each load.Show current location weather and forecast. Videosfrom safetytraining, dispatch or company updates. Also takeadvantage of WestSide Transport driver referral program byreferring other drivers.
Drive Maverick
Maverick Transportation’s Drive Maverick mobile app connectsourdrivers to the back office outside the cab! - Features includeLoadInformation, Messaging, Notifications, Paperwork Scanning,DriverScorecard, Integrated MyPilot with proactive locationproximityawareness & notifications, Driver Portal and muchmore!
Foodliner Mobile
Foodliner Mobile is Foodliner’s mobile scanning solution tohelpdrivers easily submit their documentation right fromtheirsmartphone or tablet. This app gives drivers the flexibilitytosubmit paperwork wherever is most convenient for you! Not onlydoesFoodliner Mobile help drivers improve productivity, but italsohelps you get paid faster by getting paperwork submittedfaster.With Foodliner Mobile you'll get notified of available loadsandcan accept or decline them right on your smartphone ortablet.We've included the ability to view destinations on the mapand viewtruck stops along the way to better help drivers plan theirday.Drivers can now receive these documents using FoodlinerMobilethrough the TRANSFLO OnDemand service. The TRANSFLOOnDemandservice gives drivers access to printers at a nationalnetwork ofstrategically located truck stops. This service alsoallows driversto email or fax the documents to third parties rightfrom the app.Drivers can also easily find the closest TRANSFLOExpress truckstop location easily within FoodLiner Mobile. Thisinteractive mapallows you to locate not only the closest locationbut help findlocations anywhere on your route. With all of thisinformation andfunctionality made available at the tip of yourfingers, driverswho use this app are ahead of the game! FoodlinerMobile fromCeladon. Get wired for success. Foodliner Mobile ispowered byTRANSFLO Mobile+ from Pegasus TransTech. Registering withFoodlinerMobile is easy! Simply follow the on-screen registrationprocessand make sure to enter in the Fleet ID for the carrier youdrivefor and a valid email address. You will receive aconfirmationemail with an activation link. Click on the link in theemail tocomplete the registration process. You are now ready tostart usingFoodLiner Mobile! TIPS: • For best auto-borderdetection, putdocument on a dark background that contrasts with thepage. • Makesure you have good ambient light to get best results. •You cantoggle between the built-in camera and any other camera appyouhave on your phone by going to the Settings icon from the toprightcorner of the main menu screen. This way you can choose thecamerathat works best with your phone. • Review the imagecarefully.After sending all the documents, you will also receive anemailconfirmation. Click on the link in the email and review theimagesanother time. • The images are transformed to dropbackgroundcolors and shading as well as change document content toblack. Thehigh compression keeps your data plan to a minimum.###############Foodliner Mobile reports accident & claimssubmission location,document scan submission location and loadpickup and deliverylocations. Continued use of GPS running in thebackground candramatically decrease battery life.
Wilson Logistics
Welcome to Wilson Logistics! We’re happy to have you in thefamily.The Wilson Logistics mobile application was designed tofullysupport our professional drivers from their mobile devices.You caneasily track your current and past loads, view yoursettlements,upload BOLs, and more. Application includes: · Trailerinspectionreporting · Document scanning · Full dispatch supportincluding: oPreplan details o Load information with requirements oLoaded &empty calls o Trailer drop and hook support oDispatcher chat ·Accident & incident reports · Weatherdashboard · Trainingvideos · Weigh scale locations · Fuel stoplocations · Locationtracking
Star Fleet Trucking
Star Fleet Trucking provides two-way messaging, load dispatchandupdates, and the ability to submit paperwork and photosforaccidents and claims to the back office. We walk you throughtheprocess with necessary data input and allow you to take photosorupload saved photos for your accident or claim submission.Uponsubmitting documents, and accident and/or claim informationyouwill receive a unique confirmation number and emailnotificationenabling you to view your images for up to 14 days.Imageoptimization will improve legibility even forcarbon-copieddocuments and documents with light gray text on acolor background(blue, yellow, green, pink, etc.) Features &Functionality: -Accept or reject loads - One-swipe load statusupdates - Two-waycommunication directly with dispatch and Safety -Scan and doc typeimages - Optimized image quality - Crop, rotate,lighten or darkenan image for better image quality - Quality check– automaticallyevaluates, scores and validates image quality beforesubmission. -Handle accident and claim submissions from your device- View yoursettlements - Compresses document image(s) for fasttransmissionand minimal data plan usage - Allow multiple documentsto bescanned & sent together - No-hassle automatic app updates
Venture Logistics
The Venture Logistics Driver App is a mobile solution forVentureLogistics drivers which includes speedy document scanning,loadreview, messages from dispatch, settlement information, alongwitheasy to access links to myPilot, Weigh My Truck, andVentureLogistics Road Rescue. You must be an active VentureLogisticsdriver to access these features. To register, you musthave theVenture Logistics Fleet ID, which you can obtain from yourfleetmanager, and your Venture Logistics driver code. TheVentureLogistics Driver App is a simple and dependable scanningsolutionthat transmits high quality document images to theVentureLogistics Corporate Headquarters within minutes. This appoffersyou the convenience of scanning and submitting documents onthe go.The scanning feature will optimize documents increasing thequalityof the documents submitted even for carbon-copied documents,lightgray text or colored backgrounds. The app will display yourmostrecent loads allowing you to easily submit documentsassociatedwith those loads. Features and Functionality: • Optimizedimagequality • Crop, rotate, lighten, or darken an image forbetterimage quality • Allow multiple documents to be scanned andsenttogether • Quality Check – automatically evaluates, scorestheimage quality before submission. If the user captures an imageofquestionable focus or is not legible, the app prompts the usertoreview or re-take the image • Accept or reject loads •Two-waycommunication directly with the home office
Heniff Driver App
The Heniff Transportation Systems, LLC is a mobile solutionforHeniff drivers which includes speedy document scanning,loadintegration, and messages from dispatch. You must be anactiveHeniff driver to access these features. The HeniffTransportationSystems, LLC is a simple and dependable scanningsolution thattransmits high quality document images to HeniffTransportationSystems, LLC within minutes. This app offers you theconvenience ofscanning and submitting documents on the go. Thescanning featurewill optimize documents increasing the quality ofthe documentssubmitted even for carbon-copied documents, light graytext orcolored backgrounds. The app will display your most recentloadsallowing you to easily submit documents associated withthoseloads. Features & Functionality: • Get messages fromdispatch •Scan and doc type images • Optimized image quality •Crop, rotate,lighten or darken an image for better image quality •Review recentloads and submit documents • Automatically compressesdocumentimages for fast transmission and minimal data plan usage •Allowmultiple documents to be scanned and sent together • Qualitycheck– automatically evaluates, scores and validates imagequalitybefore submission. If the user captures an image thathasquestionable focus or is not legible, the app prompts the usertoreview or re-take the image.
KLLM GO provides trip detail visibility, documents submissionandcompany information from within a single app.
Oakley Trucking
The Oakley Trucking app allows drivers to accessimportantinformation. From Settlements to Podcast episodes theOakleyTrucking app is your main source for all things OakleyTrucking.
The official Crete Carrier Corporation App helps make a driverslifeon the road run smoother. The app allows drivers easier waystocommunicate with their fleet manager, asset manager, or safety.Inaddition, it also allows drivers access to key tools likeloadinformation, driver reports, and the driver referral form.Thedetailed list of features includes: -Two-way communicationwithyour asset or fleet manager -New Load Notification andinformation-Submit photos and documents to the safety department-Scan tripand Report Sheets -Driver Reports -Driver Referral forms– makingit easier for you to earn that extra $1,000 -Weatherreports -Linksto Wight my Truck and myPilot Fuel App -And muchmore.
Transflo Driver Assist
Transflo Driver Assist is the premier tool for Class 8 truckdriversto keep up with current events in trucking, resourcesregardingtruck stops, information on the trucking lifestyle, andmore! Backedby the most trusted mobile app brand in the industry,TransfloDriver Assist is an essential app for anyone behind thewheellooking to stay up to date with the industry. What you get: -Videosupdated to give you relevant content to stay safe, informed,andentertained. - Access to Transflo’s partnerships with TA,Loves, andPilot - Original content and features tailored just fortruckdrivers; including the ability to interact driver-to-driverthrougha private social channel - Up to date weather information
R.E. Garrison
This app is for all potential, current and former drivers atR.E.Garrison Trucking. It will guide you through the entire processofonboarding with us and provide you with advanced tools to allowyouto do every part of your job.
Questliner Mobile
Questliner Mobile improves productivity with scanning, messages,loads & more.
PAM PROMobile delivers services to PAM Transport, Inc. drivers.Itallows drivers to send and receive messages, scan documents,viewtheir Driver Scorecard as well as a host of other features.Getnotified of available loads and accept or decline them rightonyour smartphone or tablet. We have included the ability toviewdestinations on a map as well as truck stops and weather alongtheway to better help you plan your day. In addition, you canavoidtruck stop scanning with this app! You can take pictures ofthedocuments you need to scan and electronically route them tothehome office right from your smart device. You will need a FleetIDto access these features. A Fleet ID can be obtained fromyourdriver manager or office personnel. Features and Functionality:•Optimized image quality • Crop, rotate, lighten, or darken animagefor better image quality • Allow multiple documents to bescannedand sent together • Quality Check – automatically evaluates,scoresthe image quality before submission. If the user captures animageof questionable focus or is not legible, the app prompts theuserto review or re-take the image • Accept or reject loads •Two-waycommunication directly with the home office
Melton Truck Lines
The Melton Truck Lines app provides drivers with acomprehensivecollection of resources and convenient tools to usewhile on theroad. With the app, drivers are able to communicatemoreefficiently using features such as document scanning,instantmessaging to their Driver Managers, and receiving thelatestcompany updates through push notifications and videos.Otherfeatures include the ability to: • Access Load Information •ViewDriver Scorecard Results • Report Issues to Safety •CompleteRequired Training • Join our Social Media Pages • AccessImportantContacts & the Driver Resource Guide • Submit RepairRequests •Send in Driver Referrals • And More!
Meadow Lark Driver App
An app for Meadow lark drivers, A portal for transportation.
Summitt Trucking Mobile
Summitt Trucking improves productivity with scanning,messages,loads & more.
PTL Mobile
Welcome to Paschall Truck Lines! We can’t wait to work with you.
PGT Trucking
PGT Trucking’s mobile app helps drivers get paid accurately andontime.
Decker Truck Line
Decker Truck Line driver app
Averitt Team
Averitt improves productivity with scanning, messages, loads&more.
Leonard's Express
Truckload provider of temp control, dry van, warehouseandIntermodal services.
Big M Transportation
Interact with and learn about Big M Transportation using ourmobileapp.
CalArk Driven Mobile
CalArk Driven Mobile improves productivity with scanning,messages,loads & more
Integrated Factoring
A tool for small trucking companies to submit their paperworkforfast funding.
Hogan Driver App
The Hogan Driver App is a simple and dependable scanning solution.