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Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control
Use your smartphone to control your TV, Cable/ Satellite box and many more devices! Peel app can control almostall popular brands of :TVs - Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, Toshiba etc.,Cable/Satellite boxes - Comcast, Dish, DirecTV, etc.Media players - Apple TV, Roku, XBox, ChromecastHome appliances ( AC and Heaters) - Samsung, LG, Panasonic .etc.Peel remote uses built-in IR hardware on phone models such as LGG2/G4/G5, Huawei Honor 7 / 8, Xiaomi Mi 4 / 5 / Redmi and manymore. For phones without the IR hardware such as Samsung S8 and S7,Peel uses WiFi to discover and control devices.Find Something Good to WatchPeel provides smart show recommendations and TV guide listingsbased on your preferences and past viewing behavior, all organizedin an easy to navigate interface. Best of all, the more you“Peel-in”, the smarter it gets.Easy to Set Up. Easy to Use.Peel is super simple. No matter where you live, what brand of TV orset-top box you own, or who provides your service, it’s easy as 1,2, 3. Confirm your location from 110 different countries, chooseyour TV provider, and then pair Peel Smart Remote with all yourhome electronics. It can replace your Samsung TV remote, LG TVremote, Sony TV remote, Vizio TV remote, Roku remote, Dish remote,DirectTV remote, Apple TV remote and more. Peel supports more than400,000 devices. This is the only universal remote control app willever need.Never Miss Your Favorite ShowsWith the Peel Smart Remote you can easily set a calendar reminderso you never again miss a favorite show, movie or sports event.Simply tap on the reminder notification to “Peel-in.”Peel-in to Your FavoritesCustomize your Peel Smart Remote by selecting your favoritechannels and shows. Finding out when and where your favoriteprograms and movies are available to watch on TV has never beeneasier.Personalize Your TV Program Guide & ListingsUnlike other universal remote controls, Peel Smart Remote allowsyou to easily personalize your TV channel listing to match yourlocal over-the-air, dish or cable provider or streaming service.The best TV guide you can get is here!!Easily Discover Streamed ContentPeel Smart Remote allows you to discover your favorite shows andmovies on your streaming video services. Whether you preferNetflix, Hulu, Roku, Apple TV or dozens of other digital contentproviders, Peel will help you find something good to watch.The More You Use, the Smarter it GetsPeel is the world’s most popular smart remote with 140 million-plusregistered users worldwide and more than 10 billion smart remotecommands a month. No more worrying about what to watch on TV, howto find your favorite content, or where your remote is hiding. Themore you tune-in with Peel, the smarter it gets.Help and Support is Close ByGo to for FAQs or email [email protected] You canalso visit, follow us on Twitter( and Facebook( for the latest app updates.You can also go to forFacebook Ad choices.