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Hard Logic
One Man Band
unusual, addictive Logic game
the Sequence Lite 1.2
One Man Band
The Sequence is a unique puzzle game. Build a sequence usingspecial modules to transfer binary cell. Find solutions to solvelevels with simple and complex structure. Are you ready for achallenge? Lite version includes the first 13 levels. For morelevels check out the Full version.
Hard Logic FREE 1.6
One Man Band
Hard Logic is game with unusual addictiveplaying mechanics, stylish graphics and simple rules, just move themagnets on the marked fields. Levels with increasing difficultywill spend you a lot of hours in the game, you will return to itagain and again.
the Sequence [2]
One Man Band
Visual Programming Puzzle game inspired by Spacechem and otherZachtronics games
the Sequence puzzle
One Man Band
Build a sequence using a special modules to transfer binary cell.