Paradyme Games Apps

Fireworks Studio
Fireworks Studio is a firework simulation app. Use a selection offountains, rockets, candles, barrages, and firework shapes tocreate amazing displays. The fireworks are placed in a virtualenvironment were they can be timed to allow you for full controlover your display.
Fireshot Fireworks
Create fireworks and other effects with just a tap on your cameraanywhere
Snowball Santa
Use Santa's snowballs to stop elves stealing the children'spresents!
Santa Sled Race
How far can you get?
Icy Road
Can you survive the icy road?
Fugu Frenzy Free
Help Fugu cross the ocean but watch out for predators!
Submarine piloting made easy.
Plop Free 1.04
💩 Plop is an endless runner(splatter) game about Plop asentientpoop and every man hero, don't miss this masterpiece ofvisualdesign and creativity. Plop will be remembered as thecrowningachievement of the 21st century. The aim is to try tosplatter yourway across the infinite bathroom while collectingsweetcorn as toavoid reaching 0% Plop integrity. Tap to launch Plopinto the airto dodge deadly obstacles such as the ravenous toilet,wingedtoilet paper, and kamikaze toilet plungers.
Quantum Shift
Quantum Shift is an action packed 3D space shooter
Solar Smash
Planet destruction simulator
Room Smash
Destruction sandbox physics simulator
City Smash
Smash a city with different weapons
Fugu Frenzy
Help Fugu cross the ocean but watch out for predators!
Solar Smash 2D
A sandbox simulation game with space combat mechanics
Cupid Clash
As Cupid fire arrows at the hearts to spread love on valentines day