Part Time Monkey Apps

Monkeyrama 1.3
REVIEWS:- TOUCH ARCADE - "It got more smiles-per-minute out of me thanalmost any other game I’ve played this year."- APPLENAPPS - "Monkeyrama is a highly entertaining 3D physicschallenge that is a must have gaming experience."- FONEPLAY - “An incredibly fun and challenging puzzle game thatyou all should play!”- USER REVIEW “Monkeyrama will not disappoint...get it now!!!”WHAT'S IT MADE OF:- 4 unique Monkey types!- 4 beautiful episodes!- 112 hand-crafted levels!- Challenge modes!- 3 extra Bomb Monkeys every 30 minutes if you get stuck on alevel!Check more Monkeys of Facebook & Twitter
Breakout Ninja 1.3
A Ninja cannot be seen. If you see it, it's not a Ninja.
Silly Walks 1.2.6
Such a silly little game!
Row Row 1.0
Row Row row your boat!