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Idle Defense Tower War Fight
Game RPG - Strategy game with cool actions and adventurous factors.
Metal Strike War: Gun Shooter
Gun shooter - A Big Gunner, a bravo use sniper rifle hunter, shotto kill enemy.
Magic Jewels: Match 3 Games
Adventure and very fun classic magic puzzle game. Let's play now
Bubble Shooter: Cat Pop Island
Bubble shooter rescue babe kittens. Let's play shoot bubble withyour friends.
Magic Jewels 2: Match 3 Games
Adventure witch magic puzzle game full of dangers and challenges.Play now
Stick Super Fight
Choose a superhero, upgrade power & defeat super bosses rightnow. Fight Now!
Stick Super Battle
Choose the most powerful superhero and destroy super bosses fromother universes
Stickman Battle Fight
Transform into the strongest superhero, upgrade your ultimate power& fight now.
Thunder Fighter Superhero
game war between the space galaxy, protect the robots from thespace sky force
Super Stickman Heroes Fight
Join the battle with all heroes from other universes - Show who isthe champion!
Tomcat Pop: Bubble Shooter
Tomcat Pop: Bubble Shooter is classic puzzle & Shoot bubblegames on Google Play
Galaxy Attack: Chicken Shooter
Space Shooter Galaxy War Shooting: No1 offline game, Shoot 'Em Upaction games
Stickman Shooter: Gun Shooting
Challenging shooting action game. Choose your gun and shoot fastnow! Fight Now!
Stick Dragon Fight
Stick Dragon Fight - Super Stickman Ultra Warriors the best actiongame for free
Rope Pixel Master: Rescue Hero
Pull The Rope & save all heroes from disaster. Super fun game.Play now!
Block Jewel - Block Puzzle Gem
Un juego clásico de 2021. ¡Llena los huecos y entrena tu cerebroahora!
Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero
The battle with heroes from multiverses - Who is the strongesthero? Fight now!
Pull Him Up: Pull The Pin Out
If you are smart, play this super hack brain up damage puzzle game,test your IQ
Rope Hero Rescue: Brain Game
Pull The Rope & save all crew from imposters. Super fun game.Play now!
Stick Hero Wars: Dragon Tower
Kill monsters, build mighty party up and become the strongest inhero wars.
Draw Master Part: Brain Puzzle
Draw one line or part to solve the puzzle! Are you genius enoughfor this test?
DOP 5 - Eraser Master
Solve Riddles by delete one part of something
Love Rescue: Bridge Puzzle
Game that challenge your brain. Let's build a bridge to save thegirl! Play now!
Easy Brain Test -Brain Up Game
• Download Easy Brain Test - for free. • Solve tons of trickybrainteasers to wash your brain daily. • Enjoy a variety of levelstoexercise your mind! • Apply real-life logic to beat thechallenges.• Use different mechanics for your brain out, thinkbigger! • Testyour savvy, imagination, and logic skills. • Focus onthe detailsand boost your brain power! • Use hints if you need aclue. • Findsolutions to the riddles! • Try simple and easygameplay with nopressure and no time limit. • Pass time whileimproving your brainand mood. • Play now and have endless fun! Thisaddictive mindproblem solving game is suitable for people of allages. This gameis perfect not only for relaxing or entertainmentbut also fortraining important abilities and skills. Easy BrainTest helps you:★ Practice smart creativity ★ Handle and understandthings better ★Exercise endurance and concentration ★ Train memoryand strategicthinking ★ Solve tricks to test your reflexes ★ Makeyour brainthink outside the box. What's your IQ? Put your mind tothe test.Train your brain – try to win this easy game!
DOP6 : Displaced one part
Dive into the latest installment of the fiendishlyentertainingpuzzle game with a truly loony sense of humor and getdisplacing.Fit the pieces into the right places on the picture, butmake sureto get them in the right order too. Engage your brain andyoursense of humor to solve an endless series of crazy puzzles 🤯wherefinding the solution is only half the fun – it’s the hilariousandinventive animations each solution launches that will keepyoucoming back to the DOPest logic game for morebrain-ticklingadventures and cartoon fun. * DISPLACEMENT ACTIVITIES* ★ Familiarfun in a brand-new format – in the brand-new gameplay,you must putthe three items in the right place on the picture andin the rightorder to solve the puzzle 🔑. Master the game’s simplemechanic thenlet your imagination run riot as you try to unraveleach ingeniouspictorial riddle. ★ Regular shots of DOPamine – over100 puzzlesare already in the game, each with its own unique comicsituationand particular brand of crazy logic that will require allyourlateral thinking powers to solve. Whether you’re helpingNewtondiscover gravity or a woman shoplift fruit from the store,feedinga lizard or making a tired housewife her coffee, solvingeachtricky puzzle is guaranteed to put a smile on your face 🤩.★Picture riddles for players of all ages – kids and adultsalikewill find endless hours of entertainment in DOP 3. Thegame’ssimple language, classic cartoon-style animations, and theabilityto keep trying to displace the mystery until you find therightsolution mean that even the youngest players can have funtrainingtheir brain and developing their rational thinking 🧠, whilethere’splenty of wit and visual sophistication to keepseasonedpuzzle-solvers interested too. ★ Exceptionally elegantsolutions –the game’s clean design, bright graphics and jauntymusic make DOP6 a cheerful and relaxing place to spend time, evenwhen you’retesting your logic with the trickiest, wackiest puzzles.BECOME ADOP FIEND 👀 Whether you’re already a fan of the previoustwoinstallments or are coming to the world of DOP for the veryfirsttime, this utterly unique and endlessly surprising puzzle gameisbound to find a place in your heart. Solving brain teasershasnever been so simple and so funny, so download DOP 6: DisplacedOnePart now and get thinking on the first puzzle. You’ll never lookatthe world quite the same way again.
Grass Cutter - Mow Lawn Garden
Feel satisfied with gardening in ASMR game, calm down and cut nicelawn
Ninja Stickman Fight: Ultimate
Are you ready to join the World of Ninja? Become a HeroStickFighter now!
Bike Race Moto
Race your bike through amazing tracks and have fun
Hero Craft 3D: Run & Battle
Run and merge to get your favorite heroes then join an epic fight
Troll Thief Master Puzzle Game
Don't get caught! Steal everything to pass a level of the mostfunstealing game
Music Beat Battle: Rainbow Mod 0.3
3, 2, 1 Go! Are you ready for beat fight, feel the rhythm anddropthe mic?