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Jungle Adventures: Super World
Jungle Adventures is a super adventure of Zog, a jungle boy want tobecome a treasure hunter. One day, Zog found an ancient map in thewarehouse of his grandfather, it leads to the super jungle world.Given that it was a treasure map, Zog decided to jump into jungleadventure to find treasure without knowing that a lot of threats insuper jungle world are waiting for him. Please help Zog jump andrun through the super jungle world, pass so much monsters on theway and find treasure at the end. HOW TO PLAY + Use button to jump,move, shoot. + Collect coins, do not fall off the ground. + Run tothe end of map to pass the level. FEATURES + Easy, intuitivecontrols. + Classic platform game style. + More than 80 levels, 30monsters, 5 epic Bosses. + Nice graphics and sounds. + Game isfree, no purchase required. + Suitable with kids and children.We're working on more levels for a future update. Download JungleAdventures Super World now FREE and enjoy!
Bounce Classic Game 1.3
If you are a fan of the classic bounce game, Bounce Classic is gamefor you. Bounce classic game will bring you back old memories. Theplayer controls a red bouncing ball through 11 levels. He has toavoid obstacles and collect all the rings to get to the next level.Collecting crystals gain extra points, while crystal balls give anextra life. Jumping on rubber floors give extra Bounce. Features: -Beautiful HD graphics - Original levels most popular. - Intuitivecontrols - Play every where and every time Most popular mobileclassic game: Bounce Classic - now on your Android devices!
Metal Shooter: Run and Gun
In 2200s, the Earth Protection Force detects unusual signs at oneisland then they send one team to the place for investigation. Itis found out that the whole island has been occupied by a Robotteam. Immediately one squad of elite warriors armed with the mostmodern equipment is sent to the island with the mission ofdestroying the Robot’s base. Your mission in this game is to playthe role of the warrior to penetrate into enemy’s place and destroythem. Metal Shooter: Run and Gun is a game about run and gun 2Dshooter action game originally. During side view stages, player canshoot leftward or rightward while standing, as well as horizontallywhile walking. Auto-Shoot function is recommend. You will deal withtouched enemies, shoot them down before they come closely. Jump into battles to conquer these epic bosses that make scenes. You losea life if you gets touched by enemy or an enemy bullet or fallsinto the bottom of the screen when there's no visible platform.When that happens, you will revert to his default weapon on hisnext life. When you kill an enemy, you will get some coins so afterlosing all lives, the player can continue by inserting more coinsor watch videos. There are many useful item in battle that help yougot coin, bullet even life. How to play - Jump and shoot weapons. -Keep do not die to end of mission. Features - Amazing colorfulgraphics HD. - Relax exciting map. - Classic arcade-style. DownloadMetal Shooter now FREE and enjoy!
Galaxy Shooter
Earth’s very existence is threatened. Alien invaders from spacehave been sent to destroy our planet. You have been called up torepel their attack. You must plan your battle strategy well andupgrade your fighter ship to defeat the increasingly advancedaliens. To accomplish this task, you must have the courage andwisdom. FEATURES : * The game is packed with 111 levels giving youhours of fun for you and your friends. * Amazing Lighting andSpecial Effects * Precision controls * charming sound and music,with HD graphics . * 11 different weapons . * 21 different enemytypes . * 8 Bosses with rich attack patterns and transformations. *6 unique fighters waiting for unlocking, when you passed alleasy/normal/hard levels . Simple game rule but it's surprisinglychallenging. The Galaxy's future is now in your hands. Play now,you can do it ! Always thanks for those who love ✈ Galaxy Invaders- Alien Attack ✈ .
Space shooter - Galaxy attack 1.558
- Captain! We are in danger! - We need your help! Our galaxy isattacked by alien shooter👽👽👽 - The alien invaders beat our squad,they destroyed all of galactica! Space team is waiting for yourorder! Please command ship to protect the galaxy and thesurrounding asteroids. - Jump on ship! NOW! If you are a big fan ofarcade shooting game with the new modern combat, and want to bringthe freedom in the galaxy games, so Space shooter: Galaxy attack isperfect game for you. With classic free space games genre, old gamewith a new context, Space shooter: Galaxy attack puts you on firewith infinity space shooting. You will be faced lots of evilenemies and deal with many striker bosses in galaxy wars. Are yousure you will survival in the war of alien shooter? 👍FEATURE -Perfect Shoot ‘em up: Choose your fighter ship, starship to buildyour own space team! Remember to survival! - Challenging campaign:+200 levels full of alien invaders! It should be your infinityshooting missions! - Epic and huge bosses: Show-off your skills.Enjoy arcade galaxy shooter game space combat - powered up - PVP -online shooting games, co-op with friend, gather your space team,mark your name on leader board global. - Stunning designs, amazinglighting and special effects. - Lucky wheel, daily quest and freegems everyday for you. 👍HOW TO PLAY - Slide to control yourspaceship dodge enemy's bullets. - Use coin and gem to upgrade orevolve your spaceship to fight with giant enemies and alieninvaders. - Use appropriate spaceships and strategies for eachlevel and boss. - Remember using power-up item, booster item tolevel up easier. The Galaxy's future is now in your hands. Get yourship ready for space attack in this arcade galaxy shooter game.Space shooter: Galaxy attack game on Facebook: Space shooter:Galaxy attack game Community: Join Group to get our supportquickly:
Space Hunter: Galaxy Attack Arcade Shooting Game 1.9.8
Space Hunter: Galaxy Attack Arcade Shooting Game If you are a fanof arcade galaxy attacking game, you must try out this thrillinggalaxy game! You are a space hunter - the last hope that can defeatthe galaxy invaders in this galaxy war. Your mission is to join thespace shooting battle and attack the alien invader. The galaxyinvader are intriguing to dominate the space by galaxy shooting. Ifyou don't have any action ASAP, the space will no longer belong toyou - the brave galaxy fighter. Don't hesitate to become the spaceshooter, the galaxy need your help! Fight! Shoot! Don't leave anyinvader enemies alive, and also challenge the galaxy boss in thisinfinity shooting game. Upgrade your spaceship and become thecaptain galaxy through simple move and easy play. Inspired by theclassic arcade galaxy game, the Space Hunter: Galaxy Attack ArcadeShooting game is captured with modernized design and graphics. Youwill soon be addicted to this game. 💥 BEST FEATURES 💥 👉 UNLIMITEDMAPS WITH ENDLESS BOSSES 👉 UPGRADE YOUR SPACESHIP TO ENHANCE POWER👉 DAILY LOGIN REWARDS FOR YOU - THE GALAXY SHOOTER 👉 TRY YOUR LUCKWITH LUCKY WHEEL 👉 THRILLING - EXCITING ATTACK GALAXY CHALLENGES 👉VARIOUS PLAYING MODES TO SHOW YOUR SKY SHOOTING SKILLS 🕹 HOW TOPLAY 🕹 🚀 Move your ship with just one finger! 🚀 Drag your ship tododge the bullets and attack alien. 🚀 Use rockets in danger spaceshooting situations 🚀 Collect floating items to upgrade powerduring the galaxy boss war 🚀 Enhance your spaceship and mini-shippower any time you have a chance! Become the alien shooter anddon't let any alien invader attack the galaxy. Are you ready? A lotof surprise missions and endless battles are waiting for you.
Dragon Epic - Idle & Merge - Arcade shooting game 1.157
In a wild and mystical Viking word, the vale of Dragoniaflourished. And then one day the darkness fell. The only hope forVale is for you to use your magic and raise the Dragons! You willbreed them, train them, control them, even merge them — and youwill become a legend in this classic arcade dragon shooter gamewith a twist! 🔥UNLEASH THE LEGEND - Evolve and train twenty uniquedragons possessing different attack styles, spell abilities, andclasses (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary) - Unlock epic powers – themore you train, the greater the power! - Become immortal bycompeting in the Legendary Leagues! 🔥ASCEND TO THE THRONE - Enjoythe adventure in the Dragon Epic and play against other DragonTrainers in PvP Arenas, collect rare Dragon Eggs, claim WarriorChests, and climb up the leaderboards! 🔥IDLE ARCADE SHOOTING GAME -Crush the enemies with auto battle! Turning off the game won't stopthe fight! - Witness auto hatching and auto merging of dragons. -Amazing mix of arcade shooting and merge and idle - a truly newgeneration of dragon game! 🔥FREE SUPPORT - Fairy support when youget stuck in hard spots - Replay mode to get more gems, more power,beat high scores - Progress Quest unlock - Free items, free packs,free dragons (shop for free) - Dragon games for free, too - Offlinereward gains - Idle games: auto play and gain gems in the game whenyou are idle. Ready to take on the amazing merge dragons game andcollect tons of adorable fire-breathing dragons? Train them to yourwill, grow your collection, and prove your right to be the championof the Vale with the top Dragon Epic legends in the world? If youare the big fan of Incremental games (also known as idle games,clicker games, or clicking games), we know that you are going to gomad for this dragon game to play! So, download now and explore! 👍Ifyou already love our game… Drop us a nice review :)
Free Games : Super Bob's World 2020 5.7.0
With the legendary mission: Princess Rescue, Bob’s World 2020-Super Free Adventure Game inherits the original super runsbestfeatures to get you off the real world and bring you back intimeto experience your childhood. Bob’s World 2 is thebest-updatedversion with more levels, better game physics, superbgraphics, andwith even more challenges to fulfill your heroicdesire. And thisis a Bino free game. Bob’s World 2020 has beennothing but emptiessince the princess got kidnapped into thejungle. Then, theadventure begins! Your task is to help Bob to runthrough themysterious jungle, jump over obstacles, and super evilmonsters tosave the beautiful princess at the final destination.This game isa free game and you can play offline. You will likethis Super freegame. [How to play] : + You can choose double tap orhold the jumpbutton for a high jump. + Use buttons to move and fire+ Eatmushrooms and items to become stronger and defeat allmonsters. +Collect all coins and bonus items to get more points andbuyadditional items in store. [Features]: + Game is free, nopurchaserequired. Free classic game. + Beautiful high-resolutiongraphics +Smooth user interface + Music and sound effects +Suitable for kids& all ages + Easy and intuitive controls withthe on-screenretro controller + Additional collectibles, coins,shields and moreConquer the challenges, and have fun with FreeGame!
Color Push 4D Bump 1.0.9
Color Push is the newest colors casual game. The mission is toavoidObstacles with different to win. This Color Push is free andeasy toplay and highly addictive. The game is one of the best bumpgamesand it’s the most insane free game of 2019. Beware of hurdlesandcross them efficiently with your finger to move the ballforward andpass your levels. Challenge your friends to play thegame to see whois the best! Features: - Color escape bump is freeto play. - Onefinger control. - Simple and easy control. - Controlthe game bumpand avoid different obstacles. - Unlimited uniquelevels. -Attractive environment and good graphics. Download andplay the bestcolor push of 2019 and enjoy. Complete differentchallenges andunlock new levels. If you have any questionregarding the game, feelfree to tell us. Your suggestions willhelp us to improve our game.Thanks for playing our Color Pushgame.
Thief King 1.1.3
Loot everything while avoiding detection. Become the MasterofThief! Do you think you are ready for the challenge? How to play:-Drag your finger on the screen to move your thief! - Releaseyourfinger to hide in the box! - Don't get caught by theSecurityGuards! KEY FEATURES - Sweet 3D low poly environments -Customizewith cool items and outfits - Easy pick-up-and-playcontrols -Simple and immersive gameplay - Cool Missions to Rob -Interestingplaces to explore - Search the area for big treasures -Nice,Smooth, and Funny Animations - Awesome Graphics Be quick andsneakyand grab tons of loots! Watch out for the patrols and becometheking of thieves!
Treaser Island 1.0.3
Welcome to Treasure Island - one of the new best Match 3 PuzzleGamefor you! Let's join us on the best Treasure Hunting Journey onourisland to explore and claim all the precious hidden treasure.Onthis journey to the magical Treasure Island, you will beimpressedby the fun, amazing gameplay with tons of treasure toachieve ineach levels and plenty of challenges updated everyday toovercomeand compete with global players and be the King of thisIsland. Withthe classic gameplay, all you need to do is switch andmatch theTreasures to meet each puzzle mission to progress to thenext level!Show others your skills and qualification to be theKing by solvingthe puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves.Don't worry aboutthe hard challenge. There are useful boosterswhich will support youon your way to the final destination.Features: • All FREE to playTHOUSANDS of exciting levels updateddaily • Enjoy BEAUTIFUL HDDesigns and STRIKING effects • Releaseall your stress with the FUNand ATTRACTIVE gameplay • CHALLENGEyourself to solve tricky puzzlein higher levels • PLAY withfriends and COMPETE with global players• WIN spectacular boostersto blast through challenges • JOIN dailyevents with worthy rewardsPack your suitcase and Let's Join us nowon our journey to theTREASURE ISLAND.
Pirates Of Galaxy: Epic hunter 6.1
Play as the infamous pirate of the galaxy, a bounty hunter on anadventure to alien infested planets. Gear up and fly! Pirates OfGalaxy - Shoot'em up shooter - Hottest shoot’em up game of theyear. Created based on classic shoot’em up games, the game has allof the best feature of the classics but integrated a whole newgameplay system. With great graphics and enticing story you won’tbe able to stop once you start. There’re a variety of airships -each with its own skill - to choose from, every time you play a newship, it’ll be a new experience: new characters and unique weapons!two sidekicks will be your companion in this grand adventure.Discover and conquer new territory of the vast galaxy where yourenemies awaits. Defeat or defeated - only you can decide! Piratesof the galaxy. FEATURE: - Beautiful graphics and incredible music -Smoothly on every device - Lots of play mode: campaign, endless,pvp - Intense boss battle every 3 levels HOW TO PLAY? - Touch thescreen to control the ship - Upgrade your ships, power core -Purchase new ships - Conquer new destinations to gain incredibletreasures and prizes Play Pirates Of Galaxy - Shoot'em up shooter,Gear up and fly! Get in touch with us at: -
Galaxy Shooter : Falcon Squad Premium
OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
In a near future, human conquered all planets in the Solar System,thus became the mightiest race in the Galaxy. Sensing the potentialthreat, all other races rallied their armed forces, bending ondestroying the human race. Humans had suffered from a suddenattack, lost many space colonies in the process. You, once a heroof classic time, was living in seclusion, now return to ride yourown fighter aircraft in the battle against evil Alien Forces. Thegame has classic pixel style and Danmaku barrage of bullet hellshooter. Defend the galaxy from alien attacks, we need you! You -Protector of the Galaxy. The Galaxy is waiting for you! ThisPremium Bundle will give you a wing among the mightiest onesoffering you enormous power, a damage-focused drone to fight toughBosses and great amount of resources for you to upgrade youraircrafts. FEATURES ➤ Fantastic visual: Gorgeous Pixel graphics,which reminds of old school retro games, is best fitting forvertical shooters. Epic exciting sky battles are waiting for thearrival of a true hero. ➤ Exciting Campaign: More than 120 levelsfull of different challenging enemies and breathtaking action! ➤Epic Boss: Wipe out swarm of minions before challenging tough andfierce big Boss battles. Taste the Danmaku barrage of bullets! ➤Perfect Shoot ‘em up: Lots of fighter jets, supporting drones andgorgeous wings, ammunitions and guns, with various upgrade optionsto choose from, a full armory of high technologies to customizeyour partner! ➤ More additional mode: Experience more of true spacebattles in different modes like PvP, Endless, Tournament,… ortaking part in live events for even more rewards and excitement. ➤Unique PvP battles: Challenge your friends or random playersthrough PVP battles! Fight and raise your rank to the top of theglobal leaderboard! ➤ Retro modernized: Played or didn’t play Shmup(STG) game before? No matter, this is a Super-easy control game, soeasy that a tutorial is not even needed! This top-down shooter willmake you feel awesome and relive the old feeling of playingscrolling game! Lead the humanity and bring us back to our gloryday again. The force is with you!
Park Master
PARK MASER is a simple, addictive puzzle game with newgameplay.Target driver car to complete the mission. FEATURE ✔️Alllevels forfree ✔️ Simple controls with your fingers ✔️ Beautifulgraphics ✔️Awesome effects and more. GUIDE PLAY ✔️ Move the car andtake it tothe destination ✔️ Complete outstanding missions toreceive avariety of gifts ✔️ Use items, increase hours, increasehealth,protect to avoid obstacles SUPPORT In case of any problems,insteadof giving negative comments, please send us your commentsviae-mail: [email protected]
1 Line - Draw 1 Stroke By One Touch - Shape Games 1.8
1 line - draw one stroke by one touch is a puzzle games withdiverselevels, from easy lines to complex particular shape. Therule issimple, you have to draw one stroke only to connect all thepoints,then victory is yours! But it is not that simple. With ahigherlevel, you will face more and more difficult challenges. Itisrequired a clever mind to overcome it all. Playing One Line -drawone stroke by one touch is a great way to train your brain tobesmarter and better. Moreover, you can play it offline orchallengeyour friends! 1 line - draw one stroke by one touchchallenges allthe transcendent brains! HOW TO PLAY: Only 1 rule:Drawing a singleline to connect dots. Use “Hints” to help you outwith complexshapes. FEATURES: 10 diffirent zones 500 shapes fromeasy tomind-blowing level! 10 displays to change. Daily log-inrewards!Only a few players can complete the quests in this game.Can youpass it and solve the puzzle?
Super Swing Man: City Adventure 1.4.9
Welcome to the world of Stickman hero! As evils are invadingthecity, it is time for the true hero to come and protect citizens.Ifyou want to join the adventure and get the strong power of asuperswing man , here you are the best swing man game ever withlots ofchallenges and fun. Just by tapping skillfully and stickingto therope line, you could overcome obstacles and make awesomemovesacross the city. Remember that the more gorgeously you swingandfly, the more city corners you explore and rescue! Downloadthisamazing swing man game for free to get the features:Experiencecity adventure with exciting simulators. Test your skillslike arope swing man hero through various challenges. Unlockcoolcharacters and find which hero fits you the most. Specialtricksand suitable upgrades for super swing man hero. Enjoyhigh-qualitysound and eye-catching graphics. This is an easy butmind-blowinggame to play anytime! Install immediately to see howwell you playthe role of super swing man to defend the city.
Block Puzzle Buddies
This is world of cute block puzzle game! It's the mostinterestingand addictive gameplay with colorful effects, cute emojiblock,suitable for everyone Let join with us!!! How to play 1.Select anddrag cute blocks to move them 2. Make full line on thegrid by rowor column to clear blocks 3. Endless gameplay, justbreak yourlimit highscore Features - Colorful and cute emoji - Easyto play,fit for all age - Free to play and no wifi needed - Inviteyourfriend and beat them on leaderboard - Addictive gameplay
Stick Heroes: Arrow Master 1.0.8
Stick Heroes: Arrow Master , we need your help! Thecriminalorganizations are expanding their power and endangering thegoodpeople, only you can help them. Get ready to play the role ofanassassin that invades the underworld to destroy minions andgangbosses. All you need is a cold head and a flexible finger.SIMPLE -ATTRACTIVE GAMEPLAY Timing and tap, it’s that simple, butthisaddictive gameplay brings you unique experience overcominghundredsof level with full of challenges throughout the journey totriumphthe reward. VARIOUS OF HEROES WEAPONS An advanced roster ofheroeswith unique abilities and achievable stronger weapons makeyourcharacter cooler than ever and even more confident indestroyingenemies. Customize your character as you like it! LIGHTAND VIVIDGRAPHIC Stick Heroes: Arrow Master contains ragdollphysicsstickman game engine, with super super minimalistic graphicsandtheater animations. No lags, no freezes, no crashes, all helpsyouenjoy the game without any inconveniences. SOCIAL ANDGAMELEADERBOARDS Log in via Facebook, invite your friends,challengethem and become a Parking Master on worldwideleaderboards. Butdon’t forget your Throne is at stake, targeted bymillions of dailyplayer! We are always working diligently toimprove the quality ofthe game with many new levels and events thatensure you willreally enjoy. Have you enjoyed the game yet? Enjoythe moreexciting and exciting moments than ever and take some timeto leaveyour comment. Stick Heroes: Arrow Master is a completelyfree gamewith some optional content to pay. Thanks and see youagain on ouradventure!
Zombie War Idle Defense Game 121
“Red Code! I repeat it's Red Code! The Zombie War, it's happening!We're being attacked by a huge wave. Defender Hero team, get on theturret NOW!” In 2113, the zombie apocalypse has thrown humanityinto the most horrible disaster, a tremendous War, which turnedhuman beings into bloodthirsty zombies. By fighting against endlesswaves of zombie attack, you, along with a hero squad, are the lightin those darkest days. Your mission? Keeping the civilization safeby building the last shelter as strong as possible, boosting heavyweapons, and assembling a legendary hero team. In Zombie War - IdleDefense Game, the rush of the creeps has never been so cruel, thesebattles will leave you unforgettable impressions. There’re severalmaps full-filling with varieties of zombie. Each level containsseveral waves of the walking deads with a very high pace, whichchallenges your training and strategic skills. To be the greatestdefender hero in this defender battle, your mission is to defeatthese brutal enemies in order to prevent the infection. Don'tforget to build a strong team to make you the most resilient squadto win this strategic idle defense shooting TD game. Having thethoughtful gameplay, this game is the perfect combination of thegenres td, idle, defense, shooting game. Will you survive till thevery end of the zombie war? Join our free game to find out!⚡️FEATURE⚡️ - Idle Defense battle: Choose your machine gun andsidekicks heroes to defend brutal zombies. - Challenging missioneveryday: Complete mission, collect coins, diamonds to boostequipment and defender hero team. - Many heavy weapons, add-ongrenades and heroes with a lot of unique skills. - Several maps andvarieties of zombie to unlock. - Lucky spin, daily quest and freegems everyday for you. 🕹HOW TO PLAY 🕹 - Idle defending with automode, tap the zombie to change the shooting direction or control itmanually by turning auto mode off. - Drag the add-on grenades tothe enemy zone to slay them. - Upgrade weapons, heroes, and yourturret to build a stronger team. - Complete mission to collect morecoins and gems. Survive to the very end of the tremendous war andgive hope to build a new world! 🌏 Find us on Facebook and join ourCommunity to get support quickly:
Stickman Warriors - Supreme Duelist 1.1.34
Stickman Warriors fun and addictive game with realistic physics andhardcore gameplay. With simple controls you can perform amazingstunts and blows to defeat your opponents. Stickman Warriors is afunny and crazy. Stickman fight mobile game. You are looking for asupreme stickman fight game. You are a fan of spider stickmanwarriors right? Try hard to stick fight and be the supreme stickmanin this ultimate stickman fighting game! ⚔️Amazing supreme stickmanwarriors fight battle in the stickman two player games! ⚔️Stickmanwarriors is an incredible offline duel in the battlegrounds full oftraps. Include stickman hero: Shadow stickman, bad stickman....⚔️Upgrade your weapons, shields, and helpful bonuses. Smash yourenemy in the ace two player mode. Become a champion of a supremestickman fight battle fighting games! 💥 Stickman warriors -fighting games with lots of stickman heroes skins to choose 💥 Twoplayers game make you chill with exclusive sound music 💥 Spiderstickman can compete in 2 player games mode 💥 Supreme duelist in aworld with more weapons and new stickman warriors 💥 Stickman gameswith good sounds & nice graphics of supreme spider stickman 💥Spider stickman warriors and more booster are added 💥 Stickmanwarriors fight with two players and survival modes and more maps 💥Multiplayer mode like two players game in malevolence stickmanfight battle 💥 Supreme duelist 2 player will bonus gold and bonusvideo every day 💥 Spider stickman warriors fight battle is totallyFREE! 💥 Supreme stickman fight game has a realistic stick fightingskill 💥 Stick fight with excellent campaigns in the pugnaciousstickman games 💥 Supreme duelist in 2D physics and realistic stickfighting 💥 Stickman games two players with hardcore gameplay thateveryone will love ⚔️ Two player games fighting of the stick fightgame in the funny stickman games style! Destroy your fighting gamesenemies and other malevolence supreme stickman warriors. Variousspider stickman fight battle weapon types available. Stickmanwarriors avoid the pugnacious enemies to survive. Supreme dueliststickman warriors join the heroic fights in the game and fight tobecome the legend. ⚔️ Supreme Stickman Fighting - Two Player Gamesis built with realistic physics gameplay. Supreme duelist stickmanwarriors can carry an attack by different body parts and usevarious types of spider stickman hero weapons. 🔥 Ragdoll physicsstickman games 🔥 Two player game supreme duelist stickman warriors🔥 Improve your weapon, shields and helpful bonuses 🔥 Сhoose yourstickman hero and fight on the one of fantastic playgrounds. 🔥 Getpresents and coins with Spider Stickman Fighting - Supreme stickmanwarriors 🔥 2 player games stickman fight in stern battles withpugnacious enemies 🔥 Stick fight in two players game mode tochallenge your friends 🔥 Stickman games make you the last stickfighter standing 🔥 Supreme stickman warriors use super hero boosterheath and strength 🔥 Spider stickman warriors fight battle withdynamic gameplay at each level 🔥 Choose your spider stickmanwarriors to stick fight now 🔥 Supreme duelist to kill themalevolence enemies in spider stickman games DOWNLOAD THE GAME "STICKMAN WARRIORS - SUPEREME DUELIST" NOW FOR A FUN TIME WITHFAMILY AND FRIENDS
Zombie Hunter Last Hero Survival AutoFire Attack 0.4
A dangerous disease called Mutant Zombie is exploding in militarybases. Anyone that is infected with the virus will turn into aZombie and start killing their teammates. You must go hunting andkilling a hundred Zombies to rescue other warriors. Sneak aroundthe corners to avoid the flashlights like a professional assassin.Kill them with the automatic machine guns and collect as many gemsas possible. Let's join the special forces to become the greatestZombie Hunter Commandos Last Hero Survival...
Zombie Idle Craft
Zombies are appearing everywhere and destroying everything theysee.You will have to defend themselves against the endless wavesof theenemy. Each level will contain several waves of attacksfromzombies, each next wave will be a serious test of yourstrategicskills. Let's fight together to stop them before the earthisdestroyed by them.
Zombie Frenzy
You, the mighty zombie in the pixel world, is going to make amove.INFECT all the human, turn them into your creep, grow yourpack.DESTROY vehicles, buildings, burn the civilization down todust.ASSEMBLE your creep, moving from the peace village to thecrowedcity. AIM for the special canon, destroy last human'sdefense:bombarding planes.
Craft Impostor 1.10
Craft Impostor is a fun 3D pixel action puzzle game. Be preparedfor a mind game between the Craft Crew and you - the Impostor. Actfast and kill off your crewmates before they find out that you areevil. HOW TO PLAY: Tap to kill the crewmates and sabotage the ship.If you kill everyone in the Crew without getting caught, you win.FEATURES: 3D pixel art style. One finger control. Super easy toplay. Absolutely free to download.
Infinity Stickman Fight
▼ INTRODUCTION: The endless battles of superheroes. Let's becometheultimate supreme stickman ▼ HOW TO PLAY: + How to play isverysimple Players control heroes with joystic to move andattackenemies + The system will randomly drop weapons, quicklycontrolthe hero to pick up the weapon When there is a weapon inhand, thehero will be very powerful. Try to attack with a weapon todealmore damage to the opponent + Dodging enemy attacks andattackingthem properly will lead you to victory + Hit enemies inthe head todeal critical damage In addition, the player can hit thebody partsthat were attacked before to deal more damage + You canupgrade andpick new weapon to heroes to increase strength ▼FEATURES: +Totally free + Offline games, no network, no mobile datarequired.+ You can play every continent everywhere + The combatsystem iscompletely different from other fighting games +Experiencecountless familiar superheroes + Stickman combined withextremelyrealistic physics + Thousands of powerful and uniqueweapons + Getreward every day when entering the game + Verticalscreen is easyto manipulate DOWNLOAD THE GAME "INFINITY STICKMANFIGHT" NOW FOR AFUN TIME WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS ▼ CONTACT US: Ourproductsfrequently have improved for users We want more ideas fromyou orhave errors, please contact us: Email:[email protected]
Stickman Kombat - Epic Battle
▼ HOW TO PLAY: + How to play extremely simple + The playercontrolsHeros with Joystic to move and attack the enemies + Thesystem willrandomly drop weapons, quickly control the hero to pickup weapons+ When the enemy has a weapon, drop their weapons beforetheyattack you + When the enemy has a weapon, control the herocleverlydropped weapons before they attack you + Avoiding enemyattacks andattacking them properly will lead you to victory + Hitthe head ofthe enemy to deal critical damage + In addition, playerscan hitthe previously attacked body parts to deal more damage + Youcanupgrade and buy new heroes to increase strength ▼ FEATURES:+Totally free + Offline games, no network, no mobile datarequired.+ You can play every continent everywhere + The combatsystem iscompletely different from other fighting games +Experiencecountless familiar superheroes + Stickman combined withextremelyrealistic physics + Thousands of powerful and uniqueweapons + Getreward every day when entering the game + Verticalscreen is easyto manipulate DOWNLOAD THE GAME "STICKMAN KOMBAT" NOWFOR A FUNTIME WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS ▼ CONTACT US: Our productsfrequentlyhave improved for users We want more ideas from you orhave errors,please contact us: Email: [email protected]
X Impostor 1.1
"Be careful!!! There is an IMPOSTOR among us". You will play aroleas an impostor. Your mission is simple: Kill all thelivingcrewmates in the spaceship, and escape through the vent tobecomethe best imposter. Let no one survive. ★ HOW TO PLAY: - Holdanddrag to move around the ship, kill the crewmates, and sabotagetheobjects. - When you kill everyone without getting noticed,thelevel is completed. - Be careful with crewmates. They maydiscoveryou are The Imposter. If you get caught under the enemy’svision,you have to start over again. GOOD LUCK!!! ★ FEATURES: -Easy tounderstand. - One finger control. - Fun and challenginglevels. -Intuitive interface - Nice and smooth graphics! - AbsoluteFREE toplay. Prove yourself as the best impostor right now. PLAYFOR FREE!!!
Prison Break: Stickman Adventure 1.26
A fan of Arsène Lupin, a fictional gentleman thief and master ofdisguise, calls himself Lupin 19th. His hobby is adventure throughprisons in the world. The challenges, the obstacles, thedifficulties all are interesting to him. Nothing can stop him fromescaping. Each prison has unique characteristics that he usespecial specific skills to pass. Let's go with him to experiencemany prisons in the world. Features 1. Make smart choice Each levelpresents you with multiple choices - make the right answers toproceed. Wrong answers will result in painful but funny outcomes.2. Very simple and Addicting Gameplay The gameplay is very simple.Simply you make decision and go, wait for what will happens. 3.Everybody can play Prison Escape: Stickman Story. Because of simplegameplay, simple content, and very funny result, every people canplay Prison Escape: Stickman Story. Unlike other Prison Breakgames, this game could bring you special experience and feeling.Let's start and enjoy!
Last Gunner: War Zombie Defense Classic BEACH HEAD
Last Gunner: War Zombie Town Defense 3D is the mobile version oftheclassic game Beach Head on PC
Craft Pixel Hunter: Zombie Rise
An advanced zombie civilization is colonizing our City.Theirdevastating attacks destroyed millions of lives and wiped outmostof the natural resources. With no other options, humanitymuststand up and form a Hunter to shoot the Zombies down andprotectthe beloved prosperous world. Hunters are heavily armedwithadvanced weapons to defeat all kinds of enemies. Humanityawaits ahunter who can lead them to win this epic battle. Are youthatlegendary commander? Are you ready to fight with us? Jointhebattle now! FEATURES: ▶ Explore many stages and locationswithuniquely designed zombies. ▶ Unlock various hunter and skills.▶Increase your power with upgraded weapons. ▶ Immerse yourselfinultra stunning graphics and realistic animations. ▶ Easy toplay,easy to control. You can play anywhere, anytime with justonefinger. Download and help Hunters save the world now!
Sort It 2D - Ball Sort Puzzle 1.1.8
Sort It 2D - Ball Sort Puzzle, a color ball sorting game, is a funand relaxing game that entertains and stimulates your brain! Allyou need to do is sort the colored balls until all the same colorsare together in the same tube. A challenging yet relaxing game toexercise your brain! 💥HOW TO PLAY💥 • Tap any tube to move the balllying on top of any tube into another tube • You can always restartthe level at any time or retrace your steps one by one using theback button. • Stack all the balls with the same color into asingle tube. • If you get really stuck you can add a tube to makeit easier. 💥FEATURES💥 • Free & easy to play. • Only one fingerneeded. • No time limit! • No level limits! • Offline games, playoffline without Wifi. • Easy and super addictive gameplay! • Greatgame to pass time & it makes you think! • A family game, whereboth adults and children can have fun together. Let's sort all thecolored ball NOW!!!
Merge Plants – Monster Defense 1.8.0
Are you a big fan of Zombie Defense and Merge Plants Idle game? Ifyes, please get ready to grow the badass plants as a swam ofZombies is about to destroy this lovely garden. Warning! Monstersare addicted to brains. Your mission is to merge, defend and fightagainst these hilarious Zombie-zombi. 🌻Merge your crops. Facing thegreedy monsters, you can build a squad with various plants andflowers by merging them to unlock new crops. Don’t forget to powerup attacks, speed up planting time before the Zombies knock yourdoor. 🌻Defend your home. Be careful how you plan a strategy tocombat the massive array of Zombies. They will never give up untilgetting into your house! You need to merge plants as fast as youcan! 🌻Fun to play, simple to control. Don’t need to pay anythingexcept time. Yes, this is an idle merge game, everyone can get richresults even while sleeping. 🌻How to play: • Unlock soil plots togrow flowers • Merge plants at the same level to create a newpowerful plant • Tactically move plants to attack zombies • UseSuper Boost to increase the power and attack speed of plants •Shoot the zombies all down before they reach the finish line.
1942 🚀 Free classic shooting games
An inspired world war in 1942, 1942 arcade shooting games freeisone of the top shooting games 2020. With its simple gameplayandendless fun, 1942 Squadron is a masterpiece remake of theclassicarcade experience. The controls are easy to learn and use.1942Squadron's keeping the old feeling of playing in an arcade.Youwill find more than ten types of famous World war IIcombatairplanes for military fans and more. 1942 Squadron supportedforall kinds of devices, from phones with low specificationstotablets. Offline games and more features: ● Free shootinggamesThis game is Free for everyone, You will have all history onyourphone now! ● Airplane games There are many new airplane modelsinthe game. 1942 classic arcade game Played Shmup (STG) gamesbefore?This top shooting game will make you say «wow» and revivethe bestimpressions of your scroll childhood. No matter you are afan ofStrikers, Tyrian, Ace Squad, Razor, or Airborn or youparticipatedin battle actions in Sky Force. You will become a fanof our series1942 Squadron! ● Simple arcade game Autofire, shootingthe POW fromred enemies, it will cycle between the various weaponsavailable,which can be picked to equip it to the aircraft. ●Perfect Shoot'em-up Lots of fighter jets, battle companions,ammunition andguns, and devices to choose from: your armory ispacked withhi-tech! And you can play the game offline. ● Excitingcampaign Wewill impress you with more than 50 levels full ofenemies andbreathtaking action! ● Free Multiplayer Shooting GamesPVP,Bombarding, Bosses, and Protect, each of them radicallychangingthe gameplay! ● Huge bosses battle and defeat enemies thatare sobig they don't even fit the screen! And wipe out swarms oftheirminions! ● Great visuals: Tired of space shooter and lasers?Tryout flying! Vertical shooting games have never been better.Epicsky wars are full of excitement. Choose your airplanes and freethecountry from invaders. The symphony of air war and heroes'charismaare unforgettable! Make your choice - take your airplanestovictory. Feel the bullet force. Download 1942 classicshootinggames right now 🚀
Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter 37.1
Earth's last hope is in your hands, take control of the lonespaceship and protect Earth from alien swarms. Your goal will bequite challenging as you will have to save the Universe from itsevil enemies. In this space shooting game, you will be facing anincreasingly large number of enemies in hazardous environments. Asthe game progresses, you will earn the right to upgrade yourspacecraft to unleash its full lethal capacity. HOW TO PLAY: *Touch screen to move and kill all enemies. * Collect items toupgrade or change your weapons. FEATURES: * Multiplayer mode: 1 vs1, 1 vs 3 * High quality images optimized for tablets and largescreens. * Ability to use active skills during the space battles. *The game is packed with 160+ levels on various difficulties. *Beautiful levels with immersive missions to complete. * Multipleextreme boss battles. * Upgrade your guns and lasers. Enjoy classicspace combat - powered up. Download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooternow! Follow us on Facebook: Group with us
8 ball pool 3d - 8 Pool Billiards offline game 2.0.4
8 Ball Live is one of the top realistic 8 ball pool games withonline video chat in Android market. 8 Ball Live is the fun 8 poolball game that is the most exciting and realistic billiardssimulator in City of Billiards. Play with your facebook friends,and enjoy the modern acrade style 3D pool 8 game with players. Herewe have unique 8 ball pool online game in video live chat, you canalso start a billiards game in the private billiard room with yourfriends. Enjoy the real-time multiplayer game everybody’s talkingabout! Download 🎱 8 Ball Live and start your 8 ball live match! 🎱8Ball LIVE KEY FEATURES: ✨ Compete 1-vs-1 match in video real-timelive games: compete your opponent face-to-face, double fun! ✨ Voicechat: Instant live chat with your competitors,enjoy the fun pool ✨Advanced 3D physics engine: Realistic graphics and sounds effects,authentic pool table game experience ✨ Private 1-vs-1 match room:Log in Facebook, play 1-vs-1 ball games with friends, build yoursocial network! ✨ Play with Facebook friends: Sign in with yourFacebook account and you’ll be able to compete your Facebookfriends straight from the billiards game. ✨ World tournament: Playlike a pro and win your trophies against other pool ball players! ✨50+ classy, exclusive, epic, legendary cues in shop: Customize yourcues and table, get advantages to play against your ball opponents✨ Get free pool ball coins and hit the jackpot every day! ✨ Openprofile: Show off your brilliant stats ✨ Challenge the poolRankings - to be magic 8 ball superstar! 8 Ball Pool is one of themost fun and engaging sports games around. Now you can sharpen yourskills playing offline and tackle digital competitors. Play poolgame for a challenging and rewarding experience. Try it now! PLAYWITH YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS The best feature of this mini clipbilliard game is the perfect network system, live chat and addfriends, establish a social network with 8 ball fans. Challengefriends anytime, anywhere and show off your skills. Find billiardmasters and challenge them. 8 BALL TOURNAMENTS Play in the coolpool hall against players around the world in real-time as youcompete in tournaments, compete 1v1 games and challenge yourFacebook friends! EASY TO PLAY THE BOARD 8 BALL GAME Now slide yourscreen to aim the ball, drag down the power bar to strike, show offskills and concentration to dive into the pool ball game, you arethe future billiards master in the world tournament. Play with yourfriends in the fun mini clips 8 ball sports game! Play withLegends. 8 Ball Live is the popular casual classic billiards game.This board game is free to play on your mobile. Play with yourfriends and communicate with billiard lovers all over the world andbecome a pool hero! Come and download for free today. Pocket allthe pool balls on the table, prove yourself in the best onlinepocket billiards, you are the future billiards master in 🎱8 BallLive!
Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War 2.2.2
Are you fan of space shooting, bullet hell games and like to blastenemies for glory? If the answer is "HELL YES!" Infinity Shooting:Galaxy War will suit you best! Our Solar System has been invaded byspace enemies, but we still have you as our last hope! As a admiralof space defender, will be defeating them, so wait no longer,aboard your spaceship and annihilate your enemies, save our planet,destroy the enemy conquer plan! Burn them, till the very last ofthem falls. FEATURES: - Multiplayer mode - Simple controls with tapand hold that doesn’t need a tutorial, so dive right in andshoot'em up! - Various spaceships with their own unique weapons,missiles & special abilities to help you defeat all of thosebosses. Even the strongest enemy won't stand a chance! - Stunninggraphics & exquisite sounds quality, like you have never seenbefore! Totally different from the old retro space shooter, play itand feel it! - Exciting Campaign with over 100 levels full of spaceenemies to let you see space from earth! - Superb game playmechanics with excellent progression system to keep you shootingnon-stop for hours Enjoy classic space combat - powered up.Download now!
Zombie Idle Defense 1.7.1b9
Hunt zombies and be a city king. 👍Defend against the zombie army Anexciting, incredibly dynamic and terribly atmospheric strategy gamewith RPG elements that give you hours of real pleasure, and allowsyou to enjoy thoughtful gameplay. In Zombie Idle Defense, you willgo to a post-apocalyptic world where most of the world's populationhas turned into ferocious zombies. You, along with a group ofsurvivors, will have to defend themselves against the endless wavesof the enemy. 👍Addictive from the very first minutes Take adefensive position, choose the proper weapons for your heroes andget ready to meet with the inexorable enemy. Each level willcontain several waves of attacks from zombies, each next wave willbe a serious test of your training and strategic skills, can youwithstand the onslaught of the last bosses? A large arsenal ofweapons, several types of zombies, a high pace of the game, as wellas exciting gameplay - all this you will find in Zombie IdleDefense! 👍HOW TO PLAY - Tap zombie to stop and shoot the zombie -Buy other weapons to support you kill the zombie - Update weaponsto make them stronger - Buy more and more weapons and skill Collectall weapons and become the best zombie killer in Zombie IdleDefense. Join group Facebook:
Strike Force - Arcade shooter - Shoot 'em up 1.7.1
Alien Attack is coming. Reload your spaceship cannon and surprisethe enemies with a destructive missile. Use your skills and agilityto fly through the deadly enemy territory, defeat all the alienshooter and rescue your falcon squad Are you ready to gather yoursky strike force to kill all the alien invaders and protect thesky? - Become the greatest Captain of the Galaxy now! UNIQUEFEATURES ►CLASSIC SPACE SHOOTER GAMES : Top-down perspective, oldschool graphic, 1942 game and superb gameplay mechanics. ►VARIOUSCANNON EFFECTS: Upgrade your aircrafts, devices,and equipments tobecome the strongest sky strike force. ►CHALLENGING PvP: Defeatyour opponents to become a space shooter champion ! ►HD GRAPHICS:Beautiful maps levels with immersive missions to complete. ►ADDITIONAL MODES: Easy, Normal, Heroic. Accessible to beginners, aswell as shooter games addicts. If you are a fan of the SpaceShooter, Falcon Squad, Galaga games genre, you should not miss thistitle! Welcome to space games: Strike Force - Arcade shooter -Shoot 'em up
Super Pep's World - Jungle Adventure Game 230
Welcome to challenging Super Pep's World - Jungle Adventure Game🍄.Pep's World - Super Jungle Adventure Game gives you the chance tostep back in time to your childhood with the legendary mission:Princess Rescue. The world of Pep has been nothing but emptiessince his lovely princess got kidnapped into the jungle. It wouldbe great if he has your help to rescue the princess. Your task isto help Pep run through the mysterious jungle, jump over theobstacles, and super evil monsters save the beautiful Princess atthe final destination. This incredible adventure game is free, andyou can play Pep offline. What are you waiting for? 🍄Jumping toSuper Pep’s world for free now. There are many things in thisincredible world you need to know: 🍄Various maps to explore 🍄Morestunning skins to change 🍄Beautiful high-resolution graphics🍄Smooth user interface 🍄Music and sound effects 🍄Suitable for kids& all ages 🍄Awesome gameplay similar to the classic retro Game🍄Easy and intuitive controls with the on-screen retro controller🍄Additional collectibles, coins, shields, and more 🍄Phone andtablet support What you have to do to help Pep rescue the princessin his adventure 🌟 Tap “Left”, “Right” button to run. 🌟 Tap the“Jump” button to break bricks. Press it longer for higher jump. 🌟Powerup Pep by eating 🍄 and items and defeat all monsters. 🌟Collect as many coins as possible to get more points and buyadditional items in store to unlock new levels. Download SuperPep's World - Jungle Adventure Game 🍄 now for free. Let’s go for arun and expect the unexpected in this classic adventure game.
Super Bino Go:Adventure Jungle 1.9.6
Super Bino Go: New Adventure Jungle 2022 - a totally new old-schoolrunning game, will surprise you with the greatest adventure ofMario to Mushroom Kingdom! Super Bino Go will lead you to step backin time to your childhood with the Marrio game or platform game.Bino's legendary mission is Princess Rescue and your task ishelping him run through the mysterious islands, jump and run overthe obstacles, and fight against super evil monsters to save thebeautiful Mushroom Princess at the final destination in a dangerousworld. You can be a Bino, a Mario, a Boppy, a Lep or Bob to saveyour princess. 👉 Let's have a look at what awaits you in ourclassic game: + 8 Iconic Islands including many types of worldlevel (sky, water, underground, etc.) and 145 levels + 7 FierceBosses to defeat to move to the next Bob island + Cool control likein classic platform games + Beautiful high-resolution graphics +Smooth user interface + Music and sound effects + Suitable for bothkids & adults + Game is no-paid; no purchase required + Phoneand Tablet support 👉 To pass such difficult levels, you should seekhelp from 3 types of powerful items that are hidden in bricks orbought by collected coins in this world. + Get "Grow-up" to becomebigger Bob mario + Get "Fire" to throw bomb at the enemies + Get"Shield" to protect Bino and Bob in a limited amount of time Do nothesitate to join one of the most interesting adventures ever withSuper Bino Go. Defeat the monsters – Break all records – And mostimportant: SAVE THE PRINCESS. Download the best classic arcade gamenow!!! Follow us to have more updates and tutorials: Facebook: Youtube:
Bob's World - Running game
Bob's World - Super Jungle Adventure - Free Run Games gives you thechance to step back in time to your childhood with the legendarymission: Princess Rescue. The World of this Game containswell-designed levels, various enemies, super bosses, simplegameplay, excellent graphics, and soothing music and sounds. Bob'sWorld has been nothing but empties since the Princess got kidnappedinto the jungle. But then, the adventure begins! Your task is tohelp Bob run through the mysterious jungle, jump over theobstacles, and super evil monsters save the beautiful Princess atthe final destination of the adventure. This Game is free, and youcan play Bob offline! [How to play] : + Use buttons to jump, move,and fire + Eat mushrooms and items to become stronger and defeatall monsters + Collect all coins and bonus items to get more pointsand buy additional items in store [Features]: + Beautifulhigh-resolution graphics + Smooth user interface + Music and soundeffects + Suitable for kids & all ages + Game is free; nopurchase required + Phone and Tablet support + Awesome gameplaysimilar to the classic retro Game + Easy and intuitive controlswith the on-screen retro controller + Hidden bonus bricks andblocks with strawberry, flower, and shield + Destroyable bricks,blocks, and moving platform + Hidden bonus levels with lots ofclassic and modern coins + Additional collectibles, coins, shields,and more + Underground and water worlds, swim, jump and run + Storewith additional items and rewards: unlock worlds before finishingother worlds Bob's World is a challenging and exciting classicplatform game style. Conquer it, and have fun!
Arcade Hunter: Sword, Gun, and Magic 1.15.4
Join forces with millions of Arcade Hunters and raidhideousmonsters and demons in an action-packed fantasy adventure!Upgradeyour epic skills to hunt for large herds of monsters with awiderange of powerful weapons. Will you fight for gold or for good?Bea MASTER HUNTER: Upgrade unique skills and weapons, Loot forgoldand new equipment from Rare to Legendary and Hunt hugebosses.Crawl through thousands of dungeons for bounty huntinganddiscovering the greatest treasure of mankind. In a fantasy worldofchaos, only the smartest hunter with a perfect combinationofsword, gun, and magic can stand above all. Arcade Hunter willbringyou countless unique features: • ADDICTIVE arcade gameplay-Ultimate action experience on mobile. • BEAUTIFUL environments-Endless adventure through different chapters. • CHALLENGING boss-Monsters with devastating special abilities waiting tobedestroyed. • UPGRADE unique skills - Level-up and combineyourskill to get through the dungeons. • DISCOVER crazyweapons,armors, rings - Hunting has never been more fun. • UNLOCKepicheroes - Different Heroes for different weapons, countlesscombatstyles. • TAP TAP - Receive AFK Rewards, open LegendaryChests andenhance your Power with just one tap. Start hunting now!Millionsof Hunters and Monsters are waiting for you in ArcadeHunter:Sword, Gun, and Magic! -----------------------------------ArcadeHunter is free to download and play, however, some game itemscanalso be purchased for real money. If you don't want to usethisfeature, please disable in-app purchases in your device'ssettings.Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, youmust be atleast 13 years of age to play or download Arcade Hunter.A networkconnection is also required.
Stickman 3D - Street Gangster 1.0.1
Stickman 3D - Street Gangster: an exciting, addictive Beat 'emupgame with realistic physics and engaging gameplay. The controlsaresimple, you can perform stunts like archery, swing and greatblowto defeat your opponent hero. Will give you the opportunitytobecome one of the superheroes fighting enemies andprotectingeveryone on earth. Join the arena and stick fight forsurvival. Ifyou are a fan of superheroes then this is the game thatwillsurprise you with the battle of stickman superheroes - Stickman3Dwarriors with street fighter gameplay. You are looking forasupreme stickman fighting game. Are you a fan of spiderwarriors,superheroes, heroes in battles right? Role-playing and tryyourbest to fight and become the most powerful superhero. - Howtocontrol supreme 3D stickman warriors fighting in dragon sticktwoplayer games! - Stick Duel Fight - Supreme Stickman Warrior 3Disan incredible offline fight in the battlefield full of trapswithmany warriors - Choose your stickman 3D hero and fight on oneofthe amazing playing fields. Includes stickman hero: Duelstickman,bad stickman... - Helpful weapons, shields and bonusupgrades.Smash your enemies in the ace two player mode. Become thechampionof a supreme 3D stickman battle! HOW TO PLAY Stickman 3DWarriorhas the most basic controls ever! You just need to dodge,power upyour super hero, become super instinct and super herowarrior fightagainst invaders. Using the ultimate power, powerfulball shootingskills will destroy all invaders in the territory... -Supremegladiators in a world with more weapons and new 3Dstickmanwarriors. - Stickman 3D Fight with great sound andbeautifulgraphics of super heros - Stickman Fight shadow stickmanwarriorand more booster sets added - Stickman warriors fight withtwoplayers and survival mode, story mode and online map. -Supremeduelist 2 players will reward gold and video rewards everyday -Stickman warrior dragon ball fighting is completely FREE!Stickman3D is built with realistic physics gameplay. The ultimate3Dstickman warrior can attack with different body parts and wieldavariety of weapons. Stickman Warrior 3D - Supreme StickmanWarrior:- Physics stickman game - Lots of stickman fightingcharacters withunique design styles and special skills of eachcharacter - Improveyour weapons, shields and useful bonuses insupreme stickman games- Choose your dragon stick hero and fight onone of the amazingplaying fields. - Receive gifts and coins withDragon StickmanFighting - Supreme Stickman Warrior - Dragon stickfighting gameturns you into the ultimate stickman warrior Are youstrong enoughto be a supreme 3D stickman warrior - with streetfighter gameplay?Download now to experience!
Road Rampage: Racing & Shooting to Revenge
USER COMMENT: - "OMG!, like I was in a real race, so excited".-"Amazing cars, I love it".🐷 - "The background music is awesome!5stars⭐️". - "Too fast, fast, fast and fast thank you for helpingmereduce stress". - "The asphalt roads are creative and beautiful,Iam looking for the road to revenge". - "Unleash Your Adrenalinebyroad rage" ✔️ DRIVE BY YOUR HEART Let's join extremely excitingandadventurous racing with Road Rampage: Racing & Shooting inCarGames Free. ✔️ FREE TO SELECT THE FASTEST AND MOST POWERFUL OFYOURDESIRED RACE CAR Stock your garage with the real-world carsyou’vealways wanted, from top manufacturers such more. Then trickthemout with the hottest customization system on mobile: • 50+exoticcars to collect and upgrade. • 10 unique & powerful UAVs.•Game-changing vehicle transformations to rain destruction onyourrivals: Nitro, Rep boost, Taion, Magnetic Field,... • More gearandgadgets and riot... Select your fastest vehicle and mostpowerfulweapon to clear all the barriers on the street, fight withthe mostfierce and cruel wanted man. Race like lights and fightforsurvival. Never back down as you race anyone crazy enough totakeyou on, leave them gaped, and increase your rep. You can fightanddeeply enjoy the fire and high-speed racing adventure roads,thecars are well-designed and equipped with full of weapons. ✔️ACONSOLE EXPERIENCE ON YOUR HAND The Game uses thehigh-techphysical effects which brings a surreal feel to your touchand moveat the fingertips. ✔️ BECOME A LEGEND OF ROADRAMPAGEExpertise yourspeed, show the ingenuity in avoiding, destroying theobstacles,fight and kill the Boss and become a Legend of theStreet. Shoot,shoot, shoot! Join efforts with your friends toovercome the commonfoe. ✔️ AND MORE Please note that Road Rampageis free to downloadand play, however, some game items can also bepurchased for realmoney. If you don't want to use this feature,please disable in-apppurchases. You can play Road Rampage offlinebut a networkconnection is required for in-app purchases and LeaguePromotion.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Followus on Facebook to get info about upcoming Road Rampagechanges:Facebook: Thank youvery much!
Galaxy Attack (Premium) 37.1
Are you stoked about what comes with this Premium? In this versionof Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. Earth's last hope is in yourhands, take control of the lone spaceship and protect Earth fromalien swarms. Your goal will be quite challenging as you will haveto save the Universe from its evil enemies. In this space shootinggame, you will be facing an increasingly large number of enemies inhazardous environments. As the game progresses, you will earn theright to upgrade your spacecraft to unleash its full lethalcapacity. HOW TO PLAY: * Touch screen to move and kill all enemies.* Collect items to upgrade or change your weapons. FEATURES: *Multiplayer mode: 1 vs 1, 1 vs 3 * High quality images optimizedfor tablets and large screens. * Ability to use active skillsduring the space battles. * The game is packed with 160+ levels onvarious difficulties. * Beautiful levels with immersive missions tocomplete. * Multiple extreme boss battles. * Upgrade your guns andlasers. Enjoy classic space combat - powered up. Download GalaxyAttack: Alien Shooter now! Follow us on Facebook: Join Group with us
Kawaii Home Design - Decor & Fashion Game 0.8.5
Love home design & makeover? Let's start your business with ashowroom full of kawaii furniture. In this free decorating girlgames, you will choose the furniture and rearrange them accordinglyto your clients' request but still had your style. Play the DIYhome design games today and let your creativity shine! ★ DIFFERENTSTYLES TO MAKE YOUR DESIGNS STAND OUT A bedroom, a kitchen or arestaurant design - there's nothing you can't furnish an adorablehome perfectly! Design home, decorate and organize interiors, makeit unique, show your style and be a famous Home Stylist. ★ FAIR& SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY VOTING POLLS Root for other talentedHome Stylists by picking home designs in Public Polls. ★ DIY -CRAFTING YOUR OWN FURNISHINGS Manufacture your most favoritefurnishings. Freely style and arrange your own Home Decor Showroomto make it more appealing. ★ BE FASHIONABLE Be recognized not onlyas a successful Home Stylist in this decoration game, but also asan awesome Fashionista with various Boutique outfits.

 ★INTERESTING STORYLINE Your family runs a Home Decor Showroom.Unfortunately, it's at the edge of going bankrupt. Can you helpyour family business raise in the house decoration market again? ★PLAYING WITH YOUR FRIENDS Visit other Showrooms and help fellowhome designers in need. Invite your Facebook friends to play andmake new friends from various in-game activities. Remember this isnot just girl games, you can play with your male-friend, boyfriendor husband. == What to enjoy in Kawaii Home Design? == ▾ Relax andexpress your creativity in DIY homescapes style designed for yourcustomer ▾ Design home, decorate homescapes & makeover houseswith kawaii decorations in different and adorable design styles ▾Vote for your favorite designs from other talented Home Stylists ▾Unlock rewards as you polish your amazing abilities as a HomeStylist ▾ Show your fascinating interior blueprint with yourFacebook friends ▾ Be fashionable with many kinds of cute outfitsin the Boutique ▾ You can design and decorate a dream room, ahouse, garden or even a huge restaurant. ▾ Remember Kawaii HomeDesign is an adorable girl games but boys can enjoy it as well.NOTICE: Kawaii Home Design is a Cute RPG Mobile Game not only forgirl, and It's free games, though some in-game items can also bepurchased for real money. A network connection is also required.Join in Community: Enjoying Kawaii HomeDesign? Learn more about this free girl games! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Questions? Visit us at or Contact our Tech Support [email protected] • Terms of use: • Privacy Policy:
Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter 2.9.0
Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter - Space Shooter One day, amysterious alien army from a different dimension appears andattacks the border planets. The fight for mankind survival begins.As a veteran spaceship striker pilot, you have been called todefend the galaxy against invader enemies, and become one of theguardians of the galaxy. Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter - SpaceShooter is a combination of classic shoot ‘em up game feels andmodernized mechanics, with gameplay reminiscent of old schoolarcade shooting games like Galaga, Air Strike Force, ChickenShooter,... Some key features: A BROAD RANGE OF ENEMIES From thelowly common soldier aliens to the powerful Elites, and thehumongous Bosses. You have to use skills to steer your spaceshipand shoot the enemies with varying strengths and attacks. MULTIPLEMODES experience the mounting difficulty with unique challengesfrom the aliens' sky force. Now there are CAMPAIGN, HARD MODE,ENDLESS & PVP MODE. In the PvP mode, you can match and competeyour shooting skill with other pilots. UPGRADE & EVOLVE yourspaceship to a new form and gain new power & skills. Use yourmore powerful ship will help you to beat the enemies strikes. WIDEARRAY OF SPACESHIPS AND DRONES to collect, each with unique skilland playstyle. Unlock LEGENDARY space shooter ships to get asuperpower in your aircraft collection. SEASONAL EVENTS ON AMONTHLY BASIS with special unique rewards. Build your galaxyguardian squad to be strong and marvellous. Choose your infiniteshooting spaceship, strike through the planets, destroy the alieninvaders and protect the galaxy. Let's show them what you’recapable of! As an extended version of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter,this version has a new modern fantasy graphic design. We alsochanged something in core game mechanics like weapon skills, itemskill, pilot skills, ship part & evolution types. With varioustypes of spaceship, you could build a strong air force and join thegalaxy shooting wars. The old style of shoot ‘em up arcade game isnow modernized with a fantasy theme. We keep using retro shootinggame mechanics like level with waves, bullet hell bosses but addedmore interesting content. You can see the same feeling as GalaxyAttack: Alien Shooter and the other retro free shooting games. But,this game is a brand new one. Let’s try and enjoy it - GalaxyInvaders: Alien Shooter - Space Shooting Game! Facebook communitywith thousands of pilots all around the world discussing andhelping each other: Fanpagewith attractive minigames and tons of gifts: Welcome toGalaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter - Free Shooting Game. Build yourstrong guardian air force galaxy squad, and enjoy the game! ABIGame Studio
Water Sort Puzzle - Pour Water 2.0
Water Sort Puzzle - Pour Water - Water Sort Free is a funandaddictive puzzle game! Try to classify the colors in theglassuntil all the colors are the same. A challenging but relaxinggame- pouring water - to train your brain. Each water pipe willhavedifferent color bars, quickly classify the water and thenpourwater into each pipe to complete your game. Water Sorting isasimple puzzle game. Sort the water into the right tubes untilthereis only one color per tube. Puzzle Sorting won’t let you placetwowith different colors directly next to one another, so you’llhaveto think logically and find your own way to sort the water. HOWTOPLAY: - Puzzle color and then pour water then choose any glasstopour water into another glass. The rule is you can only fillwaterif it is bonded to the same color and there is enough space ontheglass. - Try not to get stuck - but don't worry, you canalwaysstart the level over at any time with a refill and replay thegame.FEATURED: - Control with one finger. - Many unique levels -FREE& EASY TO PLAY. - NO penalty & time limit; You canenjoyWater Sort Puzzle - Pour Water - Water Sort Free at your ownpace!
Dragon shooter - Dragon war - Arcade shooting game 1.1.01
Dragon battle , get set - go! 🐲 In the midst of ancient time,backto 1945 years ago, the world was ruled by 2 legend of strikers:Onewas Hell Fire, led by Herios, the brutal who praises for dragonwar, sabotage and havoc. These dragons attack want to conquertheEarth and even galaxy by their superior power. The otherwasSunlight, a league of peace loving dragons, led byVarius,standingagainst Hell Fire. And the war of the two skyraptors set a fight.Now, a Dragon shooter shows up, stands byVarius to put an end intothis persisting sky raptor war . Thatdragon is you! Start yoursuperior adventure with a click right away🔫: - Control yourfavourite dragon to attack and defeat alienenemies - Join inendless dragon attack battle, collect items andweapons to level upyour gun power, train your dragon become alegendary in thisamazing dragon arcade game "- Remember to usepower booster thatrecovers every 30 seconds to push back brutal airforce enemies -Equip and upgrade your support dragon to assist youin fightingagainst the invaders" Simple gameplay 🎮, well-designedgraphics,the Dragon Shooter - Dragon Spirit retro - arcade shootinggamebrings you the unforgettable amazing arcade game's experience💯⚡GAME FEATURES⚡ - It's totally a free offline game! - Easy toplay:It’s a arcade shooting games . Remember when playing galagawars? -10+ dragons adventurer with fantastic skill sets ⚔ -Unlimitedfantasy maps to discover, from sky to space and even togalaxyattack 🌏 - Play in 3 difficulty levels of arcade game :Easy,Normal, Hard - No internet connection needed: this is adragongames of arcade shooting - Collect coins, meat and items toenhanceyour power - Tons of amazing, unlimited quest for dragontocomplete ….. and many amazing features! Have an enjoyablerelaxingtime in the epic of dragon spirit with Dragon Shooter -DragonSpirit retro - sky shooting game on Google play RIGHT NOW!
Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack 1.558
OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Do you know what interesting things are waiting for you in thisSpace Shooter: Alien vs Galaxy Attack (Premium) - the VIP versionchallenges all the excellent captains in our galaxy. Space Shooter:Galaxy Attack is a popular Galaxy Shooter game with more than 50millions download worldwide. If you are a big fan of arcadeshooting games with the new modern combat, and want to bringfreedom in the galaxy games, so Space shooter: Galaxy attack issuitable for you. With classic free space games genre, old gamewith a new context, Space shooter: Galaxy attack puts you on firewith infinity space shooting. You will be faced lots of evilenemies and deal with many striker bosses in galaxy wars. Are yousure you will survival in the war of alien shooter? It is superexciting that the challenge bosses, firepower were concentrated,with different bullet barrage to attack you, and you have toprotect your spaceship safe and accumulate damage. It is not only asky shooting game, but also help you relieve stress in your leisuretime. Control your fighter cleverly, smartly and kill all spaceattackers during space shooting attack and bring the peace for theEarth. ★Galaxy Shooter Features ★ - Merge 2 ships to create anepic, monumental one. - Special and unique spaceships. - Hardlevels challenging. - Amazing lightning and special effects -Includes Power-ups and Bosses! - Global Leaderboard. - Lucky wheel- PVP - online shooting games ★How to play★ -- Slide to controlyour spaceship dodge enemy's bullets. - Use coin and gem to upgradeor evolve your spaceship to fight with giant enemies and alieninvaders. - Use appropriate spaceships and strategies for eachlevel and boss. - Remember using power-up item, booster item tolevel up easier. The Galaxy's future is now in your hands. Get yourship ready for space attack in this arcade shooter game Welcome tothe enjoyable classic game. We promise to bring you the relaxinggaming experience in this premium version. If you love originalaction shooter from the arcade game or handheld system then thisgame is definitely for you. Space shooter: Galaxy attack game onFacebook: Spaceshooter: Galaxy attack game Community: Join Group to get oursupport quickly: