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2048 Merge Museum: Brain Puzzle | Colorful exhibit
Your unique museum through 2048 merge puzzles! Super fun &addictive game!
Do you know well the atmosphere?
Walking in the dark
On a dark night, suddenly scary monsters began to pop up in frontofthe girl on the way. Run away from monsters! ■ How to play -Thegirl starts to run away. When you touch, she switchesherdirection. - Everything on the road is dangerous, Monstersarehidden on both sides of the road. - When the girl collectsthreebones on the way, a big dog apears to help the girl. - Competewithpeople around the world! ■ Saving data Data is stored viatheGoogle Play service ■ Website https://www.pi-er.com ■Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/Pier-World-303517383456233/
VIVABus 1.9.1
Would you like to become a bus driver? Enjoy realistic, fundrivingwith breathtaking scenery, many buses, and transportationsystemsjust like in the real world. ◈ A Variety of Buses • 29 kindsof Bus• Many vehicles types such as Safari, Submarine, Helicopter,Tank,and more! • Available by license type ◈ Maps • A Highway mapwithHot Air Balloons • A Metropolis map with a large park like NewYorkCity • Relax around the resorts and pretty beaches on theperfectResort Map • Drive through the different routes on theDesert Map ◈Game Description • 3 types of modes (Normal / NoAccident / Crazy)• Take passengers for a ride • Help passengersfeel safe with yourcareful driving • Drive following the trafficrules • Be carefulnot to crash with other cars at the intersection.• Collect partsto assemble new Buses! ◈ Game Features • Smooth andrealisticdriving • Realistic Crash System • IntelligentTransportationSystem • Realistic Engine SoundsFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/piercorp/
Light & Play: A novel game to read and play
치킨런 1.0.2
팔팔 끓는 기름에 튀겨져 치킨이 되지 않게 길을 만들어 달리세요~ ***게임방법*** 5개의 캐릭터가 자동으로달립니다.트랙이 엇나간 하늘색 블록을 드래그해서 길을 만드세요! ***특징**** ■ 강력한 아이템을 사용해서 더 오래달리세요.- 사다리 : 모든 캐릭터가 1칸을 넘어갑니다. - 로켓 : 단 캐릭터만 3칸을 넘어갑니다. - 날개 : 날개를단캐릭터만 2칸을 넘어갑니다. ■ 알파벳을 모아 보너스 타임을 즐기세요. ■ 보너스 타임에서 더 많은 코인을 모아캐릭터를업그레이드하세요~ ---- 개발자 연락처 : 82 70 4027 3344
Thrilling mobile battle, an action game that is never easy [CrownFall].
Next Exit - Dungeon Escape
Let's help the sausage mister to go back to the Kepler 22B planet.
Kuukiyomi Pro
Hey! read the room!
Hey, read the room!
Kuukiyomi Free
Are you good at reading the situation?
M.S.Break Down
Love story of another world magic school (obstruction may exist)
IFyou:episodes-love stories
Start your story now! Your choices change the ending.