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Время для Героя 1.0.27
Настоящая ролевая игра в твоем мобильном! Тебяждет огромное количество заданий, экипировки, артефактов и ужасныхмонстров.СТАНЬ ЛЕГЕНДАРНЫМ ДРАКОНОМ.Получи одну из четырех легендарных масок «Дракон» и стань самыммогущественным героем всех миров Ожерелья. Повергай других героевна Арене Чемпионов и Гранд-Арене!СОБЕРИ ПРЕВОСХОДНУЮ ЭКИПИРОВКУ.Тебя ждет огромное количество экипировки различного качества, нотолько превосходная даст тебе настоящую мощь! Открывай сундуки вСокровищнице, и собери полный набор лучших доспехов.СОЗДАВАЙ УНИКАЛЬНЫЕ АРТЕФАКТЫ.Всегда мечтал стать создателем? Создавай могущественные артефакты,усиливай и перековывай экипировку в Кузнице!ХОДИ В РЕЙДЫ ВМЕСТЕ С ДРУЗЬЯМИ.Вступи в лучшую гильдию и вместе с друзьями повергай ужасныхбоссов. Каждый босс требует знания тактики и особую экипировку,герой!ИССЛЕДУЙ МИРЫ ОЖЕРЕЛЬЯ.Пройди все сюжетные задания и разыщи таинственных Трех Богов,устроивших разруху в твоем родном мире!This role-playing game inyour mobile! You waiting for a huge number of jobs, equipment,artifacts and terrible monsters.BECOME A legendary dragon.Get one of the four masks of legendary "Dragon" and become the mostpowerful hero of all worlds Necklaces. Throws the other charactersin the Arena of Champions and Grand Arena!Collect EXCELLENT equipment.Waiting for you a huge amount of equipment of varying quality, butonly give you an excellent real power! Open the chest in theTreasury, and collect a complete set of the best armor.Create unique artifacts.Always dreamed of becoming a creator? Create powerful artifacts,enhances and reforge your equipment in the smithy!Walk in the raid with friends.Join the best guild together with your friends Throws horriblebosses. Each boss requires knowledge of tactics and specialequipment, the hero!Explore NECKLACE WORLDS.Pass all the plot tasks and speak with the mysterious Three Gods,had organized the devastation in your own world!
Heroes of Alterant: Match 3 RP 3.9.1
Enjoy the best online match three RPG game. Become a hero of PvPbattle arena
Karma. Incarnation 1. 1.2
This multi-award winning, wonderfully weird, puzzle-filledindieadventure game explores a love story between two beautifulsoulsthrough ingenious humour and a bizarre, hand-drawn,frame-by-frameanimation style. Our hero’s beloved has been abductedby evilspirits, and the only way to reunite them is to reincarnatehimselfas a dragon to defeat Evil. But something has gone wrong,and hissoul is reborn as a worm named Pip. Now Pip must overcomethechallenges of a surreal world, solve mind bending puzzles, andsavehis love. Choosing between good and evil, Pip learns the lawsofKarma, and his choices define the outcome of the game. NOTE:Afterplaying through the first few levels, players will be promptedtounlock the rest of the content with a single in-apppurchase.Features: • Play as Pip and explore a rich, bizarre world.• UseAstral sight, a power that allows you to peek into the worldofspirits at any point of the game. • Learn Karma laws throughchoiceand action. Each evil deed spoils Pip’s karma and changeshisappearance. Good deeds purify karma. Key charactersresponddifferently to Pip’s karma, opening additional storyline.•Hand-drawn animations of the varied interactions of Pip withhisstrange environment. The environment and other characters ofthequests are drawn individually for each situation. • Livemagicalaward winning music and sound by ZMEIRADUGA Awards: •AndroidExcellence Game of 2017 • Intel Level Up contest: Best ArtDesign •Intel Level Up contest: Best Sound • Indie Game Cup:BestStory-telling game • Indie Game Cup: Best Unity game •DevGAMM:Excellence in Audio • DevGAMM: Excellence in Game Design •IndiePrize: Most Promising game in development • Indie Prize: Bestinshow: critic's choice • NextCastle: Best game in show
Crazy Coin 1.2.8
Spin and cross word puzzle
Pet Stories: Blast puzzles gam 1.24.0
Solve amazing puzzles, blast 3 colors in a row and restore theneighbourhood!
Vortex: Heroes of battle stones Match-3 RPG
Vortex: Heroes of battle stones Match-3 RPG - a newmultiplayermobile RPG A whole new world in the palm of your hand isawaitingits hero! Embark on an unforgettable adventure where you'llmeetmighty foes and new friends, learn sweet taste of victory andthejoy of long-desired reward! Fight as one out of sixuniquecharacters and become an invincible hero using the magicgemtactics. Invent your own combat tactics, overcome the bestplayersfrom all over the world in this captivating brain twister.Match3is a popular mobile game genre which is still awaiting itsstars,and you've got a unique chance to become one of them! Win,enterthe ranking, get rewarded, and write your name inhistory!Features: - Battle millions of players from around theworld,challenging in power and wits! - Make your duels stuff oflegends!- Invite friends into fights or combat random opponents in6 vs 6mode! - Solve puzzles and immerse into the new RPGuniverse!Adventures and battles await! VORTEX - a legend in yourpocket!
Merge Cats: Magic games 2.12.19
Kitten merge and match games: solve puzzles, use magic to renovatethe garden!
Heavens: role playing match 3 4.38.1+gp
Match 3 RPG battle & legends fights games. Role playing match 3puzzle adventure
Heavens: role playing match 3 4.41.0+gp
Match 3 RPG battle & legends fights games. Role playing match 3puzzle adventure